Jennifer Flavin’s Plastic Surgery: Rumors of Botox, Filler, Facelift, and More; Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Jennifer Flavin's Plastic Surgery: Rumors of Botox, Filler, Facelift, and More; Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Jennifer Flavin has reportedly had plastic surgery including Botox, nose job, fillers, facelift, and breast augmentation. The speculations that she has gone under the knife started after she recently filed a divorce from Sylvester Stallone, her husband of 25 years. Jennifer Flavin has not responded to the rumors of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Flavin is an American entrepreneur and business owner. She co-owns Serious Skin Care, a company that sells beauty treatments and cosmetics via the home shopping network, ShopHQ. She is also a former model who is married to Sylvester Stallone.

Jennifer Flavin was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 14, 1968. She began modeling at the age of 19 soon after she graduated from El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills. She also appeared on reality shows including Good Day Live, American Gladiator, and The Contender – a boxing reality television series that also features Sylvester Stallone.

The former model has been married to Sylvester Stallone for about 25 years and that seems to be it for the couple as she recently filed papers for divorce. This has put her in the spotlight which has led to scrutiny over their relationship and also, her looks after which she was speculated to have plastic surgery. People think that she’s not aging naturally and they are curious to know more about Jennifer Flavin’s plastic surgery!

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Jennifer Flavin’s Plastic Surgery: Sylvester Stallone’s Wife Is Not Aging Naturally!

Jennifer Flavin (@jenniferflavinstallone) has reportedly undergone tons of plastic surgery including Botox, nose job, fillers, facelift, and breast augmentation.

Jennifer Flavin may not be as famous as her (soon-to-be ex-husband?) Sylvester Stallone but she has always been noted for her looks. And why wouldn’t she be noted for her appearance? She started out as a model after all. But all her looks is not just her, people think there have been enhancements with the help of plastic surgery. They don’t believe that she is all-natural.

Jennifer Flavin’s wrinkle-free skin is definitely, all thanks to Botox injections. At the age of 54, she is supposed to have wrinkles on her forehead, laugh lines on her face, and crow’s feet around her eyes no matter how healthy her living is. But she does not. Her forehead is too smooth and the skin on her cheeks very tight. No crow’s feet around her eyes. That’s simply not possible without plastic surgery.

Jennifer Flavin has that snatched look that screams facelift. Her cheeks are not sagging instead it has that pulled-back look as if it is stretched out by a tight ponytail. Plus, her forehead also looks kind of lifted.

And she also seems to have had fillers injected into her face. Because you just lose fat from your cheeks as you age but she hasn’t. Instead, her cheeks look plump as ever. Her lips are too full for someone her age. So, people think that she has had fillers to enhance her cheeks, lips, and chin as well. They don’t believe that she could still look like that, with that kind of plumpness on her face, without plastic surgery.

Jennifer Flavin is also suspected of having a nose job. She had always had a narrow and slim nose but people think she had plastic surgery to make it sharper and more refined at the tip. Though it might not be very obvious, people think you can see it when you compare her before and after pictures.

And there are many people who would bet their right arms that Jennifer Flavin had breast augmentation. Because surely, no woman her age has that kind of perky and full breasts without the help of plastic surgery. Breasts get smaller over time and they sag as they lose volume because the level of estrogen decreases as women age. But Jennifer’s has neither sagged nor shrunken. People think it’s because she had breast augmentation and some think she’s had a breast lift as well.

However, all these claims and speculations of plastic surgery made by fans are not confirmed by Jennifer Flavin herself. She has never addressed the rumors going around that she is not natural and in an attempt to retain her youth as she is aging, she has taken the aid of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Flavin Files For Divorce From Sylvester Stallone, Husband of 25 Years!

Jennifer Flavin filed for divorce from her husband of 25 years, Sylvester Stallone (@officialslystallone) on August 18 while he was in Oklahoma City filming for his upcoming movie Tulsa King. This decision of Flavin’s has reportedly ‘blindsided’ Stallone.

She has demanded in her divorce petition file that Stallone be prohibited from selling or transferring any assets during divorce proceedings on the grounds that her husband ‘has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion, and/or waste of marital assets.’

TMZ has reported that the decision of splitting came after a big fight the couple had over a dog. Stallone reportedly wanted a new Rottweiler as protection for their family but Flavin didn’t want another pet. The disagreement about the dog allegedly led to ‘an extremely heated argument that brought up other issues’ which ultimately caused Jennifer Flavin to file for divorce. Sylvester Stallone, however, has denied that the dog is the reason for the divorce.

Ironically, Sylvester Stallone covered a bicep tattoo he had of Jennifer Flavin’s face for years with one of Butkus, the bullmastiff from the Rocky movies.

Jennifer Flavin has asked for sole ownership of the $35 million Palm Beach mansion the couple bought in 2020, putting down $5 million as a down payment.

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