Lee Da Hae’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did The Actress Get to Change Her Face?


Lee Da Hae's Plastic Surgery: What Procedures Did The Actress Get to Change Her Face?

Lee Da Hae has very obviously gotten plastic surgery to change her face because she was mocked for being ugly. The My Girl star looks like she had double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and a jaw reduction procedure. Lee Da Hae was mercilessly trolled and mocked for being ugly and having a wide jaw and big face that must have pushed her to have plastic surgery. 

If you are into Korean dramas and I bet you are because why would it be any other way, you must know my girl Lee Da Hae. She’s an amazing actress. And you must also love her work in Heaven’s Fate, Green Rose, The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley, and Hotel King. If you do, you might sometimes think how different she looks compared to her earlier days and wonder what plastic surgery she’s gotten to look that way.

It’s been a long time since she started her career in the entertainment industry. Almost two decades have come to pass since she played the role that catapulted her into fame in My Girl and she looks so much different than then. The whole shape of her face has changed and she looks dramatically different. So, let’s find out, shall we, what plastic surgery Lee Da Hae has gotten to look that way?

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Lee Da Hae’s Plastic Surgery: The Actress Was Mocked for Looking Ugly and Having a Masculine Face!

Lee Da Hae (@leedahey4eva) has so obviously had plastic surgery. She has so obviously had double eyelid surgery, a nose job, and a jaw reduction procedure. You can see it in how drastically she has transformed from the days she was getting started in showbiz. If you took the photos from those days for reference, you would find her completely unrecognizable now. You would definitely mistake her for another person.

Lee Da Hae looks completely unrecognizable after plastic surgery.

Lee Da Hae looks completely unrecognizable after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Allkpop

It’s not very surprising that Lee Da Hae got plastic surgery. I mean, her workplace – the entertainment industry and that glam world – is one of the most toxic and misogynistic industries of all which places a very high standard of beauty on women and if women fail to meet them, they are treated miserably for not living up to their arbitrary and harsh standards. Now, imagine the same in South Korea. The pressure on women there is multiplied tenfold. That’s how harsh it is there.

So, everyone eventually succumbs to plastic surgery. It’s just a matter of when. And Lee Da Hae did too. It’s jarring to see that she looks so different from the time she was in My Girl. She was so promising when she began. But in her early days, people failed to take notice of and praise her talent. Instead, they zeroed in on her looks and mocked her for being ugly because she didn’t look like their idea of what beautiful women should look like.

Do you remember how she looked in 2001 when she participated in the beauty pageant Miss Chunghyang? Lee Da Hae literally glowed when she won that pageant. She must have felt beautiful at that time. She was new to the industry so, nobody had yet told her that her square jaw made her look like a man, nobody had mocked her for being a girl with such a huge face, and nobody had told her that having monolid eyes like her was considered ugly. She might not have known that she would be getting plastic surgery in just a few years.

Lee Da Hae did not fit the rigid beauty standards of South Korea but the brutal public made sure to make her mold herself into it by bullying her and mocking her for not looking the way they wanted. She eventually resorted to plastic surgery to ‘fix’ her visuals. She got surgery on her eyes, she changed her nose, she narrowed her jawline, and she filled her lips.

It’s very obvious that Lee Da Hae underwent double eyelid surgery. She was mocked for having monolid so, she went ahead and got two. It’s not just that. Her eyelids are more lifted than before which has made her eyes look bigger. She also got plastic surgery to change her nose as well. Her nose wasn’t considered to be the best aesthetics. It was very flat and people hated it, so she hated it. And she got it altered.

Lee Da Hae got plastic surgery to get double eyelids and to reshape her nose and jawline.

Lee Da Hae got plastic surgery to get double eyelids and to reshape her nose and jawline.
Image Source: KBIZoom

Lee Da Hae got plastic surgery to change the shape of her nose and get a more pointed and sharper nose. She also slimmed down her nasal bridge and narrowed her nostrils. She got a whole new nose, just the one that was the standard which is considered to be the best one for visuals. This change in her face is very prominent. Just like what she did to her jaw.

Remember when she used to be mocked for having a wide and masculine jawline? Well, not anymore because Lee Da Hae has now shaved off her jawline. She got plastic surgery to reshape her wide jawline into a smaller and narrower one. Now, it’s perfectly V-shaped. Her face looks much smaller than before and thus, is considered to be more feminine. She has now an oval-shaped face that matches her reshaped nose and eyelids perfectly.

Now, has she admitted to all the plastic surgery she has had or not? Well, she might have hinted at it. During an episode of Mnet’s Wide Celebrity News- Quick Talk, she opened up about how she used to be obese and then she did some ‘remodeling’ to her face. When the host said that they didn’t think she had gotten surgery, she playfully responded, “Please continue to think like that.”