Erika Girardi Jayne Weight Loss 2023: How Did She Lose Weight? Ozempic?


Erika Girardi Jayne has denied using Ozempic for weight loss.

Erika Girardi Jayne has undergone a noticeable weight loss in the past year. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has gotten incredibly skinny in the last year and a lot of people suspect that she used Ozempic to lose weight. But Erika Girardi has always maintained that she has not used Ozempic. She attributes her weight loss to menopause and hormones.

Erika Girardi Jayne is best known as one of the cast members of Bravo’s reality television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined the show in 2015 for its sixth season and has been entertaining the audience with her drama since then. Prior to entering the reality world, she did a bit of singing and acting. She has made two appearances in NBC’s legal drama series Law & Order, once as a murder victim Suzanne Morton in the episode Prescription for Death and the other time as Pruiting‘s girlfriend in The Violence of Summer.

In 2016, she, along with her former RHOBH costar Eileen Davidson, guest-starred on The Young and the Restless. Anyway, let’s talk about what she’s doing right now. Currently, she’s lying that she has not used Ozempic to lose weight in the 13th season of RHOBH. At least that’s what her costars and fans think. They don’t believe her when she insists that she had that dramatic weight loss without the use of Ozempic! So, how did Erika Girardi Jayne do to lose weight? What does she say? Let’s talk about that!

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Erika Girardi’s Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has She Lost?

Erika Girardi (@theprettymess), you might have noticed, has undergone a tremendous physical transformation. She looks completely different from how she looked just a year ago and people cannot stop obsessing over her dramatic weight loss.

Erika Girardi Jayne has undergone a dramatic weight loss in the last year. houseandwhips.comErika Girardi Jayne has undergone a dramatic weight loss in the last year.
Image Source: People

So, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back for its’ 13th season, and with its return, the discussion about the decreasing weight of the cast members is back in full force. Especially, Erika’s because of her denial of her use of Ozempic for weight loss and also, because her transformation is the most drastic and thus, most noticeable. She was never fat or overweight and never looked as though she had much weight to lose. But it looks as though she has lost 15 pounds in the least.

In Wednesday’s episode titled The Eaglewoman Has Landed, Erika Girardi Jayne kind of stole everyone’s attention when she arrived at Dorit Kemsley‘s spiritual retreat in Malibu. Everyone commented on how skinny she looked and to them, she said that it was ‘hormones.’ Cutaway to a confessional and Doris is like,

Oh, are hormones spelled OZEMPIC?

Same, girl, same! Are hormones spelled that way? That’s what everyone is wondering. That has become the elephant in the room now. The RHOBH star has undergone a stunning but drastic weight loss in too short a time for her to have done it naturally. And she has those tell-tale signs of a gaunt face like people get when they use Ozempic. Yet, Erika Girardi Jayne insists that she has not had it. It’s really frustrating for her costars and her followers alike how she keeps denying it. Even when a producer seemingly tried to trick it out of her and asked if she was on Ozempic or Wegovy, she didn’t fall for it.

No, I’m not, but I’m on some really good hormones.

Did Erika Girardi Jayne Use Ozempic For Weight Loss?

People desperately want to know how Erika Girardi Jayne lost weight because it’s such a stunning transformation she has had and she has always insisted that she has never used Ozempic to get thin but they have never believed her. The more she says that she hasn’t used the drug, the more people are convinced that she has, in fact, used the drug. In an interview with Extra, she went on to explain her weight loss in more detail saying,

I’ve always been tiny. I got bigger during all of my depression and through everything else.

Erika Girardi has denied using Ozempic to lose weight. houseandwhips.comErika Girardi has denied using Ozempic to lose weight.
Image Source: Business Insider

We already knew that she was tiny but that does not mean that she can’t have used Ozempic to get a jump-start on her journey to lose weight. I mean, the entire Hollywood is doing it and she isn’t? Her weight just fell off like that because she started working more? Does it happen that fast? Is that even natural for her to have that dramatic weight loss in such a short amount of time? Can it really be just hormones?

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, when Andy made the observation that she looked like a whisper of herself, Erika Girardi said that she lost weight because of hormones.

Yeah, I lost weight. Here’s what. Let me just start off by saying, you know, I want to make sure that I don’t trigger anybody because we have this conversation in Beverly Hills and we have a cast member with an eating disorder. But, yes, I did come down in weight and I did it hormonally.

Andy probed further, “Not Ozempically?” Erika insisted that it was all hormones and menopause.

I was going through menopause. So, I took it all down. I went to the doctor and I said get it off.

And that’s all we know about Erika Girardi Jayne’s weight loss!