Kay Burley Got Plastic Surgery Because She Likes Looking Good!


Kay Burley is very open about her plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Kay Burley is very open-minded about plastic surgery and has been very candid about the facelift and eyelift that she has had. The television presenter has admitted wanting to look good and that her facelift was money well spent. Kay Burley said that she would never say no to more plastic surgery.

Kay Burley has been with Sky Television for decades. The English broadcaster has spent more than half her career as a presenter of Sky News. She also hosts the breakfast slot on the channel which is named after herself. She has also worked for TV-am, BBC Local Radio, and Tyne Tees Television but having worked for Sky Television for the longest time and having been the face of it for decades, it’s as she’s synonymous with the network. You never think of Kay Burley as just herself, you think of her as the Sky News presenter Burley.

The television presenter is good at what she does, otherwise, she would never have held her position down for so long. But no matter how great she is at presenting, you cannot deny that she is a polarizing figure, what with the huge number of controversies she has had. Nothing makes up for the things she has done but Gen-Zs started to warm up to her because of her openness about plastic surgery.

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Kay Burley’s Plastic Surgery: She Has Been Very Open About Her Facelift!

Kay Burley (@kayburley_) has undergone a facelift and an eyelift as well and she has been very open about the fact that she chose to have those plastic surgery procedures.

Kay Burley has been very open about her plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comKay Burley has been very open about her plastic surgery.
Image Source: The Sun

The Sky News presenter’s openness about cosmetic procedures and her unapologetic attitude about her decision to have the procedure is very bold and admirable. She just oozes confidence and maybe that’s because she feels much better, knowing that she looks good because she has had a facelift. She loves to look good and if she has to get cosmetic treatments for it, she will have it. When asked if she would have another procedure, Kay Burley admitted that she would never say no to more plastic surgery.

Never say no to more plastic surgery. I’m a convert to needling at the moment. Mother nature is not going to mug me off. I work hard for my money, I’ll spend it how I like thank you very much.

The journalist shared about her experience getting a facelift in detail in a 2021 episode of Countdown where she made a guest appearance. The Countdown presenter Anne Robinson probed her about the procedure and she didn’t shy away from the questioning. When she was asked why she decided to get the cosmetic treatment, she said that she got the plastic surgery, and treated herself to a facelift procedure for her 50th birthday in 2011, because she likes looking good.

Well I didn’t want to get mugged off by mother nature. My mother was dead when she was my age. I wanted to live my life as long as I could. I like looking good, and it brought me a bit more time.

Kay Burley was also questioned if she was scared when she underwent the operation to which she replied that she was not. She was very prepared for the procedure and she had done all her research and was confident because of that. Even though it was a traumatic experience, she’s happy that it worked out for her. She really was not scared at all when she was taken to the operating room for plastic surgery.

No I wasn’t as I’d been doing my research – as a journalist – I think I got the best surgeon in the business and I think he did a great job. “It actually isn’t a very painful experience it’s just a traumatic experience because obviously I get paid for what I look like to a certain extent and it’s a bit of a risk, but thankfully – and hopefully – it paid off.

Kay Burley didn’t regret the procedure at all, which was a lower facelift that targeted the jawline and neck areas and which she described as “a bit like an Essex facelift where you pull your hair up behind and see what you look like.” However, that was not how she felt in the immediate aftermath of the cosmetic procedure. Because she was bruised and scarred after the plastic surgery, she felt like she was never going to be herself again.

Kay Burley Didn’t Get Plastic Surgery Because of Pressure to Look Young!

Kay Burley got a facelift and an eyelift because she wanted to look good. houseandwhips.comKay Burley got a facelift and an eyelift because she wanted to look good.
Image Source: Metro UK

Speaking of the procedure back in December 2011 when she had just had it, she said that it was a deeply traumatic procedure even though it was not painful at all because whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, she could not help but think that she looked as if she had been in a car crash. However, even then, she did not immediately rule out having plastic surgery again because she had gotten an eyelift a decade prior to that and she loved the result. Kay Burley went on to love her facelift as well.

She also let people know that she did not choose to go under the knife because she felt pressure to look young for her job (there was an ageism row going on at the time). She said that she got the work done for herself because she wanted to look nice and not for her job. She also encouraged people who were thinking about having surgery and advised them to do their research, choose the right surgeon, and go ahead. Kay Burley seemed very open-minded about plastic surgery even then.

People say, “It’s because you’re on the telly”. No, it’s because I’m a woman and I want to look nice. If Mother Nature needs a helping hand, why not? I’ve always tried to take care of myself, but this was something that no matter how many calories I burnt off, it didn’t make any difference. I don’t want to be a poster girl for having cosmetic surgery, but I’m very happy to say, “Don’t be frightened, do your research, choose the right surgeon, and if you still want to go ahead, then don’t worry”.

Kay Burley compared choosing a surgeon to choosing a plumber,

When you have your plumbing done, you get three quotes. It’s a bit like that.

In 2019, she had a second facelift using ultrasound therapy.