Lisa Valastro Plastic Surgery: What Made Her Look So Refined?


Lisa Valastro is believed to have had plastic surgery.

Lisa Valastro seems to have undergone tons of plastic surgery, going by how she looks. She looks too perfect, refined, and polished, and it looks like it’s the result of Botox and fillers. She also may have had a facelift. Lisa Valastro once admitted that she was affected by people finding everything wrong about her appearance. So, it’s not shocking if she got plastic surgery. 

Lisa Valastro may not be the one headlining TLC’s reality series Cake Boss but she sure is the one running it because even though it’s a Buddy Valastro show, would people watch it if it was just him and not Lisa just going on about her day? She appears alongside Buddy’s extended family conceptualizing larger-than-life cakes and sometimes, sharing the deets of her private life. And people love to see her fleeting glimpses.

There’s something so charming about Lisa Valastro and people can’t really take their eyes off of her when she’s on the screen. But lately, it may be due to the fact that she looks so artificial and eerily perfect that the viewers can’t help but keep staring at her. It very much looks as though she has dabbled in plastic surgery. Her appearance looks very manufactured and fake. Let’s talk about what procedures might have made her look that way!

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Lisa Valastro’s Plastic Surgery: What Procedure Made Her Look So Manufactured?

Lisa Valastro (@lisavalastro4) is thought by many to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including Botox, fillers, and a facelift.

Lisa Valastro looks like she has had too much plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comLisa Valastro looks like she has had too much plastic surgery.
Image Source: People

Do you watch Cake Boss? If you are reading this, I am sure you do. So, the question I have for you as a Cake Boss viewer is: don’t you think that Lisa has started to look very perfect in recent years? I mean, why does she look so clean-cut and so sharp? She looks so polished that the more you look at her, the more you can’t look away from her, and the more you begin to see that she looks creepy. It was not like that before. She had to have had plastic surgery, right?

Lisa Valastro is never beating the allegations that she has had cosmetic procedures and how would she when she looks that plastic? You can’t deny how fake she looks because she never looked like that before. She was very stunning when she was young, and she still is, but she’s not natural-looking because, with age, she seems to have lost her skin texture and all the lines and creases from her face. Like I said, she looks very clear-cut, and is that even possible without plastic surgery?

Aren’t the lack of wrinkles and lines on her face a giveaway that she has had Botox injections because surely, she is supposed to have developed them by now (she’s 44)? If you think that it might be due to her skincare regimen, tell me what skincare regimen leads you to have waxy skin like that and gets rid of skin texture. I mean, she very well could be a wax doll. She’s most certainly artificial and has had plastic surgery.

Also, what’s up with Lisa Valastro’s cheeks looking way too plump than when she was young and suspiciously so? Seriously, the apples of her cheeks kind of protrude and it just does not look natural. So, do we really know that it was not due to fillers? Her weird complexion can mean that she has had fillers. Also, many people suspect she has had a facelift as well and they are not wrong to think so because with age, why have her plump cheeks not started to sag? Her face is so tight for someone so filled out in the face. You can’t tell me that she has not had plastic surgery.

Why Did Lisa Valastro Get Plastic Surgery?

Lisa Valastro seems to be very aware of people commenting on her looks. houseandwhips.comLisa Valastro seems to be very aware of people commenting on her looks.
Image Source: Closer Weekly

Also, would it really be shocking that the reality star got cosmetic procedures because come on, Valastro’s a reality star and generally speaking, reality people tend to be very curated in every aspect of their life, especially their appearance because they are also social media influencers and how can they attract audience and followers if not by attaining every standards of beauty? They get plastic surgery to get that generic look that is so popular among Insta influencers.

Maybe Lisa Valastro also fell into the temptation or maybe she was not running after the Instagram trendy looks after all and she just got insecure about her looks as she started to age. I mean, in her podcast What’s Up Cuz?, she did mention how conscious she is of the way she looks. What she said in the podcast kind of made it look like she is very affected by comments about her appearance. It may have led to him getting plastic surgery.

As she talked about what it was like to be the wife of a popular television star and a public figure herself, she said,

Before ‘Cake Boss’ started, I never really pinpointed all the imperfections in my body. Until, unfortunately, social media started pinpointing it out for me.

Lisa Valastro began receiving lots of comments about her body and looks as her star rose and it clearly affected her. So, it would not be the most shocking thing if she got plastic surgery to “fix” her appearance.