Did Maria Shriver Have Plastic Surgery? Rumors of Facelift, Fillers, and More; Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Did Maria Shriver Have Plastic Surgery? Rumors of Facelift, Fillers, and More; Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Maria Shriver has sparked plastic surgery speculations after she was spotted in LA recently looking very different. The former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger is believed to have had a facelift, fillers, browlift, and laser resurfacing by the experts. Maria Shriver hasn’t responded to such plastic surgery claims recently. 

Maria Shriver is an American journalist and author. She is a member of the Kennedy family who was married to the former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She got divorced in 2021. She is also the founder of the nonprofit organization The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

She started her career in journalism at CBS station KYW-TV and briefly anchored the CBS Morning News before joining NBC News in 1986. She became a correspondent for Dateline NBC and started covering politics after anchoring weekend editions of the Today show and the NBC Nightly News. She left NBC News in 2004 to focus on her role as First Lady of California and made a return in 2013 as a special anchor.

Maria Shriver was honored with a Peabody Award in 1998. It was the same year she co-anchored NBC’s Emmy-winning coverage of the 1988 Summer Olympics. She also won two Emmy Awards and an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences award for ‘developing a television show with a conscience’ as an executive producer of The Alzheimer’s Project.

She was recently targeted with plastic surgery speculations after she was photographed in LA. She looked very different that made everyone go, ‘what happened to her face, has she had cosmetic surgery?’ Since then, people have been wondering about Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery.

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Maria Shriver’s Plastic Surgery: Experts Believe She Had a Facelift, Fillers, Laser Resurfacing, and More; The Former Wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger Lady of California Then and Now!

Maria Shriver (@mariashriver) has reportedly undergone a multitude of plastic surgery including fillers, browlift, facelift, and laser resurfacing.

Maria Shriver was recently snapped in Santa Monica in Los Angeles while she was out and about on the weekend. She was keeping it casual in a make-up-free look and was dressed in a pair of black leggings, a white T-shirt, and a pair of gray sneakers. She appeared to be in great spirits and she even posed and smiled for the cameras as she headed to her car after stopping by the construction site of her new home.

Maria Shriver sure looked happy and smiling in the photos in which she was debuting a completely new look. What most people registered in those photos was how considerably different she looked and all that went on in their heads was ‘just what did she do to her face.’ Because surely, you could only look like the way she did if you had something done to your face. She didn’t look natural. So, a lot of people thought that she had to have plastic surgery.

In the photos, Maria Shriver’s forehead looked very weird and unnatural as it was excessively pulled back. This led many on social media to wonder what plastic surgery it was that made the former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger look like that. They were very certain that she had gone under the knife, all they wanted to know was what the procedures she had were.

Now, the former first lady of California herself hasn’t come forward and spoken about what plastic surgery she has had just because people are interested to know. She hasn’t responded to that yet. But we sure have the opinions of renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeons (it should be noted that they have not worked on Maria) that RadarOnline got.

According to a  triple board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. David Saadat, Maria Shriver had definitely undergone plastic surgery, and the procedures she had are facial fillers, lip fillers, and PDO thread lift. In a conversation with RadarOnline, he said that Shriver had too many facial fillers unfortunately and her lips were overly filled and had migrated already.

He told that Maria Shriver would benefit much from resolving all the fillers and starting over. As per him, she also possibly had PDO threads done to her cheeks, chin, and Nasolabial folds. A PDO thread lift is a plastic surgery procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to rejuvenate and lift sagging skin. Dr. Saadat said that it would be recommended to get a facelift instead of more filler and PDO thread for someone her age.

According to another plastic surgery expert Dr. Michael K. Obeng, Maria Shriver looked like she had a brow lift which is also known as a forehead life and also a facelift. He said that her face appeared to have all the signs of a facelift and further commented that though she looked beautiful, the work could have been done much better because whoever did the facelift pulled it so tight.

This is not the first time tabloids had asked for the opinions of experts about Maria Shriver’s plastic surgery. About one and a half years ago, National Enquirer reported the speculations of a plastic surgeon that Shriver had a lower facelift with a neck lift because everything was tightened up as opposed to loose skin from before. The expert also commented on how her chin looked a lot more defined too.

The tabloid also reported an insider’s claims that people were whispering that Maria Shriver had gotten a facelift to give more exacting contour to her famously square jaw and lip injections for a more youthful pout. Some experts also claimed that she regularly employed laser resurfacing to get a sleek appearance.

All these are just speculations as long as Maria Shriver doesn’t respond to the plastic surgery rumors and she hasn’t responded once except in 2013 when she made a Facebook post sharing what Wendi Knox wrote about how cosmetic surgery was a topic that was on her mind. We can assume that it was a state of her mind too.

Trust me, I‘m not about to judge how anyone faces the ch-ch-ch-challenges of aging. Having just celebrated another birthday, it’s definitely a topic that’s on my mind. And on my forehead. And under my eyes. And all over my neck. As far as Botox goes, I’ve personally never been a fan of injecting toxins into my face. Ironically, I do inject all kinds of toxic thoughts every time I look in the mirror.

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