Gladys Knight Denies Plastic Surgery, Credits Her Genes For Looking Young!


Gladys Knight has denied getting plastic surgery to look young. – Gladys Knight, according to the experts, has gotten plastic surgery including Botox, cheek fillers, and a facelift. The singer went from having a saggy face with wrinkles all over and hollow under-eyes to having a tight and smooth face in no time. But still, Gladys Knight denied getting plastic surgery and credited her new looks to her genes and healthy living.

Gladys Knight is a legendary artist who enjoys immeasurable influence over several generations because she has won over everyone with her soulful music and hard-hitting lyrics. No wonder she is dubbed as the “Empress of Soul.” She was a hitmaker through and through the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, with her family group Gladys Knight & the Pips, which comprised her brother Merald “Bubba” Knight and cousins William Guest and Edward Patten.

The musical icon has two number-one Billboard Hot 100 singles, eleven number-one R&B singles, and six number-one R&B albums to her credit. She also has seven Grammy Awards (four she won as a solo artist and the rest with her group) to her name. She and The Pips have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Needless to say, she is quite literally the woman, the myth, the legend. The only time when she seemed anything less than a legend was when she denied having plastic surgery despite it being so obvious.

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Gladys Knight’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Had Botox, Cheek Fillers, and a Facelift!

It isn’t very hard to tell that Gladys Knight (@msgladysknight) has gotten plastic surgery by looking at her because there’s nothing so subtle and precise about the cosmetic work she has had. She has so obviously had Botox, cheek fillers, and a facelift.

Gladys Knight looks young now because she got plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comGladys Knight looks young now because she got plastic surgery.
Image Source: Distractify

Everyone could tell that the You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me singer had gone under the knife and/or injection not because the cosmetic procedures that she had had were super botched and therefore, very obvious but because she had already started to age and develop wrinkles and lines on her face, so people noticed it when she suddenly started to look younger than her age. Nobody missed it when she went from an aging woman one moment to looking decades younger in the next public appearance. Anybody could tell that she had gotten plastic surgery.

It was around 2018 when the big change happened. Gladys Knight was 74 at the time and she did look like a 74-year-old woman with wrinkles and lines all over her face, saggy skin and droopy cheeks, and very hollow under-eyes. She looked her age but something changed overnight or over a brief absence from public appearance and she returned looking decades younger. She looked unrecognizable and it was all thanks to plastic surgery.

It was as if all the wrinkles, lines, and creases were sorted out from her face because she looked super smooth. Her skin looked so glassy it was unbelievable. Also, her cheeks had started losing their volume and began sagging down. Her face looked like it was drooping down but all of a sudden, she started looking very taut. And the hollow under her eyes was filled. Plastic surgery did a great number on her appearance.

Gladys Knight’s Denial of Plastic Surgery!

Gladys Knight has denied having any cosmetic work to look young.
houseandwhips.comGladys Knight has denied having any cosmetic work to look young.
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Yet, she never accepted that she had taken the help of cosmetic procedures to borrow back her youth. She had completely transformed but as far as she is concerned, it had nothing to do with artificial enhancements. I mean, even the experts claimed that she had gotten work done. According to Dr. Andrew Miller, Gladys Knight got her face, eyelids, and brows lifted and had some other plastic surgery as well.

She appears to have had at least one face-lift because her jawline appears so smooth. I also detect the presence of cheek fillers that have filled out the hollow areas in her face.

Experts share their opinions that she has had work done but it’s cricket noises from the seven-time Grammy winner when she’s talking about the speculations of her procedures because she’s always denying her plastic surgery. Even though she does have that slightly plastic look to her that gives the cosmetic treatment away, she maintains that the secret of her beauty is her genes and healthy living.

However, to counter Gladys Knight and her denial of her obvious plastic surgery, let me quote what Dr. Dave David had to say about her,

There’s no way her appearance is the result of healthy living! At the very least, she appears to have used Botox on her forehead and other areas of her face. I’m also detecting liposuction in other areas. This is no natural phenomenon.