Has Letitia Dean Had Weight Loss Surgery? Has The EastEnders Star Had Gastric Band? Or Did The Actress Follow Some Diet Plan and Workout Routine? Did She Have Pills?


Has Letitia Dean Had Weight Loss Surgery? Has The EastEnders Star Had Gastric Band? Or Did The Actress Follow Some Diet Plan and Workout Routine? Did She Have Pills?

Has Letitia Dean had weight loss surgery? Did she get gastric band surgery? People want to know because she has lost a lot of weight recently in just a few months. She is down four dress sizes. Before she lost weight, the EastEnders actress was 10 st 4 lbs and now, she’s 8 st 3 lbs. Letitia Dean didn’t say that she had weight loss surgery to transform herself and only revealed that she overhauled her diet and started working out. She cut down her calories and started running and exercising.

Letitia Dean is an English actress and television personality who rose to prominence with her portrayal of Sharon Watts in the BBC soap opera, EastEnders. That is one of the most iconic roles she did in her career. She joined the soap in 1985 and acted in it till 1995. She again reprised the role from 2001 to 2006, and again from 2012 onwards. She has done several television shows including Grange Hill, Brookside, The Hello Girls, and Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married.

Besides television, she has also done shows on stage. In 2008, Letitia Dean starred in the West End production of High School Musical, and in 2010, she did the UK touring production of Calendar Girls. She also participated in the fifth series of the BBC dance competition Strictly Come Dancing in 2007 and came fourth.

She is back on EastEnders for now but with a completely different body. She has a much slimmer figure and fit body now. Has she had weight loss surgery or what? People want to know because that’s too much of a difference in just a few months for it to be just diet, pills, and workout routine. How did she lose all that weight and just how much does she weigh now? And how much weight did she lose? Is it because of the gastric band? Let’s find out more about Letitia Dean’s weight loss surgery and whether she had it!

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Has Letitia Dean Had Weight Loss Surgery? How Much Weight Did She Lose? Did She Have Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

Letitia Dean has surprised her fans with an impressive weight loss transformation after losing four dress sizes in four months. She’s got a completely new figure now that she dropped down to 8 st 3 lb from 10 st 4 lb. She has a noticeably slimmer frame compared to just a few months ago which is too drastic a difference and has gotten people wondering if she lost weight because of surgery.

The actress is more confident than ever with her glamorous new look and new figure. She’s been pampered, polished, and plucked, and she couldn’t be happier about it because prior to losing weight and changing her look, Letitia Dean had been bearing the weight of criticisms and cruel remarks from trolls about her size. With the weight that fluctuated a lot, she was never at peace and was constantly in battle with body image. It’s no surprise people thought she might have had weight loss surgery. She was in a very bad place back then.

Now, after the weight loss, Letitia Dean is no longer the same. Before, people used to say a lot of horrible things about her size. The jokes about her being too fat that the other actors couldn’t even fit on the same set with her were too normal for her. Such jokes damaged her self-confidence and flamed her body image issue so much that she got breast reduction when she was a teenager. This time, did she get surgery?

Well, weight loss surgery is not the only way to go. Letitia Dean might have had a major diet overhaul and lifestyle changes. Still, she had breast reduction so young so there’s a reason to believe she could have had another surgery. However, back then, it was not her being less secure about herself that drove her to go under the knife, she had medical reasons as well. She had a backache because of her chest so she got her breast reduced. And because she focused a lot on how she looked.

Now, things have come into perspective for her. But could that be because she has lost all that weight that was the reason for all the negative remarks? Letitia Dean has not said that she had surgery to lose weight, however, she did talk about overhauling her diet and focusing on exercise habits. It was a completely different experience from when she went on a weight loss journey in 2006 a year after she starred in Strictly Come Dancing.

Back then, all that dancing and physical activities during the show made her feel great by the end of the show and live tour which motivated her to overhaul her lifestyle to change her shape. Letitia Dean got sick of extreme dieting and her weight yo-yoing and one day, she woke up and decided that it was enough. So, embarking on a weight loss journey, she went on fad diets like Atkins and she also tried an only-egg diet. But those never worked in the long run. She would lose a stone in a couple of weeks and then slip back into her old ways and put it all again. She never had gastric band surgery even when all her attempts failed.

Letitia Dean also went to the gym but it was too much of a chore for her. Now, running, boxing, and exercise are her favorite things. She also changed her diet in a different way. She just cut back on calories, cut it down to 1,300 calories daily, and focused on fueling her body with nutritious foods. She ate pitta bread with grilled skinless chicken breast and lots of vegetables for her meals. And that worked out incredibly. She does not need to have weight loss surgery. No gastric band surgery for her.

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