Love is Blind: Irina Solomonova’s Plastic Surgery; Did She Have Fillers?


Love is Blind: Irina Solomonova's Plastic Surgery; Did She Have Fillers?

Irina Solomonova from Love is Blind is believed to have had plastic surgery to enhance her cheeks. The viewers believe that the reality star’s eyes look squinty because she had had too much cheek fillers which in turn pushed into her eyes making her look like that. Others argue that her eye shape is more of an ethnic feature. Irina from Love is Blind has not ever confirmed whether she had plastic surgery.

When the fourth installment of Love is Blind hit Netflix about a month ago, people found someone to make their punching bag on social media in Irina Solomonova. She quickly went on to be one of the most detested contestants of the show after she said Zach looked like a cartoon character and laughed at Amber when Paul broke up with her. The viewers rejoiced when she got out.

Anyway, because she turned out to be one of the most hated cast members of Love is Blind and because she called Zach creepy-looking, people thought her looks were fair game and began mocking her tiny eyes. And love may be blind but they are not, so they could tell that she looked that way because of plastic surgery. But did she really? Look that way because of fillers as many said. Let’s talk about Irina Solomonova’s plastic surgery!

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Irina Solomonova’s Plastic Surgery: The Love is Blind Star is Suspected of Having Too Much Cheek Fillers!

Irina Solomonova (@irina_solo) from Love is Blind Season 4 is believed to have gone overboard with cheek fillers and fans think of her as someone who has distorted her face and especially her eyes with plastic surgery. She has made no such allusions to her having any cosmetic procedures.

Irina Solomonova is not very well-liked among the viewers of Love is Blind because she has been very unkind and rude and her personality is just off-putting and horrible (these are just some of the things fans have said). But when people tend to express their dislike of the reality star, most of them always bring up how she has squinty eyes and mock her for it. Many believe it has something to do with plastic surgery.

Love is Blind's Irina seems like she had plastic surgery to enhance her cheeks. Love is Blind’s Irina seems like she had plastic surgery to enhance her cheeks.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Some Love is Blind fans think that her looks should have been off-limits because as it is, ‘there is enough ammunition to use without going anywhere near her looks.’ But because Irina Solomonova said Zach looked like a cartoon character, fans are making fun of how tiny and squinty her eyes look more than ever. They believe the reason her eyes look like that is fillers. They don’t think that anyone who had plastic surgery had any right to comment on others’ looks.

People, who have hated Irina Solomonova ever since she called Zach a cartoon character and herself a bombshell, are now feeling somewhat vindicated after Zach called her out on Love is Blind reunion. And as a celebration of that and to air her delusions so as ‘to put her in her place’, they have been making more posts about her squinty eyes. People have been making fun of her for going overboard with fillers and slating her for having the nerve to comment on Zach’s looks when she herself had plastic surgery.

If you never thought that Irina Solomonova had plastic surgery (she’s just 26 and she does not have the smoothest forehead or pillowy complexion or overly inflated slips that would scream Botox, fillers, and lip fillers), let’s catch up. Her tiny squinty eyes which the Love is Blind viewers have always been making fun of, are believed to be that way because of excessive cheek fillers.

There’s a whole thread talking about Irina Solomonova’s eyes on Reddit. And many of the users there agree that it’s cheek fillers. While some argue that it’s wrong to make fun of her eyes because of the way they are shaped as it comes off as a bit racist, others counter that people are not mocking the Love is Blind alum for having tiny eyes but because her eyes are shaped that way because of bad plastic surgery.

Love is Blind viewers think Irina's cheeks look unnatural. Love is Blind viewers think Irina’s cheeks look unnatural.
Image Source: The Blast

Her cheeks just look unnatural, many Love is Blind viewers say when talking about Irina Solomonova. They are way too plump and prominent. They are too high to the point where they look unnatural. She must have had fillers. And too much of it. When someone has too much fillers, their cheeks get bigger and they push up into the eyes making them look smaller. So, it’s botched plastic surgery (though technically fillers are not plastic surgery).

However, some people argue that Irina Solomonova has not really had fillers and that her cheeks are totally natural. There are some Love is Blind viewers who say that Russian people tend to have very high, prominent chubby cheeks, small face, and tiny eyes, and argue that those are more of an ethnic feature than plastic surgery.

Well, we may not truly know why the Netflix star looks that way – because of cheek fillers or because of ethnicity – until she herself confirms or denies having cosmetic procedures.