Micah Love is Blind Plastic Surgery: She Got too Much Lip Fillers!

Derick Scholz

Micah Love is Blind Plastic Surgery: She Got too Much Lip Fillers!

Micah Lussier from Love is Blind is now at the center of plastic surgery discussions after the viewers noticed that she had weird and puffy lips that looked unnatural during the reunion episode. The reality star had thinner lips before and now the Love is Blind alum has too swollen and inflated lips which fans believe is due to lip fillers. They also think Micah Lussier has had Botox and that she should think twice before getting plastic surgery.

Micah Lussier from Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 4 stood out among others after she found herself at the center of two love triangles. It might be confusing and emotionally draining but it has to be flattering as well. To land with more than one prospect, she must be really good at selling with her personality. If you think about it that way, before she took part in the reality dating show, she worked as a marketing campaign manager for nearly three years and she still does the same job.

Either way, she is a standout contestant on Love is Blind and because of her involvement in two love triangles as well as her ‘mean girl’ behavior, she is often at the center of discussions among the viewers of the show as well. They just love to hate on her citing her off-putting personality. After the recent reunion, though, they are talking more about her plastic surgery. They are mocking her for going overboard with lip fillers because her lips now look too puffy and unnatural. Let’s talk more about Micah Lussier’s plastic surgery!

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Micah Lussier’s Plastic Surgery: The Love is Blind Star’s Got Lip Fillers!

Micah Lussier (@micah.lussier) from Love is Blind Season 4 is believed, nay criticized, and mocked for getting lip fillers. Many Reddit users have created threads to discuss her plastic surgery where they make it a point to note that she looked prettier before all the cosmetic work she did.

If Micah Lussier’s goal was to be popular and to gain as much attention and publicity as possible when she appeared on the fourth installment of Netflix’s reality dating show Love is Blind (of course, besides finding true love), she succeeded. Because ever since the show premiered, all that the viewers do is talk about her because they hate her because she does not have the best conduct and she was in the center of two love triangles. They hate her but they can’t ignore her.

Micah from Love is Blind is believed to have dabbled in plastic surgery (lip fillers).
Micah from Love is Blind is believed to have dabbled in plastic surgery (lip fillers).
Image Source: BuzzFeed

After the Love is Blind reunion, they have gotten back to talking about her. Only this time, they are not talking about how horrible Micah Lussier is for laughing at Amber when Paul dumped her for Micah, but about how weird she looks. They are now discussing her plastic surgery because she clearly got some cosmetic work done on her face that shows and not in a flattering way.

What struck many Love is Blind viewers about Micah Lussier’s appearance during the reunion is her lips and her face. Her lips looked so puffy and weird like they had been artificially inflated too much. Plus, her face, as a Reddit user pointed out, didn’t even move when she was clearly having strong emotional reactions. That all screamed plastic surgery, well, Botox and fillers, but you get the point.

Micah Lussier didn’t always have full lips and so, it was very easy to tell when she had lip fillers. And besides, it would not be very surprising if she got lip filler and chin filler as well because she was often made fun of and mocked for being ‘chinless’ and ‘lipless’ on multiple TikToks. Some people on the internet really ripped her apart for her appearance and maybe that’s why she chose to have plastic surgery.

Micah's lips looked very puffy in the Love is Blind reunion.
Micah’s lips looked very puffy in the Love is Blind reunion.
Image Source: Instagram

However, Micah Lussier took it too far when she got lip fillers. The Love is Blind alum must not have known when to stop because if she did, she would not have wound up with those overly inflated and swollen lips she has now. Her lips are not full but over full and now, she has trouble keeping her mouth closed and as someone pointed out on Reddit, gives mouth breather vibes. She must not have known what happens when you overdo plastic surgery.

If Micah Lussier did know what happened when you go overboard with lip fillers, she would have told the surgeon to stop before he could overinflate her lips. But she didn’t and now, her facial structure looks out of balance. The fillers threw the proportions of her chin which looks way too weak for such large lips. It does not look flattering on her at all. She would probably go on to thousand-guess plastic surgery from now on.

The same because of Botox as well. She looks so smooth now and she probably thought getting an anti-wrinkle injection would make her look younger but she was already young so, it seems to have backfired on her because she has aged 30 years. Maybe she would refrain from getting plastic surgery in the future.