Hamish Blake Weight Loss: What Made Him Lose Weight?


Hamish Blake underwent a dramatic weight loss in 2013. houseandwhips.com

Hamish Blake has undergone significant weight loss since 2013. The comedian was a fairly round guy up until about a decade ago. He was 105 kilos at his heaviest but now he’s gotten extremely trim and fit. Hamish Blake, talking about his weight loss, said that he eliminated gluten from his diet and began to do exercises.

Hamish Blake is one of the most well-known faces of Australian television. The comedian, actor, and television presenter as well winning the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television two times (he first won the award for Hamish and Andy‘s Gap Year in 2012 and the second time in 2022 for Lego Masters) has to be about that, right?

The most popular thing he’s been is Hamish and Andy. He’s done the comedy show with Andy Lee since 2003. He’s also, as a solo performer, made appearances on several Australian television programs such as Spicks and Specks, Rove, and Thank God You’re Here. He’s been around for a long time so, you might have noticed the drastic physical transformation he had in 2013. He used to be much heavier but now, he’s like the epitome of fitness. Let’s discuss Hamish Blake’s weight loss in detail!

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Hamish Blake’s Weight Loss: He Looks Much Trim and Fit Now!

Hamish Blake (@hamishblakeshotz) has been through an incredible physical transformation. After the significant weight loss he had in 2013, he really went from not hot to hot. It was amazing to watch him go from fat to fit.

Hamish Blake had a dramatic weight loss in 2013. houseandwhips.comHamish Blake had a dramatic weight loss in 2013.
Image Source: The Guardian

Have you seen Blake going around without a shirt while he was filming Two Little Boys in 2012? Do you remember how round and much heavier than now he used to be? He was not exactly overweight but he was sort of fat. He had a rounded figure but that’s all in the past now as he has completely changed since then. He’s had a weight loss since then and there has been a tremendous transformation in his physique.

People noted that Hamish Blake started to lose weight and get trimmer in 2013. He hit his peak weight when he weighed 105 kilos and that must have triggered him or something because it was since then he started to focus on his physicality and fitness. From then onwards, he’s only had weight loss and maintained it. He has never gone back to being round and full-figured as before.

Now, how did he pull that incredible physical transformation off? Well, in his 2013 interview with The Australian, he shared that he eliminated gluten from his diet and he credited that to his new physique. He said that particular change in his diet helped him shed five to six kilos. Since he has only been slimming down, he has to be doing something right. Cutting off gluten seems to have made his weight loss journey extremely successful.

What Made Hamish Blake Embark on a Weight Loss Journey?

Hamish Blake hasn’t shared much about his diet other than the fact that he eliminated gluten. In a 2015 interview with Woman’s Day magazine as well, he repeated the same thing when the talk turned to his weight loss.

I don’t weigh myself. Do any guys weigh themselves? I actually stopped eating gluten.

Hamish Blake said that he eliminated gluten from his diet. houseandwhips.comHamish Blake said that he eliminated gluten from his diet.
Image Source: The Canberra Times

It has to be much more than just that, right? Well, whatever diet he is on, he is doing a great job at sticking to it seeing how he has maintained his body in recent years. He once made a joke about starting a 5-minute fast trend and failing at it but I doubt that’s the case. You only have to see how he’s retained his weight loss to determine that.

Anyway, there’s more to Hamish Blake’s weight loss than just that. In a Reddit thread about his transformation, a user gave a back story as to when he started the journey of fitness and for what reasons.

There was a whole story arc in late 2011 where Hamish realised he was to heavy to jump on trampolines. So in the last few weeks of the radio show for that year, he was on a shake diet to lose weight. On the last show for the year he weighed himself again and did a flip on a trampoline. Thus becoming “tramplegal”.

There were also mentions of Hamish Blake cycling and racing. He also said something about learning to love the pain of exercise as he started his weight loss journey on a podcast hosted by his personal trainer.