Matt Doran Has Maintained His Weight Loss of 18 Kilos!


Matt Doran has maintained his weight loss of 18 kilos well. – Matt Doran underwent a weight loss of 18 kilos in 2022 with the help of celebrity nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo. The Sunrise cohost has not shared a lot about how he lost weight but it’s probably due to the appropriate diet plan his nutritionist recommended to him. Matt Doran’s weight loss may have been aided by his love for running as well.  

Matt Doran is a high-profile journalist who is a household name and a well-known face in Australia. There are very few people in Australia who don’t recognize him from Weekend Sunrise which he co-hosts along with Monique Wright. He previously served as a reporter and presenter at Network Ten. He spent eight years with the network and finally, he resigned in May 2015. Two years later, in March 2017, he joined the Seven Network on its flagship public affairs program Sunday Night as a reporter.

In October 2019, Matt Doran was announced to replace Basil Zempilas as co-host of Weekend Sunrise. Given that he used to sometimes serve as an intermittent fill-in host on the show and that he regularly filled in for David Koch on Sunrise and Larry Emdur on The Morning Show, he was perfect for it and so, the rest is history with a few turbulence. Anyway, let’s talk about his weight loss now!

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Matt Doran’s Weight Loss: Has He Lost Weight Recently?

Matt Doran (@mattdoran22) hasn’t had a weight loss recently but he has done a great job at maintaining himself since he lost 18 kilos in 2022.

Matt Doran underwent a weight loss of 18 kilos in 2022. houseandwhips.comMatt Doran underwent a weight loss of 18 kilos in 2022.
Image Source: Variety

Doesn’t Matt look fit and fine? He just looks great and it’s enviable how he’s in such a perfect shape, that too at 41. Not that 41-year-olds can’t be fit and toned but in the case of Matt, he wasn’t always in the best shape. He was not exactly fat but he kind of looked bulky and was untoned a few years ago. Anyway, things have changed for the better since his weight loss in 2022 because he looks incredible now.

Matt Doran got rid of 18 kilos in 2022 and he has done a good job at keeping it off. His followers often look back on the impressive physical transformation he pulled off two years back and wonder how he managed to get in perfect shape and retain it. They often get curious about the secret of his fitness because who wouldn’t want to look as trim and athletic as him? However, he has not shared much how he went about his weight loss journey.

The only thing we know about the journalist’s physical transformation is that he pulled it off with the help of a celebrity nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo. Lorenzo, who is also the author of The 10:10 Diet: The Healthy Way To Lose 10 Kilos in 10 Weeks, boasts a whole host of clients at Channel Seven, including Matt Doran’s Weekend Sunrise cohost Monique Wright and Sunrise host Natalie Barr. Even though Matt has not shared how he lost weight. Lorenzo’s tips can give us an insight into his weight loss.

Celebrity nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo shared some tips on how to stay in fantastic shape with Daily Mail.

Sarah’s tips include never skipping breakfast, making lunch the largest meal of the day, and eating dinner off a small plate. She adds that carbohydrates should be eaten early in the day, and have fruit and nuts as snacks. Lastly, she tells her clients to never underestimate the power of sleep, water and exercise.

How Did Matt Doran Have Weight Loss? What’s His Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

Matt Doran loves running and considers it a form of meditation for him. houseandwhips.comMatt Doran loves running and considers it a form of meditation for him.
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Maybe that’s how Doran managed his diet for weight loss. With how well he has maintained his weight since he lost it in 2022, it seems like he is following Lorenzo’s advice, request, or recommendations with the utmost dedication and seriousness. The nutritionist made it clear that her method consisted of retaining the shape after achieving it.

Anyone can lose weight, you just go into a deficit for a period of time but there is no quick fix, this is long term. I am after losing weight and keeping it off for life.

Anyway, that’s all we can say about Matt Doran‘s weight loss diet. As for his workout routine, he has always said that he’s a big fan of running.

Running is a form of meditation for me. My background is as a crime reporter, so I was often out on the road seeing some pretty confronting things. Being able to get out there for a run and thrash it all out of my system is a cathartic process.

Given how much importance he seems to place on running, it’s not so hard to figure out that Matt Doran’s weight loss workout schedule mostly consisted of running. He is in a better place when he runs and he has gotten into great shape because he ran.

I feel like I have more control over everything else in my life when I’m fit and I’m running more. I have more clarity and feel so much better about myself. I do a lot of my thinking and philosophising and life planning when I’m running.