Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Mallory Lewis’ Face? Nose?


Mallory Lewis has not admitted to having plastic surgery on her face or her nose. – Mallory Lewis seems to have undergone a bad plastic surgery. Her face looks distorted and nobody can tell what happened to her nose exactly but everyone seems to have the same guess. Regrettable Botox and a nose job. Her skin has a very harsh complexion and her nose looks like it’s swollen. Mallory Lewis has not admitted to having plastic surgery but I think her face speaks for it. 

Mallory Lewis is an icon in the world of children’s entertainment. She is a ventriloquist and puppeteer who is widely known for her work with Lamb Chop which is a sock puppet created by her mother Shari Lewis. She showed great puppet genius ever since she began working with her mother on Lamb Chop’s Play-Along and The Charlie Horse Music Pizza so, it was not surprising that she decided to continue puppeteering and carrying on her mother’s legacy after her mother’s death. She ushered in a new era in the Lamb Chop narrative.

With what she did with her mother’s creation, Mallory Lewis is truly an icon though I doubt the children notice. I think they just look at the puppet and not at the woman holding the puppet. They probably also don’t know that she is the one who has penned some of their favorite books and that she is the same person who’s behind Zoey, the baby orangutan, that sometimes makes appearances in the books. Another thing they have most likely not noticed is that she looks like a botched plastic surgery case and there’s something grotesque about her nose and face. Let’s talk about that because we are not kids to talk puppets!

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Mallory Lewis’ Plastic Surgery: What Happened To Her Nose? What’s Wrong With Her Face?

Mallory Lewis (@mallorylewisandlambchop) probably feels that she should have stayed away from plastic surgery, that is if she had had it, and I bet that she’s had it because what else could have changed her nose and face like that? She could be the case study for a botched nose job and bad Botox also.

Mallory Lewis has clearly had bad plastic surgery on her face and especially, her nose. houseandwhips.comMallory Lewis has clearly had bad plastic surgery on her face and especially, her nose.
Image Source: Yahoo News

Guys, guys, guys! Something’s up with the Lamb Chop puppeteer‘s face and especially her nose and it does not look right. She must have gone through something and something bad for her to end up looking the way she does and I think we all know what that something is. It has to be that she got plastic surgery that didn’t produce the results she expected, right, because what else if not a botched cosmetic work to make her look like someone who’s masquerading as a human?

What happened to Mallory Lewis’s nose and face is really unfortunate because she looked a thousand times better with her natural nose and natural face. Also, why did she even think of getting cosmetic surgery on her nose because it already looked pretty and aesthetic enough? She had a short and narrow bridge which was slightly upturned and ended in a rounded tip when she was young. It looked great, especially in her side profile. Now, the less said, the better, because I really don’t want to say it but it looks kind of grotesque. Is that not botched plastic surgery?

What else could make anyone’s nose bridge look that swollen? Did Mallory Lewis get stung by a bee on the nose and it affected her bridge only? It’s doubtful. It seems more likely that she chose to go under the knife for some reason and it ended up distorting her face. If you notice carefully, it’s not just that her bridge has swollen and she can’t pinch the bridge of her nose because she has to grab it but the height of her nose also has changed. It seemed shorter before whereas now, because of how it looks, it looks like it goes on forever. Also, she does not have a rounded tip anymore. I can’t figure out what improvement she was aiming for with plastic surgery.

Mallory Lewis Has Not Responded to Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Mallory Lewis has never admitted to having plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comMallory Lewis has never admitted to having plastic surgery.
Image Source: YouTube

Or did Lewis require to undergo surgery for some medical reasons? If that was the case, she would have addressed all the speculations about her nose job, right? But she hasn’t and besides, it’s not just her nose, it’s her face as well. Her face looks so harsh. It has no softness to it. It looks smooth and hard as a marble and a lot of people are thinking that she went overboard with Botox because only too much Botox has been known to make a human look like someone who’s masquerading as a human. Her face reflects light and it tells you everything there is to know which is that Mallory Lewis has had plastic surgery which went botched.

There’s no makeup style that can make her look like that. Not any kind of lighting and no camera angle. It’s just cosmetic treatments. She may have chosen to go under the injections because she was aging and she didn’t want to look old. She probably was trying to buy back her looks from when she was young because everyone in the entertainment industry is doing it, it’s so rampant there, and so, she thought she would have some for herself. Only she didn’t know anything about selecting the right surgeon and ended up with a bad one who botched the job. Mallory Lewis hasn’t confirmed or denied having plastic surgery because she has definitely had it and I bet she regrets it now.