Love Island: Georgia Steel’s Nose Job and Other Plastic Surgery!

Derick Scholz

Love Island's Georgia Steel seems to have had some plastic surgery. – Georgia Steel from Love Island allegedly has gotten plastic surgery including a nose job and fillers. The reality star once seemingly ruled out surgery as it was such a shame that 20-year-olds are getting so much work done. But she’s 25 now so, she might have changed her mind about plastic surgery. Georgia Steel has only mentioned having a non-invasive skin-tightening procedure and nothing more.

Georgia Steel was catapulted to fame in 2018 when she appeared on the fourth series of the ITV2 reality series Love Island. She was not new to showbiz at the time. She made her television debut in 2013 in two episodes of the CBBC sitcom All at Sea in which she played the role of Amanda Bryce. But after 2018, she became a very prominent television personality, having made appearances in several reality shows such as Celebs on the Ranch, Celebs Go Dating, Celebrity Coach Trip, Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, Love Island Games, and Love Island: All-Stars.

Georgia Steel has sparked plastic surgery speculations in every reality television appearance she has made since then. She has really gone from being a girl next door to a glam gal and the evolution of her look is interesting to observe but is that all cosmetic procedures or is that natural? Let’s talk about her plastic surgery!

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Georgia Steel’s Before and After Plastic Surgery: The Love Island Alum is Suspected of Having a Nose Job and Fillers!

Love Island‘s Georgia Steel (@geesteelx), according to her followers, may have had plastic surgery such as a nose job and fillers.

Georgia Steel is suspected of having plastic surgery including a nose job and fillers. houseandwhips.comGeorgia Steel is suspected of having plastic surgery including a nose job and fillers.
Image Source: Radio Times

Doesn’t Steel look stunning now? I mean, she has always looked gorgeous but when she first rose to fame in 2018, she was more of a cute girl next door whereas now, she is an out-and-out bombshell. The glow-up and evolution in her looks is something you never fail to notice about her because of how striking she looks. Also, what people unfailing bring up when they notice her is her plastic surgery. They are always wondering if she is all-natural or if she has had a cosmetic procedure.

Georgia Steel’s fans can’t help trying to figure out if she has had work done because her appearance has changed so much since 2018 to the point of being unrecognizable and she looks like a completely different person now. To be fair, the difference in the Love Island alum’s looks might be down to the change in her makeup, hairstyle, and dress-up but that doesn’t explain the change in her facial features, does it? Many people credit that to her growing up or her weight loss but there’s also a chance that she has had plastic surgery.

I mean, sure the shape of Georgia Steel’s face has changed. She used to be round-faced whereas now, she has a more defined structure and you can tell that it’s just because she’s lost her baby fat since 2018 when she was just a teenager, and while there might be some truth to it, what about the change in her nose? Can you tell that she has not had a nose job and that her nose just went from having a thick bridge to looking narrow and perfectly refined naturally with time? Can you really tell that she has not had plastic surgery and that the evolution of her looks is just growing up?

Love Island viewers are of the opinion that Georgia Steel has tweaked her face and that she has indeed had a nose job and she is suspected of fillers too. She supposed has had her cheekbones filled up subtly to make her facial structure look more pronounced and striking. I know that it does not look like she has had fillers but a lot of her fans seem to think she has had injectables. There have been many comments about her plastic surgery but the fillers one, along with the nose job remarks, are those that most of the fans agree on.

She’s defo done some fillers. Surgeon was too good cos it’s like she looks different but what and where you can’t figure exactly.

What Has Georgia Steel Said About Plastic Surgery?

Georgia Steel said in 2019 that she was too young to get cosmetic surgery. houseandwhips.comGeorgia Steel said in 2019 that she was too young to get cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: The Mirror

However, some people refuse to believe that she has had work done because of her comments on cosmetic surgery. In 2019, she made some remarks that did not exactly express her love for getting work done. While she tried to be open-minded about it, she ended up calling out the trend of going under the knife among young women. She also said something about being too young to get any work done. This made many fans think that Georgia Steel would not get plastic surgery while she was still young.

There is no need for the levels of surgery people are having. If a girl is really insecure about something and they want to feel better about it then I get that. But twenty-year-old girls are getting so much work done now and I think it is such a shame. There are so many changing faces. I think “Why have you done that to yourself?” You looked better before. I may just be old school but it is sad when I look at certain people. It is a real shame; it really makes me feel sad. I won’t be having anything done, I’m too young.

However, Georgia Steel was just 20 when she made that comment, and now, she’s 25, and maybe she’s changed her mind about plastic surgery since then. Why would she get that nose job and fillers otherwise? 25’s young too. I mean, she’s never admitted to having a nose job but she has most likely had it. You can say that it’s just nose contour but that would not create so much of a difference. She seems to have gone back on her words.

The only thing Georgia Steel opened up about is when, in 2020, she shared that she had gotten a skin tightening procedure which she took care to note was ‘non-surgical.’ She said that it was a procedure that used lasers to create a ‘dermal wound‘ in order to tighten the skin and encourage collagen production. She clearly didn’t want people to think that the treatment, which she described as ‘super gentle and natural’, was plastic surgery. She may not be revealing that she has had a nose job anytime soon even if she has had it.