Joe Mantegna’s Weight Loss: Is David Rossi from Criminal Minds Sick? Or Is It His Diet Plan and Workout Routines?


Joe Mantegna's Weight Loss: Is David Rossi from Criminal Minds Sick? Or Is It His Diet Plan and Workout Routines?

Joe Mantegna’s weight loss in Criminal Minds: Evolution came as a little surprise to the viewers. Many fans wondered if he was sick and had some health issues. Some thought it must have been the change in his diet and workout routines. What exactly it is, we can’t tell because Joe Mantegna has yet not talked about his weight loss.

Joe Mantegna is an American actor who is mostly recognized for starring in the role of FBI supervisory special agent David Rossi on CBS’s hit drama Criminal Minds. He is also widely known as the host of Outdoor Channel’s Gun Stories. He’s an in-demand actor, producer, writer, director, voice actor, and successful restaurateur.

The actor has been honored with both the Tony and Joseph Jefferson Awards for his role in David Mamet‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Glengarry Glen Ross. He has directed the author’s Lakeboat for stage and screen and starred in Mamet films House of Games, Homicide, and Things Change.

Joe Mantegna has appeared in more than 100 films total, including The Godfather III, Bugsy, Three Amigos, Forget Paris, Up Close and Personal, and Searching for Bobby Fisher. He has voiced the recurring role of mob boss Fat Tony on the animated series The Simpsons, as well as The Simpsons Movie.

He recently made a return as David Rossi in Criminal Minds: Evolution – the revival of Criminal Minds. Fans were quick to notice how lean and thin he looked in the series. As soon as they did, they got curious about the reasons behind his weight loss. Is it his health? Did he get sick? Or did he change his diet plans and workout routines? Let’s find out the reasons behind Joe Mantegna’s weight loss!

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Joe Mantegna’s Weight Loss: Check Out His Diet Plan and Workout Routine!

The release of the first two episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution has got the viewers reeling about various things: anxiety for the victims and a sense of desperation to catch the killers for the agents. They especially noted that David Rossi didn’t look the same as before when they last saw him. They got curious about the actor Joe Mantegna‘s (@joemantegna) weight loss. He didn’t look like this when they last saw him in 2020 when the original series Criminal Minds ended.

What caused him to lose weight? Did he plan on getting leaner or is that something that just happened to him? What was the reason for Joe Mantegna’s weight loss? Is he sick? Because he always was lean and fit. He really didn’t need to get thinner than that. These were the kind of things fans were wondering about him after they watched the released episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution.

Well, as far as we can tell, Joe Mantegna must have lost weight as a result of aging. He himself has not acknowledged the people’s curiosity about his weight loss but how else could that be explained? The change in him was not very dramatic, just enough for it to be unmissable. And also, he has never been the kind of person who is constantly working out and watching what he is eating. So, what other reasons could there be?

In an interview, the Criminal Minds star once said that he had great genes because his mother was going to turn 99 soon and was in great shape still. And like his mother who never stressed much or get wound up, he also never had a weight problem and definitely not any other major health problems. This means that he never needed to have weight loss at all.

But yet he did. Joe Mantegna did not have the planned weight loss. It just happened to him as he aged. You can really tell by the hollow of his cheeks and the crinkles around his eyes. The rest of his body hadn’t changed that much and it was just his face that looked unusually gaunt and worn out. It could not be any diet or meal plan and any workout routine at play here.

Besides, the actor never stuck with any meal plans and followed any diet routine. When he was asked about his diet, he said that he gauged himself by seeing if he could fit in his last season’s costumes. He just needed to know he didn’t put on weight because he was in fairly decent shape for what he did and who he was, he told. And he always tried to keep balance when he went ‘crazy on Tuesday’ by ‘lightening up on Wednesday.’

Plus, Joe Mantegna was not much for physical activities as well. Having lived in a two-story house for the last 23 years, the only physical thing he did was often run up the stairs which he took as an opportunity. He said that he spent a good portion of the day going up and down. That was the only kind of physical thing he did and had been doing for years. That would not result in sudden weight loss no matter how insignificant it was.

The Last Don actor also revealed that he used to go to the gym but he stopped feeling the need to do so. He didn’t even take advantage of the fact that Criminal Minds was an active show and they had a trailer full of gym equipment. He would only walk as a physical activity. If he was in a building that was three stories, he walked up the stairs. If he was traveling and there was somewhere he could walk, he would do that or take a bicycle. These are not the kind of activities that would hollow your cheeks and make you look like you had weight loss.

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