Is Cecily Strong Married? Relationship Status Breakdown!


Is Cecily Strong Married? Relationship Status Breakdown!

Cecily Strong is not bound in a marital relationship but she does have a boyfriend, who she’s yet not married to, called Jack. Previously, Cecily had dated Mike O’Brien and an Italian guy whose identity remains undisclosed to this day. Many fans are also curious about her partner Kevin and whether she was engaged to Michael Che.

Cecily Strong is one of the comedians in Saturday Night Live who never fails to make you laugh. She is also an actress. But she has shined the most when she’s doing sketches in SNL, which has not gone unnoticed by the Primetime Emmy Awards, which has nominated her for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series two times.

Is Cecily Strong a Married Woman?

What do you think of when someone mentions Cecily Strong (@cecilystrong) to you? You sure think about SNL and the countless skits she has done and made you laugh, right?

You do have fond memories associated with her name, don’t you? But have you ever thought of her beyond that, of her beyond being the comedian on SNL making you laugh? Like what does she do when she’s on vacation and offseason or something major like is she a married woman?

I mean, people are always looking up on the internet about her pregnancy so, her marital status can’t have been ruled out from speculations, right? Not for the reason of being too intrusive at least!

Anyway, about her marital status, Cecily’s unmarried as of now. It could be argued that she is married to SNL since 2012 but in a real sense, no, she’s not married. But maybe she’s halfway there or somewhere on the road because she’s not single either.

Yes, she’s got herself a boyfriend. A boyfriend who has not yet asked her to marry him or who she has not asked to get married (equality and smashing the gender-based stereotypes or something). Or maybe he has already said those four magical words ‘ Will you marry me?’ and they are engaged to be married sometime in the future.

Or worst-case scenario in what looks to be a not-casual relationship, they will never get married because their relationship will be over before that because not every relationship ends with marriage.

Regardless, let’s talk about the boyfriend to whom Cecily is not yet married or whom she could be planning to marry (We can’t tell though unless she herself shares her plans).

Though she generally maintains silence when it comes to her personal life and relationships, she has written about how she met her current boyfriend in her memoir This Will All Be Over Soon which was published in August 2021.

It’s a guy named Jack who Cecily met or rather who she was set up with by her new agent at a Christmas party in 2019.

And the story of them starts like a movie in which she is set up by her friends (in her case, a new agent) and she first denies it because she’s simply not looking for a relationship but it happens to be a holiday and she likes to smooch and usually what happens in the night of holiday ends the next morning so, she ultimately decides to take her friends up on their offer, because this is exactly what happens.

Cecily decides to talk to the guy and she does talk to the cute man with the mustache, which she does not recall much of because she has social anxiety and also, she is tired and drunk. But he comes home with her and the next morning, gives her his number and leaves.

She calls him and they begin going out. But they are not casual. And a few months of dating, on International Women’s Day 2020, they become official.

Speaking of her relationship, before Jack came into her life, in 2014, Cecily was in a relationship with her co-worker SNL writer Mike O’Brien. But that didn’t last for some reason as we came to know in 2016 when she talked about dating an Italian man, whose identity she did not reveal.

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