Mimi Keene Weight Loss: Has She Gotten Slimmer?


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Mimi Keene has undergone a noticeable weight loss since 2019. houseandwhips.com

Mimi Keene has noticeably undergone weight loss since the first season of Sex Education. Not that the EastEnders actress was ever chubby but with time, she appears to have lost her baby fat and gotten slimmer. Mimi Keene has not ever revealed if her weight loss just happened as she grew up or if she followed some diet plan and exercise routine to get fitter.

Mimi Keene entered into the acting industry very young. She was a child actress when she made her professional debut playing Janey in Kin at The Royal Court Theatre in 2010. She was only 15 when she was cast as a series regular in the role of Cindy Williams in EastEnders in 2013. She played the role for two years before she went on to play Megan in a short film The Escape in 2017 and portray the younger version of Edith Tolkien in Tolkien in 2019.

Her star truly rose after she began playing Ruby Matthews in the hit Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education even though she had been around for a long time in the industry. Because she had been around for a long time, people noticed it when she began to look differently. Most of the change in her appearance seemed to be her weight loss. She got slimmer with time and fans wanted her to spill her diet plan and workout routine. Let’s discuss Mimi Keene’s weight loss!

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Mimi Keene’s Weight Loss: She Has Gotten Slimmer Than Before!

Mimi Keene (@mimikeene3) the Ruby Matthews actress from the hit Netflix show Sex Education, has had a noticeable weight loss since she started the show. You cannot miss the change in her physicality since the first season of the comedy-drama series because she has gotten visibly thinner. Fans want to know what her diet plan and workout routine are for notes.

Mimi Keene has had a weight loss since the first season of Sex Education. houseandwhips.comMimi Keene has had a weight loss since the first season of Sex Education.
Image Source: Yahoo News UK

So, not that Mimi was ever chubby or something, and not that she ever looked like she needed to lose weight because she didn’t but she appears to have lost a significant amount of time and she looks very fit and fine now. The change in her looks may not seem much now but if you were to compare her pictures from when she was doing the first season of Sex Education to now, you would see that she has had a visible weight loss.

During the first season of the series which was around 2019, Mimi Keene (she was around 21 then) still looked like a child. But fast forward to the next season and she seems to have had a glow-up because she has lost that baby face and looks much more glam like only then did she truly immerse in Hollywood. Losing that baby face made her much slimmer than before because it meant the loss of her cheek fat. But it was not just her face, it was her overall physique because she had an overall weight loss.

When the second season of Sex Education premiered, Mimi Keene’s weight loss became one of the most discussed topics on social media because the viewers were a bit surprised to see her drastic transformation. She no longer had chubby cheeks like before and she no longer had that baby look and began to look her age. She got noticeably slimmer and looked more glam and adult-like.

She always looked beautiful but she looked even better after the weight loss. She appeared to have had a glow-up because she literally glowed. Fans took note of that and expressed their curiosity to find out whether her transformation was just her growing up or whether she started a fitness journey and began following some diet plan and workout routine to get fitter.

Mimi Keene’s Supposed Diet Plan and Workout Routine For Weight Loss!

Mimi Keene has not revealed her diet plan and workout routine. houseandwhips.comMimi Keene has not revealed her diet plan and workout routine.
Image Source: Entertainment Daily

Well, Mimi Keene may not have revealed if her change happened because she embarked on a weight loss journey and started following some diet plans and workout routines catered to her fitness but there are rumors that she did it. It’s possible that she just grew up and lost the baby fat from her cheeks but that does not explain the overall change in her physique.

As per rumors, the EastEnders actress does not have any specific diet plan she follows. She just tries to eat healthy and balanced and nutritious meals. She is reported to have cut out processed foods, sugar, and alcohol which has allegedly resulted in her weight loss. And she also supposedly drinks plenty of water and green tea to stay hydrated and detoxify her body.

Mimi Keene also appears to love working out. Scroll through her Instagram page and you will see that she loves doing yoga because she often posts pictures of her doing yoga and various other workouts. All those workout sessions might have contributed to her weight loss although if it did, she has never revealed it. She has also not shared if she just happened to lose weight as time passed and she grew up. So, all we know is that Mimi Keene has had a weight loss.