Jenna Coleman Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


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Jenna Coleman has undergone a weight loss since her Emmerdale days.

Jenna Coleman has had an incredible physical transformation after her weight loss since her Emmerdale days. The actress really went from a buxom babe to a slender glam gal and fans are in awe of the incredible change she has had because she looks so much better than before (not that she looked unflattering before). While Jenna Coleman has never revealed the secrets of her weight loss, many experts have weighed in their opinions.

Jenna Coleman is most recognized for her portrayal of Jasmine Thomas in the soap opera Emmerdale but she has also garnered a lot of fans by playing Clara Oswald in the science-fiction series Doctor Who. She impressed everyone when she depicted Queen Victoria in the period drama Victoria and she left everyone in awe of her performance as Joanna Lindsay in the crime miniseries The Cry and Marie-Andree Leclerc in another crime miniseries The Serpent.

Not only television, she has also done several movies, and some of her movie credits include Captain America: The First Avenger and Me Before You. She has been in lots of stuff and people have watched her closely for a long time now but her weight loss never fails to surprise them. She was not always slender like she is now. She was much more full-figured in her Emmerdale days but she appears to have changed completely since then. Let’s discuss Jenna Coleman’s weight loss!

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Has Jenna Coleman Had a Weight Loss?

Jenna Coleman (@jenna_coleman_) has so obviously undergone weight loss since her Emmerdale days and she looks completely different now. She looks much fitter and slender than before and fans are in awe of her transformation. They want to know how she lost weight to take note and make that incredible transformation happen for themselves but Jenna has unfortunately made a secret of her brilliant change.

Jenna Coleman has had an incredible weight loss since her Emmerdale days. houseandwhips.comJenna Coleman has had an incredible weight loss since her Emmerdale days.
Image Source: ELLE

Okay, so Jenna was never exactly overweight, she was never chubby, and she never looked like she had any weight that she could lose (at least not to regular people, the standards in the acting industry are rigid and difficult). She looked perfect as she was but after her weight loss, it didn’t seem possible but she seems to have gotten even more perfect.

Not to say that being extremely slim is better than how Jenna Coleman was of average weight before but her transformation from a buxom babe to a slender gal has completely changed her vibes and people especially appreciate it when she plays her regal roles. She is brilliant at her craft but even as an adult, she was so baby-faced that people could not really buy her in the roles she played. It was her weight loss that changed things and made her look tailor-made for the role she plays.

Needless to say, fans are impressed with her brilliant transformation and want to know the secret behind her change. They want to take note of what diet plan and workout routine she followed to lose weight and become slender. But unfortunately, for them, Jenna has made a secret of her weight loss and never once acknowledged the discussion surrounding her weight.

The Secret of Jenna Coleman’s Weight Loss As Told By Experts!

Jenna Coleman may have maintained silence about her weight loss and she may have made a secret of the reasons behind her transformation but experts (in this case, personal trainer) have come forward to offer their opinions on what the actress might have done to lose weight.

Jenna Coleman has not revealed the secrets of her weight loss. houseandwhips.comJenna Coleman has not revealed the secrets of her weight loss.
Image Source: The Irish Sun

As per Matt Fiddes, personal trainer to celebrities and a former bodyguard to the legendary Michael Jackson, the change in Coleman’s figure may be due to a clean diet. He said that as a petite woman (for whom it’s much harder to lose weight), she had to have been on a sensible clean diet to get slimmer than she already was. Also, she had to have been working out to stay toned as it’s harder for smaller women to stay in shape as they don’t need so many calories.

Fiddes also claimed that Jenna Coleman might have embraced weight training or another resistance exercise to have weight loss and create her new frame.

At a guess I would say she is either weight training, or doing an exercise programme like Pilates which maintains muscle, burns calories without going too far and causing an unhealthy look. The public maybe concerned as her face has slimmed down. This maybe simply because she has cut down on alcohol which can cause water retention. I don’t believe she is using cardio based fitness system like hitting the treadmill or aerobics as she has an all over body tone.

Maybe try doing what Fiddes believes Jenna Coleman has done and see if you have the kind of brilliant weight loss transformation she has had. There’s no other choice because Jenna has maintained silence about her change.