Delta Goodrem’s Plastic Surgery in 2023: Looking at Her No Makeup Pictures, the 38-Year-Old Actress Doesn’t Look Natural!

Derick Scholz

Delta Goodrem’s Plastic Surgery in 2023: Looking at Her No Makeup Pictures, the 38-Year-Old Actress Doesn’t Look Natural!

Looking at her no makeup look, Delta Goodrem has been rumored to receive numerous plastic surgery, including a boob job, lips, rhinoplasty, and fillers, to change her appearance. However, the 38-year-old actress once refused the allegations and has not made any remarks in 2023.

Delta Lea Goodrem AM (born November 9, 1984) is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Australia. Goodrem signed with Sony Music at the age of 15. Her debut album, Innocent Eyes (2003), managed to top the ARIA Albums Chart for 29 weeks. It is one of Australia’s best-selling albums, and the second-best-selling Australian album of all time, with over four million copies sold.

Delta Goodrem’s second album Mistaken Identity (2004) was written while she was battling cancer and later went on to become her second number-one album. In 2007, Goodrem launched Delta, her third number-one album, which has seen another number-one single, In This Life.

In 2016, her fifth album, Wings of the Wild, became her fourth number-one album on the ARIA Albums Chart, while offering her another number-one single, Wings. Goodrem’s most recent and fifth number-one album, Bridge over Troubled Dreams, was released in May 2021.

Recently, Delta Goodrem has sparked rumors of undergoing plastic surgery after uploading new photos on social media platforms showing her with fuller and plumper lips than usual. So, did Delta Goodrem really undergo a surgical procedure to maintain her young appearance? Let’s find it out together!

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Delta Goodrem’s Plastic Surgery in 2023: While Many Surgeons Believe She Has Undergone Multiple Cosmetic Enhancements, the 38-Year-Old Actress Refuses All the Allegations!

Delta Goodrem (@deltagoodrem) has been accused of undergoing several plastic surgery procedures, including a boob job, lips, rhinoplasty, and fillers, especially when she is in her no makeup look. However, over the years, the actress has refused to comment on all of the allegations. But recently the actress was called out once more by viewers who accused her of undergoing cosmetic work after debuting a very different look on The Voice.

Likewise, in 2023, Delta astounded viewers also claimed on Twitter that the singer had too much work done to her face, particularly her top lip. One viewer tweeted, “Watching The Voice, I’m sure Delta has had face work done.” And another added, “Delta has had more work done. Can’t work it out… she doesn’t need to do anything she’s beautiful!.”

It’s not the first time Delta has sparked speculation about plastic surgery. A leading plastic surgeon previously speculated that the Born To Try hitmaker may have invested in some cosmetic enhancements over the years. Dr. Randal Haworth told the Daily Mail Australia that he has a strong hunch Delta had a rhinoplasty and filler injected into her cheeks and lips.

He also stated, “Discerning what plastic surgery a person had can be challenging even for seasoned professionals or relatively easy given the type of work they had. Delta, I feel, falls in the latter category”. According to the Beverly Hills surgeon, Delta’s nose tip is likely evidence of cosmetic surgery. He claimed:

Certain angles maybe more revealing than others, but I have a strong hunch she had undergone a rhinoplasty or nose job in the past because the shape of her tip is more demarcated from the rest of her nose while her bridge is noticeably narrowed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Haworth believes the singer may have undergone additional non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Delta’s full cheeks and plump pout, he believes, are the result of temporary filler. “I find it apparent that both her cheekbones and her lips have been enhanced with a temporary filler,” said Dr. Haworth.

Thus, we’ll have to wait until Delta Goodrem admits herself to undergoing plastic surgery. Till then, we can’t do anything but assume about her every possible cosmetic treatment. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any updates from our sources.

Delta Goodrem and Matthew Copley’s Relationship!

Delta Goodrem is currently dating musician Matthew Copley (@matthew.copley), but the couple is notoriously private about their relationship. The singer shared a sweet (and rare!) photo of herself and Matthew snuggled up on a deck chair in January 2019.

Around the same time, the singer posted an intimate video to her Instagram story of the pair participating in a singalong group.
The couple appears to be doing well in 2023, though they remain extremely private. Delta delighted fans in April last year when they shared a rare photo of them on a yacht with TV presenter Renee Bargh and publicist Nicole Foster.

Delta wore a wide grin as she rested her arm on her boyfriend’s shoulder in the photo, with musician Matthew wrapping his arm around the Solid Gold songstress. Matthew simply wrote “Matthew’s Angels” in the caption. Delta appears to have finally discovered some love harmony!

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