Jay Blades Gold Teeth: Why Did He Get a New One?


Jay Blades Gold Teeth: Why Did He Get a New One? houseandwhips.com

Jay Blades’ gold teeth have been a topic of discussion for many people on the Internet. People wonder why he chose to get new teeth and what happened to his original teeth. Well, let’s dig into everything in detail.

Jason Blades MBE, better known as Jay Blades is a British furniture restorer and television presenter. He started gaining fame after he and his wife Jade set up a charity, Out of the Dark, to train disadvantaged young people in furniture restoration. Recently, he has been in the news after discussing his success and charity program.

Recently, Jay talked about his love for and enduring appeal of The Repair Shop. The Repair Shop is a British daytime and primetime television show made by Ricochet. The show aired on BBC Two for series 1 to 3 and on BBC One for series in which family heirlooms are restored for their owners by numerous experts with a broad range of specialisms.

On the other hand, many people seem to be curious about his teeth. If you look closely, one of his front teeth is made up of gold. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Jay Blades Believes His New Teeth Is His Lucky Charm!

One of Jay Blades‘ (@jaybladesmbe) front teeth is a gold tooth, and he previously called it the lucky stork of his life. He faced many backlashes for his teeth, while some people seemed to be frustrated with his new teeth. Till now, he has not mentioned the reason behind having the new teeth, but there are lots of rumors regarding this topic.

Recently, Jay posted his picture and captioned it as he started loving himself. As a thought of the day, many people started commenting to learn about his teeth. He said that he realized he needed to stop trying to be somebody else and be himself. He also mentioned that he started to own, accept, and love what he had, which made people think that he was talking about his new teeth.

Jay Blades' teeth before getting a new one. houseandwhips.comJay Blades’ teeth before getting a new one.
Image Source: Instagram

Jay’s unique style and charming face have made him look more attractive and confident towards people. People also tease him by talking about his teeth and pointing out that his smile is rich. Well, we do agree with people’s thoughts about Jay having a million-dollar smile.

Why Did Jay Blades Get Golden Teeth?

People who have been following Jay Blades might know about his gold teeth, but some people don’t know much about them. The television presenter has made many people curious about his teeth. His front tooth is a gold tooth, and he called it the lucky stork of his life.

Blades received the gold tooth in the front when he helped to create the cause group Out of the Dark. Although he has not talked much about his new teeth or how his old teeth were gone, he called his new teeth a lucky strike of success in his life. While many people seem to have called his new teeth a fashion thing, some people even criticized him for having such a bad appearance.

Jay Blades has been both praised and criticized for having gold teeth. houseandwhips.comJay Blades has been both praised and criticized for having gold teeth.
Image Source: Instagram

It looks like Jay’s teeth have been a topic of discussion for many people. He has been a little private about his past life, but he always tries to update his life after gaining fame. During an interview in 2022, he talked about his teeth and said that he is addicted to tea with three sugars. He stated:

It was here I was taught everything I know about community. I’m just a normal guy who has been very, very fortunate. They don’t normally put people who speak like me on the telly. I’m a little bit of a commoner. My teeth are a lovely shade of beige because I’m addicted to tea with three sugars.

How Does Jay Blades Make His Money?

Jay Blades started his career by working as a laborer in factories. After getting married to Jade, the couple set up a charity, but after some months, the charity lost funding, their marriage broke down, and he became homeless. At that time, he was supported by friends and by the Caribbean community.

Later after a month of being homeless, television producers saw a short film about the charity, which led to his work as a presenter. As soon as Jay started working as a publisher, he started earning more money and later established Jay & Co., a social enterprise to support disadvantaged and disengaged groups.

Today, he is best known for presenting The Repair Shop, Money for Nothing, Jay Blades’ Home Fix, Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, and co-presenting Jay and Dom’s Home Fix.