Josie Gibson Weight Gain: Has She Put on Weight Recently?


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Josie Gibson has not revealed having weight gain recently.

Josie Gibson has not had a weight gain recently. The last time the television presenter put on weight was in 2019 when she was pregnant with her son Reggie and gained 5 stones. Since then, she has only gone on to lose weight. She recently lost 10 pounds but she is not as slim as she was after she underwent a significant weight loss journey of 6 stones in 2013. Josie Gibson has gone through lots of weight gain and weight loss cycles.

Josie Gibson is a household name in the UK who first rose to fame when she first appeared in the eleventh series of the reality show Big Brother in 2010. She won the show and since then, has gone on to take over the television with her presenting skills later on. She started presenting in 2011 when she took the job of a regular guest host on the Channel 5 magazine series OK! TV. She then served as a regular segment presenter and announcer for ITV’s This Morning for the longest time before she finally got her big break and was announced as a regular in 2021.

Josie Gibson recently went on the 23rd season of the reality television show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!. And her appearance on the show has sparked weight gain discussions about her. It’s mostly the people who are not regular viewers of This Morning and those who have not been keeping up with her that are shocked to see that she looks the way she looks because she has looked more or less the same for a while. Let’s discuss her physical transformation!

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Josie Gibson’s Weight Gain: She Has Been Looking That Way For a While!

Josie Gibson (@josiegibson85) has not had a weight gain recently. The way she looks now, she has been looking that way for quite some time.

Josie Gibson has not undergone weight gain lately. houseandwhips.comJosie Gibson has not undergone weight gain lately.
Image Source: Digital Spy

When Gibson announced that she was going to be one of the contestants in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, she received support from everyone who seemed to believe that she was going to win this one just like she won Big Brother. People were excited to see her in a reality show again after a long time. Anyway, speculations about her weight gain are now dominating the discussion about her.

Well, the show has only aired for three days now so, there’s not much to really talk about and get into and you could say people are making a fuss about Josie Gibson’s weight because of that. But is that what it is? Given how frequently Josie fluctuates in terms of her weight, it just seems that people who have not kept up with her except for occasional viewing of This Morning are shocked to see her have a ‘weight gain’ because the last time they heard about her weight was when she lost six stones in 2013.

For people who are really wondering if the television presenter has put on weight recently, let me tell you that she has not gotten bigger recently. In fact, if anything, Josie Gibson has lost weight. Yeah, that’s right. Just earlier this year, she shared that she shed 10 pounds in just one month and hit 17 stones after taking care of her diet and exercising. Like I said, no recent weight gain. Speaking of what motivated her to lose weight to get fit, she said that her son Reggie inspired him for that.

I couldn’t catch him [Reggie] – he was running away from me, and I was struggling to keep up with him. I’m down ten pounds already. I’m quite big so obviously, it comes off quicker. The thing is it’s not only about the weight for me – I feel great. I feel so good. I was eating a lot a stodge before, but I can’t tell you the difference it’s made to my energy.

Josie Gibson Had a Weight Gain in 2019 After She Had Her Son!

Josie Gibson shed 10 pounds and reached 17 stone this year. houseandwhips.comJosie Gibson shed 10 pounds and reached 17 stone this year.
Image Source: Hello! Magazine

Even though Gibson has lost 10 pounds this very year, the weight loss does not show that much in her since she’s 17 stones. So, you could say that she has more or less looked the same for a while now. Then, what’s that about her weight gain now? Well, as it turns out, there are some people who have not been keeping up with her after she won Big Brother. The last thing they seem to have learned about her weight is that she lost six stone in 2013 after her win and went from a size 20 to a size 8.

It was a big deal at the time and it was every headline during the time so, the fact that Josie Gibson had undergone a weight loss was inescapable. However, that does not make her weight loss final because she has gone on to fluctuate a lot in terms of her physique in the later years. And now, she is not the same slim woman she had become in 2013. She has had a weight gain since then.

In 2019, when she got pregnant with her son Reggie, she put on about five stone and to put it in terms of her physique and weight, lost the progress she had after her weight loss of 2013 and the tummy tuck to remove excess skin of 2016. Because she didn’t focus on her weight for a while because she was busy with her kid, she looked that way for a while. Only in 2021 did she start to focus on fitness and reverse her weight gain. She has not had a drastic weight loss since then, like the one she had in 2013. She recently lost 10 pounds and that’s most of it.

So, to conclude, Josie Gibson has not undergone weight gain recently.