Leah Messer Plastic Surgery: What Did The Teen Mom Alum Do To Her Face?


Teen Mom Leah Messer is suspected by her fans of having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Leah Messer from Teen Mom has been targeted with plastic surgery speculations several times. Fans have accused her of having Botox, breast implants, and a tummy tuck. Leah Messer has always denied having plastic surgery of any sort. However, the Teen Mom alum has documented herself getting veneers. 

Leah Messer came to prominence in 2011 when she was cast in MTV’s Teen Mom Season 2. As the reality show documented her life which turned upside down when she went from being a cheerleader to being a mother to twin girls, she garnered a lot of support from the viewers as she took on the job of being a mother while simultaneously navigating her love life.

Though a lot of fans appreciate her for prioritizing her children over her love life, there are many who criticize her for being toxic in relationships. She also gets bashed a lot for supposedly having plastic surgery. Though there’s no noticeable change in her face, fans think she has had cosmetic work done. Let’s find out more about Teen Mom Leah Messer’s plastic surgery!

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Leah Messer’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Teen Mom Star Have Cosmetic Surgery? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Leah Messer often faces plastic surgery accusations from Teen Mom viewers. houseandwhips.comLeah Messer often faces plastic surgery accusations from Teen Mom viewers.
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Leah Messer (@leahmesser) from Teen Mom has repeatedly been accused by her followers of having plastic surgery including Botox, breast implants, and a tummy tuck.

Even though she has the repute of being more level-headed and grounded than any other Teen Moms, she has not been able to escape plastic surgery speculations. Even though she has not drastically changed her appearance like many others in the show, her followers believe that she has had subtle work done and they don’t hesitate to point that out in her comments section. In fact, they have been doing that for years.

In 2016, Leah Messer shared a sultry photo of herself posing in a barely there bikini on Instagram. Because it was revealing around the chest area, many followers thought she was flaunting her bigger boobs. They believed that she had undergone a boob job to enhance her breasts and began flooding her comment section by accusing her of it. In response to that, Messer tweeted that she hadn’t had any plastic surgery and she didn’t plan on having any.

Leah Messer has always denied having cosmetic surgery of any kind. houseandwhips.comLeah Messer has always denied having cosmetic surgery of any kind.
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That was not the first time Leah Messer came under fire for supposedly having plastic surgery. That was also not the first time she felt enough heat from her followers to respond to the speculations. In October 2020, there came a time when she set the record straight once again. She noticed a rise in comments insinuating that she had altered her features with the aid of cosmetic surgery after which she denied going under the knife.

I have not had surgery peoplesss. 😅 However, I have most definitely done a 180 on how I choose to diet and live my life. & I feel like it finally shows! My extensions are out, and I lightened up on the eye makeup too. #JustBeYou 

However, this time, Leah Messer admitted that she wasn’t against having plastic surgery and that she would gladly join a Botox party.

Not saying that I’m not all about some fresh botox either… Girl. Be. You! Do You! When is the next Botox party? I’m coming! 😜😘.

Leah Messer Has Always Denied Plastic Surgery But Her Fans Never Believe Her!

Not many Teen Mom viewers bought what she said. They continued to make plastic surgery speculations about her and those speculations probably reached their height in 2021 when Leah Messer began sporting a curvier frame. She shared many photos she took on a trip to Charleston, West Virginia, on Instagram. In one of the snaps, she was wearing a pair of super high-waisted denim cut-offs and a mocha brown short-sleeved crop top which really accentuated her figure.

Leah Messer's fans suspect she got breast implants and a tummy tuck to enhance her figure. houseandwhips.comLeah Messer’s fans suspect she got breast implants and a tummy tuck to enhance her figure.
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The outfit was not very revealing but it did cling to her hips and chest in such a way that outlined her physique. Leah’s fans noted that she looked much curvier in the picture and that didn’t match with how she was remembered. They were accustomed to her petite frame and small chest. She was distinctive that way so, when she no longer had the same figure, fans came to the conclusion that she got plastic surgery to enhance her figure.

People were convinced that Leah Messer had breast implants to increase the size of her breasts and tummy tuck to slim down her waist. The television personality never responded to those allegations. Maybe she understood that she could keep denying plastic surgery forever but people are not going to believe that so, she was not going to bother to address the speculations about her.

It must be that because Leah Messer hasn’t completely stopped speaking about surgery. In fact, she documented herself getting veneers. Teen Mom fans urged her not to get veneers and tried to convince her by saying that it was not necessary at all and ill-advised but she went ahead and got them anyway. She posted a video of the surgery as well. Aside from veneers, she has never shared any other plastic surgery she supposedly got. She has only denied them till now.