Layton Williams May Have Had Plastic Surgery To Reshape His Face!


Layton Williams seems to have had plastic surgery to reshape his face. – Layton Williams’ plastic surgery might not be very obvious like that of people with botched Botox and fillers but he sure has gotten work done. His before and after pictures will show you that he used to have much softer features and then, he altered his face to give it more definition and a stronger shape. Layton Williams may have had plastic surgery such as a nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw implants. 

Layton Williams is a true entertainer at heart. He is a triple threat who excels at singing, dancing, and acting. Not just excels at it, but he revels in it. We can just tell that he’s alight with joy from that spark in him as he performs in musical theatre. Though he is mostly known for his portrayal of Stephen Carmichael in the television series Bad Education, it’s his theater work that defines his career the most.

Layton Williams has played young Michael Jackson in Thriller – Live musical and Kylie in the BBC series Beautiful People and gained a lot of appreciation for it but nothing compared to when he was praised for his performance as Angel in the 20th anniversary tour of Rent in 2016. He also got a lot of love for playing the titular character Jamie New in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie from January 2019 to May 2022. More recently, he was dazzling on Strictly Come Dancing. And nothing can take away from his dancing but his appearance at the dance shows got people talking about his plastic surgery!

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Layton Williams’ Plastic Surgery: He Does Not Look As If He Has Work Done!

Looking at Layton Williams‘ (@laytonwilliams) before and after pictures, it appears as though he has had plastic surgery to reshape his face. He might have gotten a nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw implants.

Layton Williams does not look like he has gotten plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comLayton Williams does not look like he has gotten plastic surgery.
Image Source: Deadline

Didn’t Layton look amazing on Strictly Come Dancing? He has never looked as good as he did during his stint in that reality dancing show. He is a pro at dancing but we have always known that so, during many of his performances, instead of watching his performance, fans tried to get more glimpses of his face and kind of focused on his appearance. That kind of focus on his looks eventually made way for plastic surgery speculations about him.

Now, it may come as a surprise to many of you that there are people who think that Layton Williams has got work done on his face because he looks very natural and not enhanced in any way. While it’s true that he does not look like he has done anything to his face, it does not mean that he’s actually all-natural, it just means that if he has indeed undergone plastic surgery, it’s very subtle and good. So, he probably didn’t go overboard with Botox and fillers. That does not mean he has not had other cosmetic procedures.

But if he has indeed gone under the knife, what procedures has he had? He looked amazing on the dance show. What did he have to look like that? What features did he alter to look that way? Well, just from his recent appearances and with no reference to how he looked before, it’s hard to pinpoint specifically what he might have had. But look at his before and after pictures and you can make a stab at what plastic surgery procedures he might have undergone.

Layton Williams May Have Had Plastic Surgery to Refine His Facial Features!

Layton Williams may have had a nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw implants. houseandwhips.comLayton Williams may have had a nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw implants.
Image Source: Radio Times

The Bad Education actor appears to have altered the shape of his face and for that, he seems to have done something to his cheeks and jawline. He used to have very soft and roundish features when he was younger. But now, he has a very masculine look on his face with that hard strong jawline, those sharp cheeks, and that refined nose. Layton Williams has given some definition to his facial features, most likely with the help of plastic surgery, and it looks very obvious.

You could say it’s just him growing up and aging but is it really? He’s got that standard snatched look that many men try to get artificially. Think of that look as a standard of beauty for men. And you could also say that it’s just makeup and contouring but it can’t really bring that much of a difference. It really has to be with the help of plastic surgery that he altered his nose and narrowed it down (it was much wider before), got rid of the fat in his cheeks (his cheeks look very hollow now), and changed his jawline (he had very soft jawline before).

Layton Williams has never admitted to having any work but it really looks like he has used artificial enhancements, going by how he went from having soft features to having very strong and defined features. He seems to have really reshaped his face. It’s very likely that he has had plastic surgery including a nose job, buccal fat removal, and jaw implants.