Joy Reid Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


Joy Reid supposedly had a weight loss by taking gummies.

Joy Reid’s weight loss has sparked curiosity in everyone these days. After the television host endorsed NTX keto gummies in a CNN interview, many tried to get those gummies. But that CNN interview turned out to be a deep fake of her. There are also rumors that Joy Reid had weight loss surgery. But she has never admitted to having surgery either.

Joy Reid is a very prominent American cable television host. She serves as an MSNBC national correspondent, she is a liberal political commentator, and she is an author as well. She used to host the weekly MSNBC morning show AM Joy and since 2020, she is the presenter of The ReidOut, a Washington-based weeknight show in the 7 p.m. Eastern time slot.

She’s very inspiring with her journalism and activism. In 2018, The New York Times stated that “Ms. Reid, the daughter of immigrants, has emerged as a ‘heroine’ of the anti-Trump ‘resistance.’ The book that Joy Reid wrote about American politics and published in 2019 also did well. The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story was widely appreciated.

She has a lot to say and a lot to contribute but lately, people want to know about her weight loss more than they want to know what she has to say. She supposedly endorsed NTX keto gummies in a  CNN interview and since then, a lot of people are trying to get their hands on the gummies. Let’s learn more about Joy Reid’s weight loss!

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Joy Reid’s Weight Loss: Did She Have Surgery to Lose Weight?

Joy Reid appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. houseandwhips.comJoy Reid appears to have undergone a slight weight loss.
Image Source: Yahoo Sports

Joy Reid (@joyannreid) supposedly has undergone a weight loss and there’s one question in her followers’ mind, “How did she lose weight?”

The television host has never been overweight and it never looked like she had much weight to lose but I’d be lying if I said that she hasn’t been looking much fitter and trimmer lately. She has indeed had a weight loss. It might not be a lot and not much visible but compare her recent pictures with old ones and you will clearly see the difference. She has such an incredible figure now and fans want to know her secret.

There are a lot of reports that Joy Reid pulled off that impressive transformation by getting weight loss surgery. She supposedly had a laparoscopic bariatric surgery to lose weight. However, she has never talked about it, and those rumors remain unsubstantiated to this day. Still, there are many people who are latching on to the fact that she has never denied having surgery to believe that she has had it anyway because they are hoping to lose weight that way.

But because there are no verified claims and the reports came from unverified sources, people don’t believe that the author had a weight loss surgery. Now, they think that she lost weight with the help of diet gummies. Why do they think that? Because she herself said that she uses it and she even endorsed NTX keto gummies during an interview.

There’s a video on Facebook of her interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper. In the video, Cooper says, “Joy Reid’s provocative photos of her weight loss results using NTX Keto are all over the internet. Is this true? We decided to ask Joy herself, and this is what she told us.” A chyron on the screen reads, “Joy Reid weight loss formula! Americans are losing weight with NTX Keto.”

Did Joy Reid Endorse NTX Keto Gummies For Weight Loss in a CNN Interview?

The video then cuts to Joy Reid on the set of her MSNBC show The ReidOut. The link on the Facebook post that leads to another post where she endorses the gummies makes it seem like she indeed used those gummies. So, many people tried to get their hands on their gummies by following the page links to an order page from a company called KetoBites.

Joy Reid has never used or endorsed weight loss gummies. houseandwhips.comJoy Reid has never used or endorsed weight loss gummies.
Image Source: Fox News

If they succeeded at getting those gummies, they have become a victim of a scam because that’s what it is. She has never endorsed NTX keto gummies or any other weight loss gummies for that matter. The CNN interview was a deep fake video of her and Cooper. If you look at the video, you will see that there is an unnatural look to Cooper and Reid’s mouths because they seem to move at times even when they are not speaking and at times, both of them appear blurry and off-center.

Also, Joy Reid has herself debunked the video, making a post on her real Facebook account. She wrote,

Welp… I guess I’ve made it in the world. I’ve been deep faked. So NO, I have never been interviewed by Anderson Cooper. We’ve never even formally met. And NO, I have mot endorsed some weight loss gummies. I work out with @coachjaz twice a week and she coaches me on my nutrition. I do not take weight loss gummies and don’t even know what they are. My cousin actually alerted me to this by texting me to ask if I could get her some gummies and I had no idea what she was talking about. Otherwise I wouldn’t even have known. What a wild world AI has created. And yes, I will be consulting an attorney. Stay woke and be careful out there! 

So, that’s that. For anyone who wanted to know the secret of her weight loss, it’s not surgery or gummies, it’s working out with a coach and eating nutritious.