Melinda MAFS Plastic Surgery: Did She Have BBL and Breast Implants?


Melinda MAFS Plastic Surgery: Did She Have BBL and Breast Implants?

Melinda Willis noted that she had never gone under the knife and had just had cosmetic enhancements including Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers after her MAFS star Harrison Boon assumed that she had plastic surgery. Many fans suspect that Melinda from MAFS got BBL and breast implants which are actual plastic surgery to get the Instagram body but she has denied going under the knife.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 has given us so much drama and many more dramatic couples, one of them being Melinda Willis and Layton Mills. Though the latest MAFS couple didn’t get off to the best start, they worked on their relationship and eventually got hitched. Fans have high hopes that they will last because they have taken a liking to Willis.

They like that Melinda Willis is strong and independent and very career-oriented as well. The MAFS star has founded multiple beauty businesses including Melly’s Beaty Parlor. She has 13 years of experience in the industry. She is listed as the ‘owner and master technician’ at her company which offers eyelash extensions, infills, and hair removal. She is also the founder of the beauty website Feather Sisters which offers a range of “innovative beauty and cosmetic products.”

Anyway, as someone from the cosmetic industry, she is very beautiful and her MAFS costar made the assumption that she had plastic surgery. And now, everyone on social media is talking about the cosmetic procedures she may have had. Let’s talk about Melinda Willis’ plastic surgery!

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Has Melinda From MAFS Had Plastic Surgery? Harrison Boon Thinks She Has!

Melinda Willis (@melindarichelle) from MAFS has admitted to having cosmetic enhancements such as Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers but denied that she ever had plastic surgery. Some fans suspect that she has had BBL and breast implants because she has the Instagram body, regardless.

Melinda Willis not only got Layton Mills as her husband from Married at First Sight but she also found a nemesis in her costar Harrison Boon (married to Bronte Schofield) on the show. They clash frequently. They are constantly bickering about one thing or the other and talking sh*t about one another and their marriages like it’s their favorite thing to do. But really, it was the other day that Boon crossed a line when he brought up Willis’ plastic surgery.

Melinda is believed to have had plastic surgery by fans and her costar Harrison alike.
Melinda is believed to have had plastic surgery by fans and her costar Harrison alike.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Talking about appearance is where people draw the line these days because superficiality and shallowness define the current time. So, when Boon brought up Melinda Willis’s appearance and plastic surgery on MAFS when critiquing her, she got upset about it. Boon should have just stuck to talking sh*t about her marriage and herself and never brought her looks into the mix. Talking to his wife Schofield, he said about Willis,

She is so image-driven. That’s all she cares about, it’s so obvious. From surgeries to how she presents to who she is as a person.

Melinda from MAFS found it very obnoxious on his part because not only did Boon talk about her appearance but he just assumed that she had plastic surgery and made it seem like she was fake for that. This time, he went too far and she made it known that she was disappointed about Boom talking about her appearance. Speaking to Refinery29 Australia, she said,

When someone like Harrison says that about women, it’s very degrading and it just says more about him.

Melinda from MAFS is right that it said more about Boon when he made assumptions about her appearance than it said about herself. But it did not just say more about Boon, it also sparked speculations about her plastic surgery. If you are on reality television, you eventually come around to getting targeted with cosmetic procedure speculations anyway and besides, she has the Instagram face and body as well, so viewers were going to wonder anyway. But she probably didn’t like that it became a conversation because of Boon.

Melinda from MAFS admitted to having cosmetic enhancements including Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.
Melinda from MAFS admitted to having cosmetic enhancements including Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.
Image Source: Instagram

Anyway, Melinda could not talk about Boon’s assumption of her having plastic surgery without confirming or denying it. And MAFS viewers were talking about it. So, she revealed that she has had cosmetic enhancements such as lip and cheek fillers. She also admitted to having Botox on her forehead and she also made sure to note that she had not actually gone under the knife, which is to say she actually hasn’t had surgery like Boon said.

Melinda Willis from MAFS said that she does not see the shame in cosmetic enhancements (she does not consider it plastic surgery which it is not, but it still alters the face in a way) and she would never be someone that hides from that or lies about the enhancements because “sometimes you just feel a certain way and you want to bring it to the outside to represent your personality and who you are.”

Melinda was just disappointed that another female (Boon’s wife) was very much complicit with Boon when he was mocking her for her plastic surgery. But Harrison Boon has already apologized about that and maybe his wife feels sorry for doing it too. On Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding‘s Sit With Us podcast, when Boon remarking on the MAFS breakout bride’s appearance was brought up (Dom said it was the lowest of blows to talk about someone’s appearance), he said he regretted talking about a woman’s appearance.

Boon explained that he was making a point that Melinda was being fake in the experiment and he chose to align being fake with plastic surgery, which he has realized crosses a boundary. So, he is ready to make a public apology to his MAFS costar.