Freddie Flintoff Plastic Surgery: Has He Recovered From Car Crash Injuries?


Freddie Flintoff seems to have had lots of plastic surgery to fix his face.

Freddie Flintoff looks like he has had tons of plastic surgery on his face and there has been a lot of rebuilding of his face after the car crash, fans have observed. With visible scars on his face and tape on his nose, the former cricketer seemed to still be in recovery from the injuries he sustained about nine months ago. Freddie Flintoff hasn’t shared what plastic surgery he had to rebuild his face after the injuries but people have speculated that he has had skin grafting and surgery on his nose, cheeks, and jaw.

Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff is an all-rounder who’s excellent at what he does. He has been a radio presenter and he has been an international cricketer. He has also coached for the England cricket squad. He has played all forms of the game and he was one of the sport’s leading all-rounders, a fast bowler, middle-order batsman, and slip fielder. Currently, he serves as a presenter of the BBC One show Top Gear in 2019.

But right now, he’s on a break because he’s still in recovery from the facial and other injuries he sustained in a car crash nine months before. He has gone off the radar all these months and only recently, he made a public appearance. His public appearance has led people to speculate about the plastic surgery he had to fix his injuries. Here’s everything to know about Freddie Flintoff’s plastic surgery!

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Freddie Flintoff’s Plastic Surgery: People Think There’s Been a Lot of Rebuilding of His Face!

Freddie Flintoff (@aflintoff) appears to have had tons of plastic surgery is what his fans have been saying since he made a public appearance after a long time. He had not appeared in public since he was almost killed in a car crash in December 2022. It’s been nine months since then.

Freddie Flintoff, fans have observed, has had tons of plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comFreddie Flintoff, fans have observed, has had tons of plastic surgery.
Image Source: CNN

Andrew Flintoff had gone off the radar since he was injured in an accident at the Top Gear test track and had to be airlifted to the hospital and now, it seems as if he’s ready for public engagement because he was recently seen attending the England-New Zealand one day international match at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff. He was photographed chatting with the England team and at first, fans could not believe it was him. But then, later they figured out that it was him with plastic surgery.

People had been quite worried about Freddie Flintoff ever since he was involved in that horrific car crash and suffered some traumatic facial injuries. Now, they are a bit relieved to learn that he is recovering slowly from the injuries. His face was literally smashed in the accident and there seems to have been a lot of rebuilding on his face. There had to be, right? He had to have plastic surgery to fix his face and it looks like he has.

The Top Gear presenter had visible scars on his face and tape on his nose which made it look like he was still in the recovery process. Though he has not really revealed what plastic surgery he needed to have to fix and rebuild his face, people have speculated that he has had tons of it after observing him. Many seemed to think he had his nose, cheek, and jaw operated on while there were others who believed that he had had a skin graft.

One person speculated that Freddie Flintoff’s face had been torn off and re-attached. If that is true, he has really been through the worst because that kind of plastic surgery couldn’t have been easy on him.

You can see from the line of scarring on Andrew Flintoff that his face was peeled open, nose, lips the lot. No wonder he was traumatized.

Freddie Flintoff’s Injuries In The Opinion of a Plastic Surgery Expert!

Freddie Flintoff's injuries may take a long time to recover as per a plastic surgery expert. houseandwhips.comFreddie Flintoff’s injuries may take a long time to recover as per a plastic surgery expert.
Image Source: People

Freddie Flintoff‘s car crash injuries, it goes without saying, were really horrific, and Riccardo Frati, a London-based plastic surgery expert who has extensive experience in nasal reconstruction and post-trauma injuries, can attest to that. In an interview with Daily Star Sport, he said that car crashes such as Flintoff had been involved in, usually have a ‘high rate of mortality’ and that he was fortunate to escape with just the facial scars.

Multiple superficial or deep wound injuries involving the skin and soft tissue at different layers could have been caused by this type of car crash trauma at such high speed. Deeper structures like facial nerves branches can be temporary or permanently injured and as a result of it, partial or extensive facial paresis can develop.

Freddie Flintoff had some scarring next to his right nostril and on his chin and the right side of his mouth was drooping. The plastic surgery expert said that such kinds of injuries can take a long period of time to recover and some changes could even become permanent.

The right side of his lower face seems to be drooping due to a partial facial nerve injury affecting the various facial muscles responsible for the lower lip and facial muscle expressions.