MAFS 2024: Lauren Before and After She Went Under The Knife!


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Lauren from MAFS 2024 has obviously gone under the knife. – Lauren Dunn from MAFS 2024 has definitely gone under the knife. Reddit users are talking about how she looks so unnatural and weird, especially in the eyes area. She seems to have had a fox-lift procedure or a bad threadlift. She has had lip fillers as well. Even though there are no before and after pictures of Lauren from MAFS 2024, it’s easy to tell that she has had cosmetic treatments from her current photos only because it’s so obvious.

Lauren Dunn is one of the stand-out brides of the 11th edition of Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS) with her crude sense of humor, striking looks, and strong opinions. Even if she had none of those, she would have grabbed everyone’s attention anyway because people are always captivated by a bride who shows up to her wedding an hour late because of a fake tan emergency. She brings drama wherever she goes and that’s a quality people like in reality stars.

I think people should have known that Lauren from MAFS 2024 would be a little wacky when she confessed that she can be a “little bit crazy” in relationships. That coming from a 32-year-old PR and marketing consultant, it’s like she’s warning the viewers about what’s about to come. Maybe that’s just a persona she put for the cameras. Whatever it may be, let’s talk about the cosmetic enhancements she has had. There are no before and after pictures but with the way she looks, we don’t even need those. Her current photos without any comparison basis will do because she’s so unnatural. Reddit users have made some interesting observations.

Lauren From MAFS 2024 Looks So Unnatural and a Bit Creepy!

Lauren Dunn from MAFS 2024 has so obviously had plastic surgery. She either had a fox-eye lift procedure, a thread lift, or both. Her lip fillers are also obvious. No before and after pictures for comparison but her unnatural looks is a dead giveaway that she has had work done on herself.

Lauren from MAFS 2024 has gotten cosmetic work on her eyes. houseandwhips.comLauren from MAFS 2024 has gotten cosmetic work on her eyes.
Image Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

Dunn was always tipped to be one of the standout stars from the 11th season of Married at First Sight Australia (MAFS). Given her outspokenness and her penchant for drama and being at the center of it, she has definitely stood out among others who are relatively more normal than her. However, even if she had not had the personality, she would have stood out anyway because of her striking looks. Reddit users seem more interested in discussing the surgical enhancements she has had than her antiques and that should tell you everything about the way she looks.

Lauren Dunn looks pretty at first glance but the more you look at her, the creepier she gets because, with time, you start to notice that her eyes look super weird. It’s like the MAFS 2024 star lacks the human warmth or quality in her gaze. You can just tell that whenever she smiles… with her mouth, her eyes won’t follow. It’s just unnatural. She’s a relatively new reality star so, there are no before and after pictures for comparison but you can just tell that she has gone under the knife, based on how she looks right now.

Reddit users have made several interesting observations about Lauren Dunn’s eyes because what’s going on in her eye area and her upper face is simply not something that can go unnoticed or ignored. The weirdness in her looks comes from that only. It seems like she’s always staring hard with her eyes in order not to make them look smaller or something, like she’s a person with small eyes pretending to have big eyes. That’s definitely not natural. She has had cosmetic works that did not have the desired effect but what procedure was it?

Reddit Discusses The MAFS 2024 Alum Lauren Dunn Before and After Her Surgical Change!

Many are convinced that Lauren, the MAFS 2024 alum, had either had a fox-eye procedure or a thread lift. She could have had both as well. Maybe more than one procedure explains how her eyes trying to be everything everywhere all at once. That she has had cosmetic enhancements is obvious but to get full pictures of how her eyes look in words, let’s hear what a Reddit user said,

Lauren’s eyes look upturned at far edge of eye (near the ear) and the skin looks lifted between the inner eyes-top edge of nose (shows a deep gap between top eye and edge!!), as if she’s had surgery to make that happen. Would feel very painful when she’s wants to show facial expression! I did notice that in natural light I could see grooves on the far edges of her eyes (near the ear) , not by makeup, but rather in the skin itself.

Lauren from MAFS 2024 has had lip fillers as well. Lauren from MAFS 2024 has had lip fillers as well.
Image Source: Now To Love

Another Reddit user commented about the work she has had,

I really noticed the work she has had done on her face. The bridge of her nose seems like it’s pulling on her eyes, and that it’s so tight she can’t fully close her eyes? It looks uncomfortable.

It’s not just the MAFS 2024’s breakout star’s eyes that call attention to her cosmetic surgery though they do steal all the attention. Lauren Dunn’s lip fillers are also so obvious. Some Redditors have described her mouth as “sausagefest of lips” and as having a “bee sting look” and I think that aptly describes her overinflated lips. There’s no argument about whether she always had big lips because like I said, there are no before and after pictures for reference. And with how unnatural she looks, you only need her current photos to tell that she has had work done.

Lauren may have had other procedures as well but what she did with her eyes and lips are the most obvious.

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