Meet Hayley LaPoint’s Husband, Jim Politis!


Meet Hayley LaPoint’s Husband, Jim Politis! – Hayley LaPoint and her husband, Jim Politis, got married on February 11, 2012. He is a meteorologist and software quality engineer at The Weather firm. Furthermore, the couple also has three daughters together.

Hayley LaPoint is a meteorologist and TV personality from the United States who worked as WMUR-TV‘s Weekend Morning Meteorologist in August 2014. Her fascination with the weather began when she was a child. She spent three years at WPTZ-TV in Plattsburgh, New York, and Burlington, Vermont before joining WMUR-TV. She worked as the Weekday Morning Meteorologist there.

Later, she began her meteorological career at KVLY-TV and KXJB-TV in Fargo, North Dakota. She worked as a meteorologist there. She also got the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal. She was the first TV meteorologist in the Fargo television market to acquire this seal.

Recently, viewers have been curious to know more about Hayley LaPoint’s personal life and wondered if she has a husband. So, if you’re here seeking the same answer, We’ve got you covered. Well, let’s get started.

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Hayley Lapoint Has Been Married to Her Husband, Jim Politis, Since 2012!

Hayley LaPoint‘s (@hayleylapoint) life involves more than just predicting storms; it also involves walking the delightful path of marriage with her husband, Jim Politis (@wxornot), a meteorologist and software quality engineer at The Weather firm, an IBM firm that shares Hayley’s passion for the weather.

Hayley LaPoint and her husband, Jim Polotis, are parents to their 3 children. houseandwhips.comHayley LaPoint and her husband, Jim Polotis, are parents to their 3 children.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking more about her husband, Jim previously served as a meteorologist at KIMT News 3 from September 2007 to August 2011, and as an assistant chief meteorologist there from January 2008 to August 2011. From 2005 to 2007, he worked as a Weekend Meteorologist at WCAX and as a Broadcast Meteorologist at Lyndon State College TV.

If you’re not aware, Hayley LaPoint is a dedicated mother of three girls. She claimed that having children changed her life. Despite the rumors, she remains committed to her professional aspirations, including her employment as a dedicated meteorologist. Her commitment to her career is palpable, showcasing her ability to balance a demanding professional life with the responsibilities of parenthood.

On February 11, 2021, she announced on Facebook that she was expecting a new child. In the post, she wrote, “I’m so excited to finally share this good news with all of you!” She shared a photo of her two daughters reading Joanna Cole’s book, I’m a Big Sister, adding, “Big Sister Training In Progress…Baby #3 Arriving July 2021.”

At the time, Hayley LaPoint enrolled in a birth class, and while she learned a lot about what to expect during labor, she quickly realized that everyone’s sensations and concepts were identical. Her excitement level rose quickly as visions of her child’s existence began to fill her head.

Furthermore, the couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in August 2022, honoring a decade filled with sunny days, occasional clouds, and a few storms. Hayley posted about their accomplishment on Instagram, writing:

10 years with many sunny days, some cloudy days, and even a few storms. There’s no one else I’d rather weather it all with.

Is Hayley LaPoint Pregnant Again?

As of 2024, questions surround meteorologist Hayley Lapoint‘s personal life, with rumors moving about a possible fourth pregnancy. However, the mother of three, including her most recent addition, has not confirmed or denied the alleged pregnancy. Despite the murmurs, she continues to actively pursue her career goals as a passionate meteorologist.

It's unknown if Hayley LaPoint is pregnant again. houseandwhips.comIt’s unknown if Hayley LaPoint is pregnant again.
Image Source: Instagram

Nevertheless, there is no formal announcement or proof to support the untrue rumors that she is pregnant at the moment. She has a history of being honest about major life events, such as her pregnancies. She had given birth to three children in total, and she had revealed every previous pregnancy. She would have most certainly publicly revealed her current pregnancy, as she has in the past.

It appears that the photo of Hayley LaPoint’s baby bulge that sparked pregnancy rumors is from a previous year, and she hasn’t given any specifics about it. Hayley Lapoint, a meteorologist, appears healthy and fit in 2024, putting an end to speculation over a possible pregnancy. While the meteorologist openly shared a baby bump photo during her previous pregnancy in 2019, the lack of such images in 2024 suggests she is not pregnant currently.

Fans have expressed interest in Hayley Lapoint’s expectant due date since word of her pregnancy began floating on the internet. However, as you may have guessed, her pregnancy due date is unknown because she is not pregnant at the time of writing this and has already given birth to a third kid.