Kirk Herbstreit Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight?


Kirk Herbstreit appears to have had a minor weight loss.

Kirk Herbstreit seems to have undergone a minor but noticeable weight loss in the last few years. The sportscaster once used to be the subject of weight gain discussions. Now that he seems slightly smaller in the face than before, Kirk Herbstreit is dealing with people making speculations about his weight loss.

Kirk Herbstreit currently serves as an analyst for ESPN’s College GameDay, a television program covering college football. The American sportscaster also provides color commentary on college football games on ESPN and ABC and Thursday night NFL games on Prime Video. He used to make an annual appearance as a commentator in EA Sports’ NCAA Football video game before it was put on hiatus following NCAA Football 14. For his work on television as a sportscaster, he has won five Sports Emmy Awards in various categories.

He does not just do the job of sports commentary but he also plays sports. Well, he used to play at a college level. He was a quarterback for the Ohio State Football team from 1989 to 1993. Kirk Herbstreit played in several games brilliantly in his junior season and throughout his senior season, he was the starting quarterback. He has come a long way from playing sports to doing sports commentaries to making sports predictions.

Speaking of which, since he made college football predictions two days ago, there has been a rise in weight loss speculations about him. Football fans perceive that he looks a lot smaller in the face and believe that he has shed some weight. They have been speculating the reasons for the change for years but Kirk has never once mentioned it. Let’s discuss Kirk Herbstreit’s weight loss!

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Kirk Herbstreit’s Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight?

Kirk Herbstreit (@kirkherbstreit) appears to have undergone a slight weight loss, is what many of his followers believe.

Kirk Herbstreit is speculated to have had a minor weight loss. houseandwhips.comKirk Herbstreit is speculated to have had a minor weight loss.
Image Source: Yahoo Sports

The former college football player made his College Football Playoff prediction during Saturday’s edition of ESPN’s College GameDay. You might think that it might interest football fans that he predicted that Texas would win the Big 12 in its final year in the conference and it has but what you might not expect is the attention his physicality has garnered. People are as interested in his weight loss as they are in his College Football Playoff predictions.

Yeah, not only has the football team and the upcoming matches made the topic of discussion but Kirk Herbstreit’s weight also did it. The football fans have perceived that his face looks much smaller than before and therefore, they have come to the conclusion that he has had a weight loss. Not much change can be seen in his body overall but when you look at his face, it does look like he has lost a bit of weight because his face has gotten noticeably slimmer than before.

Just take a good look at him. His face does not seem as chubby as it was a few years ago. And he no longer has the double chin that used to be so prominent back then. Some people even thought that he got plastic surgery to remove his double chin but weight loss seems more plausible than cosmetic surgery. Also, remember how there were discussions online about his weight gain? The tides seem to have turned since then.

Kirk Herbstreit Has Not Yet Addressed Weight Loss Speculations About Him!

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Kirk Herbstreit‘s face used to look very full just a few years ago because of how puffy and swollen it was. His followers speculated that he was on some sort of medication or that it was steroids causing the puffiness. He didn’t look quite right. If they are right in their speculations, maybe Kirk just appears to have undergone weight loss because he stopped getting medications or steroids or whatever it is.

Kirk Herbstreit has not yet acknowledged his weight loss. houseandwhips.comKirk Herbstreit has not yet acknowledged his weight loss.
Image Source: Twitter

Because all the difference is in his face. Only his face has gotten drastically slimmer than before. All the weight loss that people are talking about so much is concentrated on his face whereas his body does not look much different. Even if it’s not a significant change, it’s a very striking change, one that is hard to go unnoticed so, people have been discussing it for years.

While some think that Kirk Herbstreit has definitely undergone a minor weight loss and his face is showing it, others think that he only appears thinner than before because of the camera angles and his loose-fitting shirt, and in reality, he is the same weight as he was. However, only a few people believe that. Most are inclined to believe he has fluctuated a bit in terms of his weight.

Kirk Herbstreit has never addressed the weight loss speculations, so we can’t truly tell if he has really lost some weight or if he just appears to have lost his weight.