Love is Blind: Chelsea Griffin’s Plastic Surgery; Did She Get Any Cosmetic Work?


Love is Blind: Chelsea Griffin's Plastic Surgery; Did She Get Any Cosmetic Work?

Chelsea Griffin from Love is Blind seems to have not gotten any plastic surgery procedures, unlike her costars from the reality dating show. She looks very natural and fresh and she has no duck lips and cakey makeup that most of the other Love is Blind contestants do. Fans appreciate Chelsea Griffin for not getting plastic surgery to achieve the current Instagram look trend though some people think she has had Botox. 

Netflix’s Love is Blind was the best bet for Chelsea Griffin after she struggled to find her match in dating apps. She had been looking for love for a long time but to no avail. All she wanted was a ‘charismatic, charming momma’s boy’ who would make a commitment to her but they are nowhere to be found. So, off she went to the reality dating show to find someone who wants the same thing as her.

And well what do you know? After having no luck in finding love in the real world, Chelsea Griffin found her luck and love in the reality world of Love is Blind. The 31-year-old speech-language pathologist hit it off with Kwame Appiah, a 33-year-old sales development manager, and former soccer player. He also had a tough time finding compatibility and wanted a partner who matches his energy and he seems to have found that in Chelsea.

Participating in Love is Blind was one of the best things that Chelsea Griffin did because she got what she wanted and now, she’s a celebrity. However, finding love is rarely easy. There were some setbacks in her love story with Kwame. She was not his first choice and he had his eyes on some other girls. But ultimately, they ended up with each other after the girls Kwame was after went for another guy.

The beginning of their love story is kind of messy and there’s some drama but now that Chelsea is happily married to Kwame, everything is behind them. So, now, the only thing that people talk about when it comes to her is whether or not she had plastic surgery. The only interesting (and unbelievable) thing is that she seems to have not gotten any work done. Let’s talk about Love is Blind’s Chelsea Griffin’s plastic surgery!

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Chelsea Love is Blind Plastic Surgery: Some Fans Think She Has Had Botox!

The Love is Blind reunion episode just aired and it was nice to catch up with the contestants and know what they were up to and how their love life is going. It was mostly fun because it rekindled some drama among some of them. Watch Irina and Micah getting called out! Besides that, the viewers also couldn’t get over how some of them looked so drastically different and overdone. Overdone as in gone overboard with plastic surgery.

So, what’s going on social media is that the Love is Blind viewers are discussing what cosmetic procedures the participants of the show have gotten since Season 4 premiered. Most of them seem to have gotten Botox and fillers. However, not Chelsea Griffin (@the.chelseagriffin). She seems to be the only contestant who has not yet indulged in plastic surgery, not even in non-invasive ones such as Botox and fillers.

Chelsea Griffin from Love is Blind does not look like she had plastic surgery.
Chelsea Griffin from Love is Blind does not look like she had plastic surgery.
Image Source: People

It is not a good look on anyone if you dissect and scrutinize pictures of celebrities to determine if they had plastic surgery, but if you do that with Chelsea Griffin as all Love is Blind viewers are doing right now, you will find that she looks very natural and that she has not subscribed to the Instagram beauty standards where everybody looks yassified.

Chelsea Griffin is naturally very beautiful. And she has kept it natural for the most part. She has no duck lips as is the trend and she has no cakey makeup on and she looks very fresh and radiant. That’s a new one for the Love is Blind viewers because most of the contestants have gone overboard with lip fillers, dermal fillers, and Botox, which has made them look extreme.

On the other hand, there’s Chelsea Griffin who has either not gotten plastic surgery or if she did get some work done, she went to the best surgeon because you can’t tell if she has had any cosmetic work. However, one thing fans think she has had is Botox because she has a very smooth face with no lines. It could be that way because she has a great skincare regime but Love is Blind viewers will feel better about themselves if they knew that everybody in the show had some cosmetic procedures.

Chelsea Griffin looked natural and stunning in the Love is Blind reunion.
Chelsea Griffin looked natural and stunning in the Love is Blind reunion.
Image Source: MEAWW

Anyway, that’s it about Chelsea Griffin from Love is Blind – her plastic surgery. Not much to write about because she barely got any cosmetic work done. With her, the only thing to talk about is her love story with Kwame. It’s rare and also great to see someone who has not subscribed to the current Instagram trend of beauty standards. She has not fallen for it and good for her because she is one of the most beautiful contestants on the reality dating show.