The Truth About Kaitlin Armstrong Nose Job Rumor!


The Truth About Kaitlin Armstrong Nose Job Rumor!

As per reports, Kaitlin Armstrong received a nose job to change her appearance after murdering professional cyclist, Moriah Wilson, the girl who she thought her boyfriend was having an affair with. Learn what the truth is and what isn’t.

Kaitlin Armstrong is a former yoga instructor from Texas who previously designed and built vintage trailers at their company, Wheelhouse Mobile her partner, Colin Strickland. According to the company’s website, she led her husband to realize they could build this into something much greater than a one-off passion project, which has since been taken down.

According to Austin police, all of Kaitlin’s social media profiles, including the one for Wheelhouse, were deleted following the death of cyclist, Moriah Wilson. Later, she was charged with first-degree murder on July 5, 2022. According to the source, she was sent to Travis County Jail in Austin on July 5.

Furthermore, prosecutors said in opening statements that the Texas woman was accused of fleeing the country and getting a nose job after allegedly gunning down a professional cyclist. Since the news, people have been curious to know if she really underwent nose surgery. Well, here is everything we know.

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Kaitlin Armstrong Underwent a Nose Job to Change Her Appearance After Murdering Moriah Wilson!

Kaitlin Armstrong underwent a nose job to change her appearance after being accused of murdering professional cyclist, Moriah Wilson, whom she suspected of having an affair with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland. The speculation is based on images of her before she went on the run and what she looks like now.

Kaitlin Armstrong before and after a nose job. houseandwhips.comKaitlin Armstrong before and after a nose job. 
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At the time, Armstrong was on the run for six weeks after cops said she shot and killed Wilson in Austin, Texas on May 18. While on the run, she dyed her hair red to brown and cut it short and her nose was noticeably more upturned and slimmer. According to Dr. Jennifer Levine, a facial plastic surgeon,

There’s still some yellow discoloration that you can see on her nose. Also if we zoom in a little closer, we can see that there are probably the remnants of a scar here.

According to reports, Kaitlin Armstrong’s possessions at her Santa Teresa hostel included a $6,350 receipt for cosmetic surgery, including a nose job, under another name. It appears that during her time spent hiding out there, she made up a tale to explain the bandage covering her nose. Later, Zachary Paulsen, a man who met her at the hostel, stated,

I seen her with the bandage and I just was in shock. I’m like, ‘Whoa, what happened to you?’ She said it was a surfboard accident. I was like, ‘That doesn’t look like a surf accident.’ I asked her, ‘Man that must hurt?’ And she was telling me, ‘Yah, it hurts really bad.

Details on Kaitlin Armstrong’s Trial!

Kaitlin Armstrong murdering professional cyclist, Moriah “Mo” Wilson as part of an alleged love triangle, has gone on trial this week. It’s a case that has seen a 43-day international manhunt and an alleged attempt to escape from custody just two weeks ago while she was out for a doctor’s appointment. This was allegedly not her first attempt to run.

Kaitlin Armstrong's murder trial began on November 1. houseandwhips.comKaitlin Armstrong’s murder trial began on November 1. 
Image Source: CNN

Shortly after Wilson was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds at a friend’s home in Austin, Texas, on 11 May 2022, Ms. Armstrong fled to Costa Rica, where she dyed her hair and paid for plastic surgery, especially a nose job. Later, when Austin detectives interviewed their key suspect three days after her death, they discovered her to be angry and evasive.

According to police testimony, Kaitlin Armstrong turned her head and rolled her eyes in an angry manner when detective, Katy Conner asked her on 14 May about her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, spending time with Ms. Wilson on the day of her murder 72 hours earlier.

Austin police detained Ms. Armstrong after discovering that the real estate agent and part-time yoga instructor had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for theft of services. She was shown video surveillance footage of her black Jeep Cherokee parked outside the house where the victim was killed. According to police, she was still and guarded and eventually nodded when told that “maybe you were upset and just in the area.”

During the inquiry, detectives discovered that the arrest warrant was invalid, and they were unable to hold her. Authorities would not see Ms. Armstrong again for another 43 days, when she was arrested at Don Jon’s Surf and Yoga Hostel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, by agents assigned to the tourist police division of the seaside resort town.

Later, Kaitlin Armstrong was charged with first-degree murder in Wilson’s death. She is also facing a felony charge in connection with her alleged escape last month. Though the manhunt is over and her trial began on November 1, questions remain about how she managed to elude capture for nearly seven weeks, appearing to be several steps ahead of the law enforcement agencies attempting to arrest her.