Jewel’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After Breast Implant!


Jewel’s Plastic Surgery: Before and After Breast Implant!

Comparing her before and after pictures, many people believe Jewel has received plastic surgery such as breast implants and a nose job. However, she has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

Recently, actress & singer Jewel has been in the limelight after she posted a reel of her old album 0304, which turns 20 this week. The album’s songs were officially posted on her YouTube channel, where all the songs on this album have more than 50k likes. People are not over this song, and they want Jewel to come back with the new album. Do you think she will be making a new album soon?

After the post, Jewel has been in the gossip section. Many people are wondering more and more about her life. She has also been accused of doing many plastic surgery. To learn more about the rumors and to find out if they are true or not, read this article.

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Before and After: Jewel’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Include Breast Implants and a Nose Job!

Jewel (@jewel) is said to have gone through plastic surgery including Breast implants, and a nose job. People have been comparing her 90s look to her current look and they find many unnatural parts. Till now, the rumors have not been confirmed, and the singer has yet to talk about the rumors.

Jewel has yet to respond to plastic surgery allegations. houseandwhips.comJewel has yet to respond to plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: Toofab

Jewel has been in the spotlight since her 20s, and until now, people have admired her work and her beauty. Did she make some changes to herself? Did she have the same look as her 20s? Facing the spotlight is not easy, especially when people start commenting on your aging. Do you think people want to hide their aging?

Everyone wants to look perfect and hide their aging problems. Similarly, we can’t deny that Jewel’s been in the frame of doing something to her face. She is accused of having a nose job, breast implants, and teeth fixed. Till now, she has not confirmed doing anything, but let’s compare her before and after pictures to know the truth.

Comparing Jewel’s before and after pictures, it appears her nose has changed now. Originally, her nose looked thick and smaller, but now it looks more pointed, which led people to suspect she had rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure for altering and reconstructing the nose. It is not a minor surgery and many celebrities have gone through this procedure.

One of the non-hidden things Jewel has done is fix her teeth. Her crooked teeth were never a hidden thing for her fans, but after years of becoming popular, they were no longer to be seen. Her new teeth seem to be supporting her look, but many people claim that her smile looks a little fake and she doesn’t look the same as before.

Fans have been very sad about her changed look. Some say that she looks amazing now, while others believe she looked better in the 1990s before the cosmetic surgery. Her natural look was awesome and more attractive than it is now.

Why Is Jewel Active in Breast-Related Awareness? Did She Have Any Breast Implants?

As mentioned earlier, Jewel is also accused of having breast implants, and comparing her latest picture to her 90s picture, the news might be true. Many of the surgeons have also claimed that her breast implants are too small in diameter for the width of her breast and that her implants are visible under her skin, which suggests that her implants are not beneath the pectoral muscle.

Jewel might have received breast implants. houseandwhips.comJewel might have received breast implants.
Image Source: The New Paper

However, it’s not known if she has gone through procedures on her breasts to gain the perfect shape or not, but we can say that the singer is always in the front row when it comes to breast-related awareness. She has spoken out about the matter many times and even volunteered it. Many people thought that her breast implant might have gone wrong, for which she might be involved in this case, but whatever it is, Jewel is loved by many people for her help.