Michelle Visage’s Weight Loss: What’s Her Diet Plan?


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Michelle Visage's Weight Loss: What's Her Diet Plan?

Michelle Visage’s weight loss and diet plan have piqued the interest of her fans, as she appears to have lost weight recently in 2022. Michelle has always struggled to maintain a consistent weight since she was young and has always had an eating disorder. Michelle Visage was first diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, which attacks the thyroid gland, at age 29, which resulted in sudden weight gain.

Michelle Visage is an American actress, singer, radio DJ, media personality, and television host who was born on September 20, 1968. The singer rose to prominence as a member of the band Seduction. After eleven seasons as a producer of Drag Race, the actress got her first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Competition Program in 2019.

The singer hit the top of the dance charts in 1993 as the lead vocalist of The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. Michelle Visage joined RuPaul’s Drag Race as a permanent judge in season three of the American reality competition series in 2011. RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under all have her as a permanent judge.

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Michelle Visage’s Weight Loss & Diet Plan: The Singer Has Faced a 20-Year Battle With an Eating Disorder!

Dealing with body image is difficult when you live in the spotlight. Michelle Visage‘s weight loss has piqued the interest of her fans, as she appears to have undergone weight loss recently. A quick scan of her Instagram confirms that she has significantly shed weight and fans are curious about her diet plan.

Michelle Visage (@michellevisage) has always struggled to maintain a consistent weight, which frequently fluctuates. Michelle Visage revealed she has struggled with weight throughout her career as she has always had an eating disorder.

In addition, the singer has always been on the fat side and eating disorder. If you compare photos of Michelle’s Visage before and after, the actress has lost massive weight. From her first public appearance to her most recent one, the singer has undergone visible weight loss.

Michelle has always succeeded in everything she does, except maintaining an unwavering sense of self-confidence, which she has achieved thanks to her acute body awareness. The TV host’s bad weight obsession was also harming her performance. However, the singer’s weight loss has transformed her appearance.

Visage has spoken up about how fans have called her disgusting slurs because of her weight swings over the years on Drag Race.

While she was able to ignore cruel statements when she was younger and suffering from an eating disorder, the star told presenter Kate Thornton (@thekatethornton) on White Wine Question Time that the comments may have had a terrible impact when she was younger and suffering from an eating disorder.

The actress, who has previously spoken about her 20-year battle with an eating disorder, believes that overcoming an eating disorder takes courage.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race host’s weight has fluctuated over each season owing to a variety of factors. Michelle Visage also had to deal with the singer’s thyroid illness, which is known as Hashimoto’s disease. What she consumes has a different effect on her body.

The TV host was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that targets the thyroid gland when she was 29 years old. Fog, hair loss, exhaustion, and unexpected weight gain are just a few of the disorder’s negative effects.

It’s been a while since the singer has fallen, but even after coming away, going to the hospital, and coping with it. The Strictly Come Dancing star spoke out to The Mirror about the awful reality of her unhealthy relationship with food, stating she couldn’t take puking and hence couldn’t have traditional bulimia. She assumed that taking laxatives would help her lose weight.

In the same year, the judge and American DJ teamed up with Giovanni Pernice (@giovannipernice), with whom they practiced for at least eight hours every day. As a result, she lost weight and developed her slim form.

Michelle Visage, 52, stated that she looked fondly at their high-octane training schedule during the 2019 edition of the show Strictly Come Dancing, which saw her undergo massive weight loss after starving throughout rehearsals.

The reality star would practice for eight to ten hours every day. She never took a break, which helped her lose weight. For four months, the actress went without food.

Michelle Visage’s 2015 Instagram post involves just replacing her meals with a gluten-free, soy-free, antibiotic-free, raw, 0-carb meal.

In her book Michelle Visage: The Diva Rules, the mother-of-two discussed her eating condition and how she was able to alter things for the better in her late 20s. The singer claims that she now listens to her body and is much healthier and more confident in her skin.

In her late twenties, the actress learned that her weight had nothing to do with her pleasure. The singer continued, relying on her body to bring her happiness. No one’s pleasure is defined by their physique.

Everything else in our lives will suffer even if we lose those last five pounds. The singer feels healthier and more secure in her skin now that she takes care of her body. Michelle Visage has recovered from her illness, which is wonderful news!

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