Did Choreographer Mandy Moore Have Weight Gain Due to Illness?

Derick Scholz

Choreographer Mandy Moore has had weight gain and fans think it's because of some illness. houseandwhips.com

Choreographer Mandy Moore has undergone a significant weight gain which was revealed when she made an appearance as a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars. It shocked people to see her so fat because she was not always like that and people never thought she would be anything but fit given that she is a choreographer. Anyway, many people suspect that Mandy Moore has some illness that has led her to extreme weight gain. If so, she has never revealed what illness she has.

Mandy Moore is mostly known for her appearances on the United States reality television series So You Think You Can Dance. She has been on the show every year since the third season as a choreographer and dance instructor. The first two seasons, she was just an assistant to the dance instructor. She really rose through her ranks from the reality show as she went on to choreograph the Academy Award-winning film La La Land.

She has also worked on various stage musicals and commercials and created dance numbers for the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Grammy Awards ceremonies. Mandy Moore has received a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography seven times. She won for her work on Dancing with the Stars in 2017, for her work on So You Think You Can Dance in 2018, and also in 2020 for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

She recently made an appearance as a guest judge on Dancing With the Stars which sparked weight gain discussions and speculations about illness from her because she has gotten very big. She has gotten fat and people can get over it!

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Mandy Moore’s Weight Gain: What’s Up With Taylor Swift’s Choreographer?

Choreographer Mandy Moore (@nopenother) has had a lot of weight gain by the looks of it. Many people wonder if it’s some illness that’s causing her to pile on so many pounds.

Choreographer Mandy Moore has had a significant weight gain. houseandwhips.comChoreographer Mandy Moore has had a significant weight gain.
Image Source: Distractify

Everyone was super excited when they learned that Dancing with the Stars would be hosting a special night dedicated to the world’s biggest pop star right now, none other than Taylor Swift. Since, after the death of head judge Len Goodman, the show has been mixing things up at the judge’s table and since they were hosting a Celebration of Taylor Swift, they saw the opportunity to invite Mandy Moore, the choreographer on Swift’s Eras Tour as a guest judge, and they took it.

And while initially, the episode was all about the excitement of getting to see the contestants dance to Swift’s music, after the show, it was all about Mandy and her weight gain. People have not seen her for a long time because it has been a while since she choreographed on reality shows like So You Think You Can Dance. She has moved on to movies, stage musicals, and commercials.

Not that Mandy Moore would be a constant fixture on television if she was working for reality shows like she used to because her job is mostly behind-the-scene kind of job, but still, those were the times when the audience would get an occasional glimpse of the choreographer choreographing. And it was from those times that the viewers recalled that she was not as fat then as she had become now after the weight gain.

Did Choreographer Mandy Moore Have Weight Gain Due to Some Illness?

Fans wonder if Mandy Moore has some kind of illness. houseandwhips.com
Fans wonder if Mandy Moore has some kind of illness that’s causing her to gain weight.
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So, Moore was not super slim in her So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars days as well. She looked a bit heavy even then but nothing about her physique sparked concerns about illness whereas, now, it’s a whole different matter. She does not look just a bit heavy now, she has gotten very fat. Her weight gain was probably the most dramatic thing in last night’s episode.

People have not heard much about Mandy Moore in recent years but they realized, after seeing her on Dancing with the Stars, that they did not expect her to be anything but fit (Well, as fit as she can be, how she was when she used to work on reality dancing shows) because she is a choreographer and her job requires her to be physically active. But no, she was definitely not fit, she had gained a lot of weight, and the significant amount of weight gain she had boggled people’s minds and got them thinking that she is suffering from some kind of illness.

Because surely, she can’t look like that because of her lifestyle. Even if she does not care to maintain herself, she cannot get that fat because she dances and choreographs, right? Okay, so she may gain a few pounds here and there because not too much. Her weight gain had to be some other issues, some other illness she is suffering in private, is what they believe.

But if Mandy Moore has some kind of illness which is the reason behind her weight gain, she has not revealed it so, let’s not make any speculations.