Has Jordan Smith Had Weight Loss? Has He Slimmed Down?


Jordan Smith does not look like he has had weight loss. houseandwhips.com

Jordan Smith does not appear to have undergone weight loss. Not even a little bit. The singer looked the same as ever when he sang the national anthem in the Chiefs versus Broncos football game. He was overweight and looked massive when he first came to prominence in 2015 and he is exactly the same now as well. It really does not look like Jordan Smith has embarked on a weight loss journey. If he has, he has clearly not had success with it.

Jordan Smith is exceptionally talented and it’s the sole reason he has reached where he is today. He was remarkably good at singing even as a child when he used to sing in his church choir. With time, as he continued singing even through his college days at Lee University, he just got better and better. All the time he spent singing prepared him for when he went big and everything changed after that.

In 2015, he decided to participate in the reality singing competition The Voice and he instantly became a fan-favorite there. Everybody fell in love with his voice and musicality and it became a dream come true for him when he won Season 9 of the competition. Jordan Smith gained national recognition when he did the show. He became the first artist from The Voice that season to reach number 1 in sales of pop songs in the iTunes Store. He also set new sales marks on the Billboard charts.

People were delighted to see him when he represented Kentucky in the American Song Contest. It’s not an exaggeration when I say that everyone loved his rendition of Sparrow. He did not win the contest, he finished third place but he sure did win people’s hearts once again. Very few people have had highs like that, even lesser for people with humble beginnings. His talent is just at that level. But right now, people are not talking about that. They are discussing Jordan Smith’s weight loss.

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Jordan Smith’s Weight Loss: Has He Gotten Slimmer?

Jordan Smith's fans want to know if he has had weight loss. houseandwhips.comJordan Smith’s fans want to know if he has had weight loss.
Image Source: Billboard

Jordan Smith (@jordansmithlive) has got a lot of followers talking about his weight loss but it really does not appear as though he has undergone any physical transformation that’s significant and worth discussing.

People were very excited about the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and their division rival Denver Broncos as the prospects of the game seemed unpredictable. The history of the teams made it even more compelling (the last victory the Broncos had over the Chiefs was in 2015) and they were eagerly looking forward to it. It only added to the excitement for the game when it was announced that gospel singer-songwriter Jordan Smith would sing that national anthem before the game.

Now that the game is over, some people are talking about how their minds were blown by the Chiefs’ victory over the Broncos, and some people are saying that the outcome of the match was so predictable and they had known that the Chiefs were going to win the whole time. But you know what the interesting part is? The interesting part is that there are people talking not just about the match but about Jordan Smith’s weight loss as well.

You have to admit that it is weird not because it’s the singer people are discussing after the game which is the main event. When Smith was announced as the singer, everybody knew that he was going to mesmerize the audiences with his performance and they were going to talk about that later. But people’s takeaway from the game or rather his performance is that he might have lost weight and that’s why it’s weird, his weight loss discussions, because it does not really look like he has lost weight.

Jordan Smith May Not Have Weight Loss Plans!

Jordan Smith does not look like he has gotten slimmer. houseandwhips.comJordan Smith does not look like he has gotten slimmer.
Image Source: Distractify

The gospel singer-songwriter seriously does not appear to have changed at all in terms of his physicality. He was as overweight and looked as massive as he did when he first came to prominence in 2015. He was a fat person then and he is the same way now. He does not look different. He certainly does not appear to have undergone weight loss. At least nothing significant and noticeable. In fact, Jordan Smith may not have ever tried losing weight seeing as he looks exactly the same as he did back in 2015.

If he has embarked on a journey to lose weight, by the looks of it, he clearly has not had much success in the journey as he has not slimmed down at all. Like not even a little bit. So, there’s nothing to say about his weight loss. If people wanted to know if he has any plans to get rid of the excess weight and start a fitness journey, well, there’s nothing about it. He has not ever discussed his weight.

So, to conclude, Jordan Smith has not had weight loss and he has never shared whether he has any plans on losing weight, slimming down, and getting fitter.