Tess Daly’s Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Routine!

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Tess Daly’s Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Routine! houseandwhips.com

Tess Daly has been achieving the best result in weight loss without skipping a meal or following a diet. From the beginning of her career, she has been mentioning how she hates the idea of following a diet. Well, she now follows a five-day-a-week exercise plan as well as attends yoga and gym sessions, and tries to make them fun in her own way.

Helen Elizabeth Tess Daly, publicly known as Tess Daly, is an English television presenter. Recently, when she posted some behind-the-scenes pictures on her Instagram with her co-host Claudia Winkleman, the internet went crazy over their looks. Tess gave a little hint about this year’s season of Strictly Come Dancing by mentioning the reality shows in her picture.

After the image started going viral all over the internet, some people observed that she had also undergone weight loss. In this article, we will be talking about her physical transformation, diet, and her workout routine. Let’s get started.

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Tess Daly Never Follows a Diet for Weight Loss!

Tess Daly (@tessdaly) follows eight steps to maintain and succeed in her weight loss journey. She has mentioned never skipping meals or following any diet to maintain her weight. She hated the idea and concept of diet and is very happy with her current health and physical appearance.

Tess has been in the discussion of weight loss since 2022 when she claimed that diet is just a four-letter word for her and she doesn’t like to diet. Despite not being on a diet, how is she so fit? The question has been asked by many people all over the world after seeing her perfect body shape at the age of 54.

Tess Daly is very happy with her weight loss. houseandwhips.comTess Daly is very happy with her weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Recently, she has been busy promoting the new season of Strictly Come Dancing, which she will be hosting with Claudia Winkleman. Besides that, she has also been promoting a clothing brand called Biba, and the moms of teens have been perfectly slaying every dress from the brand.

After Daly posted a reel promoting the brand and wearing the dressing from Biba, people started asking about her weight loss and whether she had changed her mind and started doing a diet or not.

Tess Daly Doesn’t Want Her Girls to Count Calories!

Tess Daly has been very open about her thoughts regarding weight loss. Although she has not mentioned all the secrets about a healthy life, she has recently revealed that she has banned the word diet around her lookalike daughters.

Talking about her job and her healthy life, she also mentioned that she won’t be leaving the industry any time soon, revealing how happy she is with her physical appearance and saying,

When it feels like it’s time to go and hide, I will! But I enjoy myself too much to leave any time soon. I’m northern and we’re pragmatic by nature. At this point, I’m grateful to still be healthy and working. I’ve got wrinkles galore. You know when you look down at your iPhone and the camera is open and you go: ‘Oh, my god!’ I’m at that point. But what’s the alternative?

She also talked about how important it is to weight loss and have a perfect body in modeling and said that the fashion industry is not known for having a good relationship with food.

She also talked about her beginnings in modeling and said that when she started modeling, she couldn’t believe people would skip meals. She was around a lot of people who were depriving themselves of food because they felt they had to be thinner.

Tess Daly doesn't love the idea of following any diet. houseandwhips.comTess Daly doesn’t love the idea of following any diet.
Image Source: Instagram

Continuing the interview, Tess said that she has never advised anyone to skip meals for weight loss and when she was asked about her daughter’s weight and how they have been dealing with their lives from media, she said that she wouldn’t dream of putting any more pressure on her daughters because she wanted them to believe that the content of their character was more important.

What Are the Things Tess Daly Does for Her Weight Loss?

Tess Daly doesn’t love the idea of following any diet, but she follows eight steps to maintain her weight. The important thing she does for her weight loss is attend the gym and yoga sessions in the morning.

While she mentioned having a rest day on Sunday and Wednesday, the other days are divided to execute each exercise properly. She also revealed how she makes her workout a fun activity, as she stated:

I like to change up exercises, for example, doing body weight movements, dumbbell weights and variations of skipping or boxing. This keeps it fun and interesting and helps the time fly by, at the same time as getting good progression in training (a.k.a. progressive overload) and building a strong physique.