Kane Lim’s Plastic Surgery: The Bling Empire Cast’s Botox, Cheek Fillers and Nose Job Examined!


Kane Lim's Plastic Surgery: The Bling Empire Cast's Botox, Cheek Fillers and Nose Job Examined!

Kane Lim from Bling Empire has fans got all riled up with his several plastic surgery procedures. The Bling Empire cast appears as though he has undergone Botox and cheek fillers, and it is known that he has gotten a nose job done. Fans seek the pictures of Kane Lim before plastic surgery.

So Netflix is back with the second installment of Bling Empire, a reality show that centers around the real-life Crazy Rich Asians who are the wealthy East Asian and East Asian-American socialites all based in the Angeles area. And it has given one of the most hated and the most loved stars in the current reality scene; Kane Lim. He is hated because people think that he is guilty of spreading Asian hate while on the other hand, he is much admired for his drive and hustle to build his own empire despite having a very influential family.

But what is interesting about the Bling Empire cast is he is either hated or loved but never ignored. He has that kind of presence in the show. So, lots of people are interested in knowing about him more. Especially they want to know the plastic surgery procedures he has done. And fans seek the picture of Kane Lim before plastic surgery.

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Kane Lim’s Plastic Surgery: Take A Look At Pictures of Kane Lim Before Surgery!

Looking at Kane Lim (@kanelk_k), it could not be more obvious that he has had Botox, cheek fillers, and a nose job.

Kane Lim’s plastic surgery- it is not a new topic that’s never been discussed before, it was hot and trending on the internet back more than a year ago when the first season of Bling Empire was released on Netflix. And now that the streamer is back with the second installment of the show, it has once again become the latest subject of gossip among the viewers of Bling Empire. Even possibly shallow things about rich people can inspire a thousand words from the deepest of others’ hearts for some reason.

If you were one of those who wanted to know if Kane Lim had plastic surgery a year ago, then you would know that he hadn’t. Because about fifteen months ago, no time was wasted in scouring the internet and his social media to look for pictures of Kane Lim before plastic surgery, it was only efforts that got wasted because no such thing was found.

On comparing the images of the reality star of the past to then, no signs of plastic surgery were detected. So, people had to concede that they had been too bold in assuming that he has had cosmetic surgery done just because he’s in the showbiz after that. Plus, he himself never admitted to any sort of alterations though why would he since he looked like he had stayed far from the knife.

But fast forward to now, and how times have changed and Kane Lim’s face too! If before people used to type did Kane Lim have plastic surgery into Google, now they just type Kane Lim before plastic surgery because it is no longer a matter of speculation but a talk with certainty that he had.

Why the certainty though? Because as all viewers of Bling Empire Season 2 have seen, he hasn’t exactly been subtle about the plastic surgery now, has he, what with going to the restaurant with bandages on his nose and neck when he was in recovery from a cosmetic procedure done on his nose.

That seems so in nature for him. While most celebs prefer to keep their fans in the dark about their plastic surgery, Kane Lim just doesn’t shy away from things like that. If anyone ever thought that he had been lying by omission when he chose not to respond to plastic surgery rumors before, they were so in the wrong because he is the kind of person who would not tell you it, but show you it in some attention-grabbing way.

He has always been open about how he is very flashy with his lifestyle, enjoying designer goods and luxury items to the fullest unapologetically. Aesthetics do matter to him very much. And he has all the resources at his disposal and also insecurities about his physical appearance. There is hardly a better combination than this that would result in plastic surgery.

If you are thinking that the bandages are not conclusive proof of plastic surgery because he could have needed it because of other kinds of injuries then, well, congratulations on your skeptical nature and analytical thinking because that goes a long way in life.

But Kane Lim had plastic surgery is known because it was a storyline in Bling Empire. The second season of the show comes with a feature of the cosmetic work done by Dr. Tsay. Kane goes to visit him to have his nose bridge made to appear more prominent. Dr. Shay gives him a thinner-looking nose by performing a nostril slimming PDO thread procedure after giving him a pain-relieving drug. So, one does not have to spell it out for confirmation.

So, Kane is a billionaire and he has bought his nose. But is that all? Did he just stop at the nose or altered other areas too? Well, he is not one to do things lightly. When he does anything, he goes big so you can’t be surprised to find out he has altered his whole face.

Besides, you can’t possibly miss the vocal Bling Empire fans who are going off on the internet about how much plastic surgery has changed his face. Because every scene on the show he’s in, his appearance steals all the focus and attention, and not in a good way.

After all, it is hard to appreciate a waxy face in the name of beauty that is Botox-enhanced. And those cheek fillers that may not be too obvious while looking upfront at him are so prominent in his side profile. Also, fillers haven’t properly settled yet. Because the size of his cheeks fluctuates ever so often and is different in every scene. Sometimes, even when looking at him face-to-screen, his cheekbones look too big and are different in size on different sides.

And fans of Bling Empire think it is ridiculous that Rihanna has appointed him to be the face of Fenty Beauty in Singapore because as they put it, he does not even have a real face.

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