Mimi Keene Has Anorexia? Eating Disorder? Fans Concerned For Her Health!

Derick Scholz

Mimi Keene's fans think she has developed an eating disorder and anorexia and are worried about her health. houseandwhips.com

Mimi Keene’s dramatic weight loss which was revealed in the fourth season of Sex Education has sparked health concerns among her fans who are convinced that she has developed an eating disorder and is suffering from anorexia. She can only lose so much weight by just dieting and exercising, so it has to be an eating disorder, is what they think. Mimi Keene has not made any comments on the speculations that she has anorexia and has given no updates about her health condition.

The Sex Education star Mimi Keene has been around for a long time and while a lot of her fans were under the impression that they know everything about her, they took a back seat when they weren’t able to recognize her in the latest season. But, in their defense, Mimi had changed so drastically that she looked nothing like herself. She looked so thin and old that led to speculations about anorexia and an eating disorder. Now, her fans have assumed their role and are being vocal about their concerns for Mimi Keene’s health!

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Does Mimi Keene Have Anorexia? Eating Disorder? Fans Are Worried About Her Health!

Oh my God!!! Has Mimi Keene (@mimikeene3) developed an eating disorder? She has to be suffering from anorexia, right, because what normal person looks like this? She didn’t look like this in the last season. Is she even fine at all? What about her health? Is somebody there to look after her (she clearly is not doing that job very well) or is she on her own? These are the questions that plagued every Sex Education viewer after they saw her in the series.

Mimi Keene's fans believe she has an eating disorder anorexia and are concerned for her health. houseandwhips.comMimi Keene’s fans believe she has an eating disorder anorexia and are concerned for her health.
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Social media were flooded with the discussion about Keene’s body as soon as the final season of the Netflix comedy-drama premiered because they were taken aback by how thin she looked after her extreme weight loss. Like not only they could not miss or ignore the drastic physical transformation she had undergone but they could not even take their eyes off her because oh, what the h*ll was going on? Were they even seeing right? Last season, she definitely did not have anorexia. No eating disorder and she seemed in perfectly good health. Could things have changed so dramatically after that?

Well, it can and it has. Mimi Keene and how scarily thin she looks is proof alone that people can change that dramatically in such a short period of time. It has been two years since the previous season of Sex Education aired but you know Mimi has changed too much for the time she has been away. Anyway, the change which seems to mostly be her weight loss would just have been fine if it wasn’t so drastic and looked so severe. But since the last time we saw her, she seems to have developed an eating disorder. Anorexia. Why wouldn’t fans get concerned about her health?

It’s just the way Mimi Keene looks. Stick-thin and very old and unhealthy. Her followers are very sad to see how she turned out because she looked so fine and beautiful in the previous seasons of Sex Education but now, she looks like she needs help. They are very frustrated on her behalf that she ever felt the need to change herself or lose weight because she never looked like she needed to lose weight. But unfortunately and looking at her, rather tragically, she has now fallen victim to an eating disorder and anorexia. She has now compromised her health for the sake of looking thin as if that’s all there is to beauty and life.

The Story of Mimi Keene and Anorexia and Eating Disorder and How It’s Affecting Her Health!

If you are thinking that people are overreacting to a celeb’s weight loss and unnecessarily and inaccurately and invasively jumping to conclusions by making speculations that Mimi Keene has developed anorexia and an eating disorder and being parasocially involved by showing concerns for her health based on those needless speculations, let me give you the full picture of the actress as seen by the Sex Education viewers. They have seen her in the previous seasons. They know what she looked like before and they know what she looks like now and how much she has changed and all.

Mimi Keene's drastic weight loss and change of skin have sparked health concerns among her fans. houseandwhips.comMimi Keene’s drastic weight loss and change of skin have sparked health concerns among her fans.
Image Source: The US Sun

Going through a few Reddit threads should give you an idea of just how bad the whole thing looks and that people are not really getting too involved when they are expressing concerns for Keene’s health. She genuinely looks scarily skinny, very sick, and not healthy at all. And people have a lot of reasons to believe that she has developed an eating disorder and that she is anorexic.

One of the reasons is the change in her skin. Mimi Keene might have looked just thin if she lost weight by the usual method i.e. dieting and working out. But she just does not look skinny, she also looks very old like she’s all shriveled up (one Redditor put the change in her skin as ‘it’s like her cells all dried up’), the reason being her leathery skin and the wrinkles that are characteristic in people who are suffering from an eating disorder and starving to look thin. No people without anorexia would look like that and spark health concerns like she has.

It’s sad to see Mimi Keene like that with very tight skin. The gauntness on her face with those pronounced smile lines, deeper around her mouth, and equally pronounced collarbones paint a very sad picture of what she’s been through and a very obvious one as well that she has developed an eating disorder and is suffering from anorexia. She possibly cannot be in good health. A fan said and I think it speaks for all when they said,

She [Mimi] looks extremely thin this season. I had some friends at school who suffered with anorexia and they developed a similar look – kind of gaunt, different skin texture, and a lot older than their years. I think maybe she’s on a very restrictive diet. I hope she’s ok 🙁

A few people argue that Mimi Keene might just have had buccal fat removal. But people know better. Besides, just that one procedure wouldn’t affect her health in any way. You can all tell that she has an eating disorder from her skin because the way her skin looks is a giveaway that she has anorexia. No amount of sun exposure or damage to the skin would make her lose her youth in the face skin like that.

The Sex Education viewers only hope that Mimi Keene gets the help she needs for her health and recovers from anorexia and her eating disorder as soon as possible.