Karen Middleton Weight Loss: Check Out Her Diet Regime!

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Karen Middleton underwent a drastic weight loss with the help of CSIRO diet. houseandwhips.com

Karen Middleton’s weight loss has piqued fans’ interest since her before and after photos swirled online. She has gotten a lot slimmer compared to before photos. Karen has changed a lot and looks more radiant and beautiful these days. Karen Middleton has lost massive weight over the years and she has credited her weight loss transformation to the CSIRO diet and exercise plan.

Australian journalist Karen Middleton has undergone an inspiring weight loss and has transformed herself from fat to fit. The television personality looks much slimmer and different than she used to be. And now, her fans are curious to learn about her transformation. So what is the secret behind her slimmer body? Did she follow some diet plan? Did she have an exercise plan? Let’s find out more about Karen Middleton’s weight loss!

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Karen Middleton and Her Weight Loss: She Credits Her Transformation to the CSIRO Diet!

Karen Middleton’s (@KarenMMiddleton) weight loss has piqued fans’ interest since her before and after photos swirled online. She has gotten a lot slimmer compared to before photos. She looks a lot more radiant and beautiful these days. She was always stunning but now that she’s lost weight, she glows in a different way. Having lost tons of weight over the years, she has definitely changed a lot in terms of physicality.

The political journalist is often asked by her followers how she was able to achieve such dramatic results. In response to such queries about her weight loss which she acknowledged, Karen Middleton has always maintained that she followed a strict diet and exercise plan. She reportedly started by cutting out all processed foods and sugars. She then slowly added in more healthy foods such as lean protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Karen Middleton before weight loss. houseandwhips.com Karen Middleton before weight loss.
Source: ABC

A healthy diet should include all of the nutrients your body requires, including vitamins and minerals. If you continue to eat fewer calories than your body requires, your metabolism will slow and you will be unable to lose weight. Eating a well-balanced diet with enough calories can help you lose weight gradually while also ensuring that you get the nutrients you need for good health. Karen Middleton seemed to have worked excellently with this knowledge about a healthy diet. She revealed that she lost 24 kgs with the help of the CSIRO diet in 2020.

And besides diet, she also began to incorporate exercise into her daily routine. Being more physically active, she feels better than ever and is able to maintain her weight loss with relative ease. Middleton encourages her followers to find a plan that works for them and to stick with it. It is one of the most effective strategies to burn calories, lose weight, and maintain a healthy body.

The secret behind Karen Middleton's slim body is a strict diet and exercise plan. houseandwhips.com The secret behind Karen Middleton’s slim body is a strict diet and exercise plan.
Source: Twitter

You may have been surprised to see Karen Middleton recently, who is much slimmer and fitter than she was not long ago. It may have appeared that she changed overnight, but we all know that was not the case, and she worked hard behind the scenes to achieve that weight loss. Now, cutting out all processed foods and sugars with healthy foods, and an exercise plan, has contributed to Karen Middleton’s weight loss.

Get To Know More About Karen Middleton!

Karen Middleton is a political journalist in the Canberra Press Gallery who covers the Australian Parliament in Canberra, the country’s capital. She used to serve as SBS Television’s Chief Political Correspondent and Canberra Bureau Chief. Currently, she is the Chief Political Correspondent at The Saturday Paper and she has been holding that position since early 2016. She previously worked as a political correspondent for The West Australian, Melbourne Age, and Herald Sun, as a weekend columnist for the Canberra Times, and as an occasional contributor to The New York Times.

The political journalist had a weekly radio spot on James O’Loghlin’s Evening Show on ABC Radio across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, as well as on Perth Radio 6PR, Sydney Radio 2GB, and ABC Radio National, and TV appearances on Sunrise on the Seven Network, Meet the Press on the Ten Network, and ABC TV’s Insiders. She is a Radio New Zealand fortnightly commentator and has provided commentary and analysis for CNBC and Al Jazeera.

It was one of the most important moments of her career when Kate Middleton wrote about her sexual harassment experiences as a journalist while covering Australian politics in 2016. She got a very strong response for the article, with some who had read it describing it as “jaw-dropping” or “deeply unsettling”. In August 2011, Karen Middleton reported for SBS from Afghanistan, and in September, she published a book titled An Unwinnable War through Melbourne University Press on Australia’s involvement in the Afghan War. She received a Churchill Fellowship in 2008.