Jackie O Weight Gain: She Gained 20 Kg During The Pandemic!


Jackie O had a weight gain of 20 kg during the pandemic. houseandwhips.com

Jackie O surprised everyone with her weight gain of 20 kg after the pandemic. The radio host really let herself go then, started eating unhealthy, and put on a lot of weight during self-quarantine. But she picked herself up after and with the help of Weight Watchers, she lost 10 pounds. To celebrate her weight loss, she relaxed and went back to her old ways which resulted in her weight gain again. Jackie O has lost that weight again since then.

Jackie O seems like a cool fun gal from what we see of her presenting The Hot Hits Live from LA, Hot30 Countdown, and Take 40 Australia. People absolutely love her in The Kyle and Jackie O Show. And the celebrity prank show Surprise Surprise Gotcha she hosted and the comedy series The Nation are also very fun and entertaining. H*ll, she even lightened up a serious show like Big Brother with her presence when she co-hosted it.

Anyway, the point is Jackie O is a very charismatic person who seems to be a people person who thrives when she’s like being social and engaging with people because look at what happened to her during the pandemic when she had to self-quarantine. With her being away from her element, she kind of let herself go. We could see that in her weight gain. She did not look good coming out of the pandemic. Let’s talk about what she went through when she let herself go!

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Jackie O Had Weight Gain During Pandemic; She Let Herself Go!

Jackie O shocked everyone with her 20 kg weight gain after the pandemic. houseandwhips.comJackie O shocked everyone with her 20 kg weight gain after the pandemic.
Image Source: The US Sun

Jackie O (@jackieo_official) underwent a noticeable weight gain of 20 kg during the pandemic because she simply could not find the energy in her to stay on top of things like her fitness as she was not feeling it. I mean, that must be what happened for her to let herself go when many people were taking that time to catch on to such things. Granted, it was a global health crisis but mopping around during self-quarantine would only make things (mental health) worse.

Anyway, the radio host said in a 2021 interview that she was at an all-time low during the peak of the pandemic and that she let herself go during isolation. She started eating unhealthy and piling weight on. She never cooked for herself and only had takeouts. UberEats, she said, became her best friend. She got bigger and bigger and that took a hit on her self-esteem and confidence. She stopped socializing and became a recluse because she felt bad about herself after the weight gain.

Even when the time of self-quarantine was over, Jackie O didn’t get back on top of things. She said that she got to a point where all she did was go to work, come straight home from work, and watch television. She tried to hide herself because she was afraid that people would judge her for her weight gain. Realizing that she was not setting a good example for her daughter by not eating healthy, she decided to lose weight.

She signed up with Weight Watchers with the goal of losing 10 kg because she had put on about 20 kg during the pandemic. And she did drop those 10 kgs but then, she got too excited about that and took time to celebrate that. To celebrate, she relaxed and unwinded and rewarded herself with pizza and eventually went back to her old ways of eating unhealthy and not exercising. She fell off the wagon and thus, the weight gain made its return.

Jackie O’s Weight Gain Part II: She Gained Weight Again as She Unwinded to Celebrate Her Weight Loss!

Jackie O lost the pandemic weight only to gain it back again. houseandwhips.comJackie O lost the pandemic weight only to gain it back again.
Image Source: PerthNow

But she didn’t beat herself up because she gained weight again. She just got started on her weight loss journey with some more preparation this time because she realized that she usually fell down when she wasn’t prepared. Like for instance, when she hasn’t arranged the groceries she needs for the week, she gets home and decides to have frozen pizza. That kind of thing really contributed to her weight gain.

But Jackie O got back on top of things after she took a much-needed break after she got COVID. She had a health reset during the break. When she came back to work in 2023, she was a different person. She said that she took cold showers, did meditation and exercises, and started eating healthy which ultimately led to the reversal of her weight gain. Yeah, she lost weight again. She ran on a treadmill, played tennis, did aerobics, and dropped 18 kg.

She also revealed that she did intermittent fasting and she cut back on carbs. She took care to have a healthy diet so, she cooked herself fresh meals to take to work. She joined the WW program for the second time. She cut off alcohol. All of the changes led to her weight loss. There was no trace of weight gain in her slimmer physique and that’s the end of her transformation story. Jackie O is now doing a great job of maintaining herself.