Johnny Ruffo’s Weight Gain Before His Death Examined!


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Johnny Ruffo’s Weight Gain Before His Death Examined!

Despite his death due to brain cancer, Johnny Ruffo’s weight gain has been a subject of concern for many of his fans. While he never stated anything about his transformation, we believe his health condition and medications were the primary reasons behind his appearance before his death.

John Patrick Ruffo (March 8, 1988 – November 10, 2023) was an Australian singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, actor, and television presenter who rose to popularity after finishing third on The X Factor Australia‘s third season. Later, his debut single, On Top, charted at fourteen on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum.

Likely, his second single, Take It Home, peaked at number thirty in Australia and was certified gold. Throughout his career, he released seven singles. Outside of music, he won the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia. He made his acting debut in Home and Away in 2013, playing Chris Harrington till 2016.

Many fans were shocked to learn that Johnny Ruffo died at the age of 35 following a long fight with brain cancer. On the other hand, many people have also observed that he looked heavier in recent years. Despite his death, his weight gain is a popular topic of discussion among his fans. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

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Was Johnny Ruffo’s Medical Condition the Reason Behind His Weight Gain?

When Johnny Ruffo (@johnny_ruffo) appeared on Season 3 of The X Factor Australia, he looked way too healthy and slimmer. Even though he finished 3rd in the show, he gained significant recognition and became popular in a very short period of time. Later, he underwent massive weight gain before his death.

Johnny never mentioned anything about his transformation but we believe his health and medication was the primary reason. During the pandemic, he looked way too heavy. In case you’re unaware, people with brain cancer have a high chance of gaining weight.

Johnny Ruffo before and after weight gain. houseandwhips.comJohnny Ruffo before and after weight gain.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

According to multiple scientific research, weight gain in people with brain cancer can develop from a variety of causes. To begin with, the presence of a brain tumor can change hormonal balance, impacting the body’s metabolism and causing weight fluctuations.

Furthermore, medications routinely used to treat brain cancer, such as corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, frequently cause side effects such as increased hunger and fluid retention, which contribute to weight gain. Furthermore, the location of the tumor may have an impact on a person’s mobility or physical ability, potentially lowering their capacity for exercise and leading to weight gain.

However, do remember that all of the given information is solely based on our speculation. Since Johnny Ruffo never mentioned anything about his weight gain, we could only blame his health condition on his transformation.

Following the Death of Johnny Ruffo, His Partner Tahnee Sims Shares Heartwarming Post!

A Perth native, Johnny Ruffo died ten days ago after a valiant battle with brain cancer. Tahnee Sims (@tahneesims), his longtime lover, broke her silence on November 19 and paid tribute to her forever love in an emotive social media post. The post stated, “A forever love.”

Johnny Ruffo's partner, Tahnee Sims, is devasted by his death. houseandwhips.comJohnny Ruffo’s partner, Tahnee Sims, is devasted by his death.
Image Source: Instagram

The video showed the couple enjoying themselves by swimming in pools, walking along the beach, and running around in the snow. Michelle Ray‘s song, Always Remember Us This Way played over the cheery video exposing their amazing love tale.

To let you know, the couple met at a dance studio in 2015 and formed an unshakable relationship while Ruffo faced his difficult health struggle. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and had surgery to remove a tumor. He revealed his cancer was in remission two years later.

However, he later revealed in 2020 that his brain cancer had resurfaced.  Later, he passed away at the age of 35 after a protracted battle with brain cancer. Furthermore, the Seven Network described the singer as a charismatic performer in a moving statement following his death. According to the statement,

Seven is very saddened by Johnny Ruffo’s death. The talented and charismatic performer was born to entertain and has brought joy to the lives of so many on and off the screen.