Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!


Eleanor Neale's Weight Loss Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

Eleanor Neale shocked her viewers with her extremely drastic weight loss that was impossible to not notice. So far, Eleanor has kept quiet about her weight loss but because the process was not gradual, the YouTuber’s fans suspect weight loss surgery.

Eleanor Neale is a British YouTuber who has gained audiences and popularity through her content on makeup, and vlogs that she posts on her self-titled channel.

After she started making videos based on crime stories, her popularity increased even more.

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Eleanor Neale’s Weight Loss: What’s the Tea?

Lately, viewers can’t help but notice the change in the appearance of Eleanor Neale (@eleanorneale) when they watch her new videos. It’s the dramatic and way too obvious and eye-catching decrease in her weight.

If you are just getting to watching her content, you probably would be shocked to know that she used to be on the heavier side. Not what society would say a healthier, chubby, and curvy girl. But more like overweight. And she was well aware of it. In fact, a favorite quote of hers is ‘me, a fat person.’

Anyway, she was pretty chill about it. It didn’t seem like she was very bothered about her being overweight which is very refreshing but unusual especially when most of the people who are obese seem to be extremely self-aware and have lower self-esteem because society has dictated slim bodies to be the benchmark of attractiveness.

So, you can imagine the fans’ confusion and shock when they noticed a sudden drastic change in her weight. Her weight loss took everyone by surprise. Especially because that kind of extreme weight loss cannot be instant.

Eleanor Neale had always exclusively created content about makeup and true crime stories. And because she had never spoken and shared anything about her weight and whether she planned on or was working to lose her weight, her weight loss has gained more attention from her fans.

Her weight loss didn’t seem like a process where she had followed fitness plans with changes in her diet and workout routine. It was like in one video, she was fat and in the next, she was not. She had shed her weight in one go.

That is why a lot of her fans have come to the conclusion that Eleanor Neale had undergone weight loss surgery. However, she is yet to open up about if she had gone through weight loss surgery or not. As for now, she has not even made any mentions or references to her weight loss.

How did Eleanor Neale Come into Fame?

Eleanor Neale was born on 24 January 1999 in Yorkshire, a historic county of Northern England. She created her Youtube channel in March 2016. And till now, she has posted about 280 videos and gained more than two million subscribers.

As per her beauty vlogs, she was inspired by James Charles to make makeup tutorials. As James was getting popular with his makeup videos, she also started creating makeup tutorials. Her most notable make-up tutorial was titled ‘Makeup Bag Swap with a 12-Year-Old!’.

With her videos, she did manage to gain audiences and began to average around a hundred viewers an episode. But then she hit a snag with increasing the number of subscribers. And that was all she could do.

She knew that she had done all she could in creating those makeup contents. That’s when she realized her shortcomings. She knew that she can never master the craft of makeup and if she just kept doing that, she will never be able to grow.

So, Eleanor Neale decided to diversify her content. She started making videos about true crime stories. For her interest in crime stories, she credits her mother. Her obsession with murders increased after she got Netflix.

She said that she rinsed the whole documentary section about true crime stories in a week. She recalled wanting a job in that same way. She even went to college to study psychology but sadly, she couldn’t achieve her aim to be a ‘serial killer psyche’ because of an unrevealed illness.

So, she channeled her obsession by creating videos about it. Some of her most notable crime videos are ‘The Tragic Death Of Amanda Todd: Stalked, Blackmailed and Harassed’, ‘The Paige Doherty Case’, ‘The Becky Watts Case’, ‘The Tia Sharp Case’, and ‘The Hello Kitty Murder’.

Eleanor Neale also has a YouTube series named Where Is, where 100% of the proceeds from product sales benefit Thorn – a project created by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

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