Chef Monica Galetti’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?


Chef Monica Galetti’s Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Chef Monica Galetti has recently undergone significant weight loss and people have been looking for more information about her transformation. However, the 48-year-old Masterchef judge has not made any remarks.

Monica Galetti is a well-known chef and television personality from New Zealand who became well-known as a result of her appearances as a judge on the British television food competition program, MasterChef: The Professionals. She made her debut on the program in 2009. Even though she made a decision to step down as a judge in 2022, she came back to the show in March 2023.

She had a successful culinary career prior to her television debut. She served as a sous-chef at the famed Le Gavroche in London, which holds two Michelin stars and is run by renowned chef Michel Roux Jr. She gained knowledge and a solid reputation in the food industry throughout her tenure at Le Gavroche.

With her return to television, many people have observed that Monica Galetti has lost significant weight. As a result, people want to know more about her weight loss surgery. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Monica Galetti’s Impressive Transformation Following Her Weight Loss!

People immediately observed that Monica Galetti (@galettigram) had lost significant weight as soon as she came back to television in March 2023. The 48-year-old ched looked way too healthy and confident. Of course, people started seeking more information about her weight loss journey.

However, the Masterchef judge has not shared any information about her transformation. She has yet to reveal how she was able to get rid of some extra pounds as well as what motivated her to do so.

Monica Galetti's weight loss is visible in her recent pictures. houseandwhips.comMonica Galetti’s weight loss is visible in her recent pictures.
Image Source: Instagram

Being a world-class chef, there is no doubt Monica Galetti is completely aware of what she is eating and how a diet affects in how you look. There’s a high chance she was able to obtain weight loss by focusing on her diet. Additionally, she might have been working out as well. With a proper diet and exercise routine, there is nothing stopping you from losing weight.

On the other hand, we should not forget why Monica decided to step down as a Masterchef judge in 2022. She previously revealed that she took a break from television as she was having mental health problems. In an interaction at The Mid-Point podcast, she said,

I saw a therapist. I’ve never done that before. I‘ve never had so many things happening at the same time, I needed to reach out to outside help — someone just to talk to with everything. That was one of the best things I did.

In case you’re unaware, some people lose weight as a result of illnesses like depression or anxiety as it can alter appetite and eating patterns. We can assume her mental health problems might have also affected her weight.

Nevertheless, we believe Monica Galetti looks much healthier with her recent weight loss. However, do remember that all of the given information is solely based on our speculation. We will surely get in touch with you as soon as we get any updates about her transformation.

A Look at Monica Galetti’s Early Life!

Monica Galetti was born on October 26, 1975, in Apia, Samoa. Before moving to New Zealand, she spent her formative years in Samoa. Though little is known about her early years, her upbringing in New Zealand is acknowledged to have had a significant impact on her development as a chef.

Monica Galetti was actually born in Samoa. houseandwhips.comMonica Galetti was actually born in Samoa.
Image Source: Instagram

Early on, she became interested in cooking, which eventually inspired her to work in the culinary arts. She had her culinary training in New Zealand, where she also worked in a number of restaurants, gaining useful experience. Her early success in the culinary industry was largely due to her love of cooking and commitment to improving her culinary abilities.

Monica Galetti’s journey from New Zealand to London, where she worked at the acclaimed Le Gavroche and later rose to fame as a television personality, exemplifies her drive and aptitude in the kitchen. Although little is known about her early years, her accomplishments in the culinary industry are highly known.