Jessica Mauboy Weight Loss: She’s Curvy and She Loves It!


Jessica Mauboy had a weight loss of 8 kg in 10 weeks in 2018.

Jessica Mauboy has not had a weight loss recently. Not that the Australian pop star needs to lose weight just because she has a curvy body but she was always made to feel like she had to get slimmer to be considered beautiful after she got famous. Jessica Mauboy once succumbed to the pressure and went on a weight loss journey in 2018 and lost 8 kgs in 10 weeks but her body is just not built like that so, since then, she has gone on to regain weight. 

Jessica Mauboy has come a long way from being a shy awkward teenager nervously waiting to audition on Australian Idol in 2006 to being the glamorous, stage-commanding performer and the show-stealing actress she is today. She may not have won the singing competition but she really won at life. Not all aspects of it. She did win at her career when she scored a recording contract with Sony and went on to be a famous singer. But her fame came at a cost to her.

And the price she had to pay for her fame was with her self-esteem. The entertainment industry did no good to her when she was made to feel like she was not okay the way she was (curvy and full-figured) and that she had to lose weight in order to be considered beautiful. The pressure on her to have a weight loss was really intense in the beginning. With time, she learned to love herself but in 2018, she gave in to the pressure and lost weight. Here’s everything to know about Jessica Mauboy’s weight loss in 2018 and her struggles with her self-esteem due to her physicality!

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Jessica Mauboy’s Weight Loss: The Singer Has a Full-Figured Body and Can’t Get Much Slimmer!

Jessica Mauboy (@jessicamauboy) has not had a weight loss recently. But that has not stopped her weight from being the topic of discussion among her fans because her body, her physicality, and her size have always been something that people have been obsessed with.

Jessica Mauboy has not undergone weight loss in recent times. houseandwhips.comJessica Mauboy has not undergone weight loss in recent times.
Image Source: Billboard

It must have been that moment when at age 16, she was told by the Australian Idol judge and radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands that she needed to lose the “jelly belly” and her reaction to that and how she spent years after that to achieve the seemingly perfect and slim body that made people obsessed with her weight as she came to be. Jessica Mauboy was curvy and the entertainment industry which was deep in the trend of skinny bodies wouldn’t just let her be. Her body was heavily scrutinized and she was pressured to have weight loss and change her natural curvy and full-figured body to a slimmer trendy one.

The singer was made to feel like less than slim women and like she wouldn’t be considered beautiful with her voluptuous body and that she had to lose weight in order to be deemed beautiful. It was not an easy time for Jessica Mauboy as a full-figured woman. She was ashamed of her curves for the longest time before she learned otherwise. She no longer places her self-worth on her weight like she used to before. She has learned to ignore society’s biased and ridiculous trend but there was a time when she gave in to the pressure and embarked on a weight loss journey to get slim.

All About Jessica Mauboy’s Weight Loss Journey in 2018!

In 2018, Jessica Mauboy underwent a significant weight loss of 8 kg in just 10 weeks under the guidance of her personal trainer Luke Istomin. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Istomin revealed what Jess did in order to lose substantially in such a short period of time. He said that she adjusted her diet so that she was eating five healthy meals per day and upped her exercise regime.

Jessica Mauboy had a weight loss of 8 kg in 10 weeks in 2018. houseandwhips.comJessica Mauboy had a weight loss of 8 kg in 10 weeks in 2018.
Image Source: Daily Telegraph

Discussing the singer’s workout regime, he said,

I put her on a strength and movement-based program at Reunion gym in Potts Point and she trains six times a week. She does strength three times per week for 50 minutes, and HIIT or cardio two days per week for 50 minutes. Her strength has improved dramatically. Her confidence improved as well and she’s looking great!

Besides her workout regime, Jessica Mauboy drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated also contributed to her weight loss, Luke (one of the co-founders of F45 training) said. He said that water helped with her appetite control by making her feel full so she began to eat less which ultimately resulted in her losing weight. She got much slimmer after she started drinking about 3 liters of water per day from when she used to drink only 300 ml of water a day.

And as for her diet plan which also obviously helped her in her weight loss, Jessica Mauboy used to have a protein shake straight after the workout, then she would make a two-egg omelet with mushrooms and some green vegetables when she got home. For lunch, she would have either fish or chicken with vegetables and rice, and change it up with different sauces and flavors whereas for dinner, she would have a stir fry containing vegetables and protein.