Don Lemon’s Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight?


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Don Lemon's Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight?

Don Lemon appears to have undergone weight loss. Some fans think that the journalist’s looking a bit thin and lean recently. He always had fluctuations in his weight but however, this time, it does not seem as though he has lost a lot of weight. If Don Lemon had a weight loss, it is nothing too drastic.

It feels like forever that Don Lemon has been with CNN. He joined CNN in 2006 as a correspondent and in 2014, he gained prominence as a mainstream media personality when he began presenting Don Lemon Tonight. He recently was serving as a co-host of CNN This Morning alongside Kaitlain Collins and Poppy Harlow before he was axed. With the news of the firing, people have noticed that he looks like he had a weight loss and a bit sick. Let’s find out more about Don Lemon’s weight loss!

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Don Lemon’s Weight Loss: He’s Looking a Bit Thinner Than Before These Days!

Do you think Don Lemon (@donlemon) has had a weight loss recently? He looks leaner and fitter than ever, doesn’t he? However, is this change more recent or has it been going on for some time now? I mean, he has been on a fitness journey for years and has always been conscious of his health. Let’s find out!

Don Lemon's been looking leaner recently which has sparked weight loss speculations. Don Lemon’s been looking leaner recently which has sparked weight loss speculations.
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Well, Don Lemon does look extremely slim these days. If you look at him closely, he does look like he might have lost some 5-10 pounds lately. But if you don’t see the difference, that might be because whatever weight loss he had, it’s not very drastic. It’s been more than eight years since he began to focus on his health and fitness. He has been watching what he eats for that long. He is supposed to look fit.

It was understandable if Don Lemon’s weight loss was discussed back then because there would have been something to really report on as compared to now when it’s just rehashing the things he said then.

To talk about the media personality’s weight, his weight fluctuated a lot when he was young. It was because he was a ‘super skinny kid’ who was way too conscious of how he looked. So, he tried to bulk up by working out and he did. But he didn’t feel that it looked right on him. He realized how his big muscles did not look good on him and his attempt to be bulky was just silly. So, he focused on weight loss to be leaner like he was before.

Since then, Don Lemon has never gone for being muscular and bulky but always opted to go for diet and workouts to stay fit and lean. His trainer put him on a set amount of calories for weight loss. And he restricted himself to the set amount of calories whether he ate four meals or six meals. On a regular basis, he ate what he wanted but maintained smaller portions to stay fit.

Don Lemon was super skinny as a child so, he tried to bulk up to get muscular when he was young. Don Lemon was super skinny as a child so, he tried to bulk up to get muscular when he was young.
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The journalist stuck with really clean lean food and with the change in his eating habits, he lost about 12 pounds in a few months in 2011. He also did plyometrics, cardio bursts, and stretching. Since then, he has continued on with the same since then. But there have been times when he has let go which has affected his weight. However, he has always bounced back with weight loss. And he has largely stayed that way.

It was in 2016 when Don Lemon had another transformation in terms of his weight. He seemed to have failed to maintain his eating habits because he had gotten a little bigger. He, as someone who was conscious of his looks and preferred to stay fit, must not have like how he looked then. So, he put himself on a diet and through workout routines and embarked on a weight loss which was a success.

When a fan questioned if he had lost weight on Twitter, he confirmed that he had a weight loss of 25 pounds.

Like Lemon said, he carried all that weight well and as that Twitter user said, there was no need for him to drop weight because he was not that big, Lemon chose to have weight loss anyway. This shows that he cares very much about staying lean and fit because every time he gains even a little bit, he goes back to working out and doing diets to lose weight.

Don Lemon has cut out fried foods from his diet since 2019. Don Lemon has cut out fried foods from his diet since 2019.
Image Source: NBC News

It’s like Don Lemon is going in phases. He gains a little weight, he goes on a diet and begins working out to lose weight, he loses weight and gets fit, then he discontinues the diet plans and workout routines, and goes back to gaining weight again. So, seeing his history, it could be that Lemon has recently been in the weight loss phase of his cycle.

It was not very long ago that fans on social media were asking if it looked like Lemon had lost a lot of weight. Some people even said that he looked sick. However, it does not look like he has lost a lot of weight, if he had indeed lost some weight, it was a minor weight loss and nothing too drastic. Because since 2019, he has gained a new perspective on staying fit and healthy because of his age.

In 2019, Don Lemon said that as a man of a certain age, he was going to change his diet and cut out fried food. As a part of it, he cut himself off his favorites which included catfish, hush puppies, french fries, crab cakes, gumbo, and crawfish bisque. He has stayed fit for the most part since then. If he had weight loss more recently, it was nothing major.