Ken Doherty’s Plastic Surgery: Did He Get Botox?


Ken Doherty's Plastic Surgery: Did He Get Botox?

Ken Doherty looks really great for his age with minimal wrinkles and lines on his face which has led to people wondering if he had the help of plastic surgery, Botox, to be specific, in maintaining his looks. However, it seems highly unlikely because Ken Doherty is the same person who wouldn’t get plastic surgery to remove the scar he got in his childhood because he was used to it. However, he did get cosmetic dentistry.

Ken Doherty has always been sophisticated and suave and a perfect gentleman. It may be just him or it might be his profession or sport, rather. After all, snooker trades heavily on image and is not really represented without flawless coiffure, patent leather shoes, or silk waistcoats. He has been the same way ever since we heard of him and he has looked that way as well which is baffling because how can he not age? Is it something to do with plastic surgery? His fans wonder.

Not to exaggerate because he has definitely aged and you can tell that. However, he looks much younger than his age. He has minimal wrinkles on his face and very few lines on his forehead. And his face isn’t the smoothest and does not glow like he had Botox. But still, for someone his age, he has too smooth skin and that does make people wonder if it is just skincare or if cosmetic procedures have played a role in delaying his aging. Let’s discuss Ken Doherty’s plastic surgery!

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Has Ken Doherty Had Plastic Surgery to Cover up His Scar? Has He Gotten Cosmetic Procedure to Help With His Aging?

Ken Doherty‘s (@kendoherty1989) fans suspect that he has had plastic surgery (Botox at the least) because he has minimal lines and wrinkles and looks way too young for his age. Some think he might have had chemical peels and laser treatments as well.

Because a younger look can be attributed to anti-wrinkle injection, Ken Doherty is suspected of the same. He may have had chemical peels and laser treatments as well, some fans speculate. But then it might be down to skincare and his lifestyle as well. Besides, he just does not seem to be the guy who gets plastic surgery. You might have heard of that one story in which he refuses to get work done.

Ken Doherty is suspected of having plastic surgery (Botox) to help with his aging.
Ken Doherty is suspected of having plastic surgery (Botox) to help with his aging.
Image Source: Irish Mirror

When you look at Ken Doherty, you can’t help it but your eyes will linger on the prominent scar he has on his face, which is a permanent reminder of the fall he took and the rusty biscuit tin which savaged his face when he was just seven. He fell off a shed roof and cut his face and broke his arm in three places. He luckily escaped major harm but he was left with that scar that took over his appearance. You would think he would get plastic surgery to remove that but he never did.

Given how prominent it is, people always looked a second longer at Ken Doherty and he was aware that they were looking not at him, but at his scar. That could easily make someone self-conscious about it. Besides, not all people refrained from bringing up his scar to him. It’s like he is aware of his scar, he sees it every time he looks at a mirror, and maybe he wouldn’t like to be reminded of it when not looking at a mirror, but people talk about it anyway.

Maybe it’s because of that kind of unwanted attention that his prominent scar attracted that Ken Doherty’s manager, Ian Doyle, suggested he had plastic surgery. The snooker sensation revealed the exchange he had with his manager,

It seems that Ian got into a conversation with a friend of his who happened to be a plastic surgeon. The upshot was that Ian asked me if I would be interested in having the scar on my right cheek removed.

Despite being aware of people’s curiosity about the mark on his face, Ken Doherty didn’t really talk about how he felt about that. It was only when Doyle brought up plastic surgery that he shared how he felt about that scar on his face. He knew that some guys seemed to think that the mark on his face made him out to be a hard man, like as if it was a relic of some gang fight or whatever but he said that it was not like that.

Ken Doherty refused to get plastic surgery to remove the scar on his face.
Ken Doherty refused to get plastic surgery to remove the scar on his face.
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

It just came to because of an accident he had when he was a child and he was okay with living with it. It wouldn’t have happened if he had received healthcare immediately but first, he was taken to Baggot Street Hospital and he was again transported to the Children’s Hospital in Harcourt Street. The delay is what caused that scar to be more prominent and later brought up the conversation about plastic surgery.

Apparently, it was the delay in getting me from one hospital to the other that caused the scar to be as noticeable as it is. But it doesn’t bother me. I don’t suffer from any hangups about the way I look. In fact I think it is quite distinctive. It provides another reason why people should remember me.

Now, Ken Doherty may not have had plastic surgery to remove his scar and to look younger either. But he definitely got a cosmetic procedure on his teeth. His cosmetic dentistry included him getting four porcelain crowns done. He said that he got it because a smile is the first thing people notice about anyone and he had a problem with four of his teeth with them crumbling and breaking up as he got older.