How Did Lexi Reed Lose Weight? Lexi and Husband Danny Reed’s Weight Loss Journey!


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How Did Lexi Reed Lose Weight? Lexi and Husband Danny Reed's Weight Loss Journey!

Lexi Reed, a weight loss influencer of 485 pounds embarked on her weight loss journey with her husband Danny Reed in 2016. Lexi changed her eating habits, started hitting the gym, took on more physical activities, and modified her lifestyle which resulted in her losing 312 pounds in a two-year time span. Instagram users seek Lexi Reed’s before and after weight loss photos.

Lexi Reed, a fitness influencer who began to gain traction on social media after she began documenting her journey of weight loss in 2016, is in the news for an altogether different reason.

She was recently rushed to the ICU after she got severely sick and was put on a ventilator in a medically induced coma after organ failure. She is now back in home recovering but people are still worried for her.

Lexi Reed has come to become much loved and admired after how she had become an inspiration to many people for losing weight. She is essentially a weight loss influencer.

Her going from 485 to 180 pounds is something she allowed the public to witness and because of that, her weight loss has been a motivation to many and she has been a role model of weight loss and healthy living to lots of people.

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Lexi and Husband Danny Reed’s Weight Loss Journey: How did Lexi Reed Lose Weight?

Up till 2015, Lexi Reed was truly her Instagram username @fatgirlfedup. She and her husband Danny Reed was living a very unhealthy lifestyle till then. They collectively weighed 765 pounds with Lexi weighing 485 pounds.

For adults nearing their 30s, they were very reckless and unmindful about what they put in their mouths. They used to spend most nights just sitting on the couch watching television and mindlessly eating junk food. Their nighttime meals usually consisted of a whole pizza, breadsticks, wings, and a liter of soda.

Then something changed. Maybe they got sick of being obese and keeping on with what was turning out to be a potentially destructive and irresponsible way of living. The couple was on the edge with how much they had ballooned up. Especially Lexi Reed was quite self-conscious of the way she looked because of which she was always miserable.

She has spoken of how she never felt comfortable in a suit and always hated swim class or skipped any type of pool party.

She hated how she was always covered in clothes or stuck inside her home during the summer as she hated always being sweaty in front of people due to her size. She would later reveal that she used to fear not making it to her thirties.

Then their friend challenged them to 30 days of no eating out, cheat meals, soda, or alcohol – a challenge which they took seriously, and a challenge that prompted them to consider their health and so started their weight loss journey.

It was in January of 2016 when Lexi Reed decided to herself that she was no longer going to be fed up. She took up losing her weight as a New Year’s Resolutions.

They started on their journey by modifying their eating habits. They began cooking, meal prepping, tracking their calories, and reading nutrition labels. They also swapped fried foods for chicken, salmon, and lean meats, and also learned to make healthy versions of their favorite dishes that didn’t compromise their health.

For how much they weighed, just changing their meals was not enough. They began going to the gym. Lexi Reed shared that she would work out on the elliptical for 30 minutes, five times a week.

It was a long and tedious and hard journey but Lexi was determined to not relapse to the old ways and did not back off. She said that if she was going to be stared at because of her 485 pounds, she would ensure that they would continue to stare but for her hard work.

Danny, despite having reservations initially, jumped on board with her and went from 280 to 190 pounds. The first few days are always hard and how they got through those daunting difficult days was by constantly being the source of motivation to each other.

They used to be tired and sore because their bodies weren’t used to it. But they employed a buddy system that kept both of them in check. They kept each other accountable every step of the way and every pound.

After the duo saw the figures on their weight scale drop, they got more excited about it and took up being more active physically by going on walks, hiking, riding bikes. They even took a bucket-list trip to do things they couldn’t previously because of their weight. They went canoeing and riding roller coasters.

They revisited Panama City Beach and walked down the shore which Lexi Reed had not been able to do on their honeymoon. All these activities resulted in Lexi weighing down to 180 pounds. Lexi Reed successfully managed to pull off a weight loss of 312 pounds in two years.

But Lexi Reed’s journey was not over yet. After all those pounds of weight she shed, she was left with painful pounds of loose skin which she had to deal with. In a nine-hour surgery, Lexi had 7 pounds of skin removed from her body.

She got a lower body lift to get the skin removed from her abdomen and outer thighs in November 2018. Though the pain due to the surgery was worse than she anticipated, she bounced back in a month after which she headed to what had become her happy place- the gym.

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