Marilyn Denis’ Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has She Gotten?


Marilyn Denis' Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has She Gotten?

Marilyn Denis has revealed that she had plastic surgery though nothing too drastic and a long time ago. By the looks of it, the television personality has had Botox, fillers, lip fillers, and a facelift. Marilyn Denis looks too smooth and has a waxy pillowy complexion that looks too unnatural like she has gone overboard with plastic surgery. 

Do you remember a time when Marilyn Denis wasn’t hosting The Marilyn Denis Show or when she wasn’t cohosting CHUM-FM’s Marilyn Denis and Jamar because it seems like the shows have been going on forever? The Canadian television and radio personality has been around for a long time. However, it does not reflect on her face which has made people suspect that she had plastic surgery.

I mean, she’s 64 years old and she does not look like she is. She could be decades younger, going by how smooth and flawless her face and forehead are. That is just not natural. She had to have work done. Let’s discuss her plastic surgery!

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Marilyn Denis’ Plastic Surgery: Her Face Looks Too Smooth and She Has No Wrinkles and Lines At All!

Marilyn Denis (@marilyndenis) has admitted to getting plastic surgery though nothing too drastic. If she meant injectables such as Botox, fillers, and lip fillers by drastic, then fans suspect she has had more than just that. People think she got a facelift too.

The Marilyn Denis Show has come to an end after 13 wonderful seasons. The daytime television host and veteran of Canada’s broadcast landscape announced about a week ago that she is stepping away from her long-running CTV show for some family time. She said that hosting a national television show had been a career highlight and a rewarding and fulfilling chapter in her life but after more than three decades of balancing her radio show with a daytime series, she was finally ready to step away and refocus on her family and other projects.

Marilyn Denis is stepping away from her daytime television.
Marilyn Denis is stepping away from her daytime television.
Image Source: The Toronto Star

For Canadians, it’s necessarily the end of an era. They were bittersweet about it. They felt sad on learning that they would never see the iconic Marilyn Denis hosting her show again but ultimately happy and thankful for the 13 years they had her on television. 13 years, has it been that long? Because surely, it does not look like that. What did she do? Get plastic surgery? Because there is no way she’s 13 years older than when she started. She does not look like she has aged at all.

Marilyn Denis does not look the same as she did 13 years ago but she does not look her age either. I highly doubt anyone would believe that she is 64 going by her looks. Like where are the wrinkles and lines that were supposed to have formed on her face by now? I get that proper skin care can somewhat reduce wrinkles but completely remove all of those? She had to have plastic surgery.

Marilyn Denis has to have had Botox injections. There’s no other explanation for why her face and forehead are too smooth. No other reason why she would not have even a single wrinkle or line on her face. She has no crow’s feet around her eyes as well and that’s just not natural. She has achieved this smooth look with plastic surgery only. And not to mention her pillowy complexion that just screams fillers.

Besides Botox and fillers, Marilyn Denis is also suspected of getting a facelift. Because it’s not just that her face is too smooth and not a line is to be seen on it and she looks too waxy but it’s also that her cheeks have not sagged at all. It’s normal that your face droops down as you age but somehow, Denis has been fighting with gravity? The question is, how does she do it? And I think the obvious answer is plastic surgery, a facelift to be more specific.

Marilyn Denis appears to have undergone plastic surgery to look young.
Marilyn Denis appears to have undergone plastic surgery to look young.
Image Source: Billboard

Marilyn Denis also seems to have gotten lip injections more recently because, in some of her pictures, she has duck lips she didn’t have before. It also has changed her appearance drastically. All of these plastic surgery procedures have worked for her in that they have de-aged her successfully but they are not so good because she is left looking very unnatural. In some of her recent images, she looks like a mannequin because of how her waxy complexion.

However, I don’t think Marilyn Denis regrets that because she would choose looking like that to looking like she hasn’t slept in a decade. She has admitted to getting plastic surgery for that very reason. But I don’t think she’s being truthful when she said that she had cosmetic surgery a long time ago because the effects seem very recent. She talked about getting work done to listen to her body.

That’s why I got cosmetic surgery: I was taking good care of myself and feeling great, but I’d see myself in the mirror or on camera and think, “That woman looks like she hasn’t slept in a decade.” I’ve had a few nips and tucks—nothing too drastic and not in a long time. It’s funny because people on Instagram will make comments like, “Stop it with the surgeries,” and I’m like, “It’s called an Instagram filter.” One of the big realizations around getting work done is that it should help you look like yourself. Not like some perfect version. I’m never going to look like Jane Fonda.

Or in hindsight, maybe she looks unnaturally smooth because of filters. She does laud the strategic use of a good Instagram filter for some effects.