Natalia Bryant Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?

Derick Scholz

Natalia Bryant is believed to have had a slight weight loss.

Natalia Bryant appears to have undergone a slight weight loss, is what people have been saying since she was seen at the Lakers Night throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Kobe Bryant’s daughter never seemed much more bigger than how she looks now but she may have been maintaining her body now that she is a model. Natalia Bryant has not addressed the curiosity people have regarding her weight loss.

Natalia Bryant, along with her mother Vanessa Bryant, and younger sisters Capri and Bianka, was in deep grief in 2020 when she suddenly lost her father Kobe Bryant, and sister Gianna Bryant. At the time, it seemed like they were lost in the grief and there was no way out of that. But now they seem to have healed a bit and they have even learned to think about their loved ones by celebrating their lives and legacy than by mourning their loss.

Natalia did just that when she recently threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Lakers night. The eldest daughter of Kobe who often honors her father and sister’s memories is a college student. Natalia Bryant enrolled at the University of Southern California in August 2021 where she is now a sophomore. She also has begun a career as a professional model. In 2021, she signed with IMG Models, saying that she always had a love for the industry and that it would be a great opportunity for her to learn and express herself creatively.

Anyway, since that time, there has been lots of buzz on social media about her weight loss. She was always slender but ever since she took up modeling, she looks extra slender. After her recent appearance at the Lakers night as well, the discussion about the change in her figure arose again. Though, to casual observers, it would not really appear that she has lost weight from any angle, let’s discuss Natalia Bryant’s weight loss!

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Natalia Bryant’s Weight Loss: She Appears Fitter Than Before!

Natalia Bryant supposedly has had a weight loss. houseandwhips.comNatalia Bryant supposedly has had a weight loss.
Image Source: Page Six

Has Natalia Bryant (@nataliabryant) had a weight loss because that’s what almost everyone’s talking about on the internet after she recently made an appearance on Lakers Night? Speaking of Lakers Night, the Bryants attended the game on Friday night at Dodger Stadium and celebrated the legacies of the late Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Vanessa, Bianka, and Capri watched as Natalia led the way and threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

It was a surreal moment for the late Kobe’s fans to watch all of the Bryants together on hand at Chavez Ravine and some of them really got emotional watching Natalia Bryant position herself in front of the pitching mound and throw out the first pitch while she donned a white Dodger jersey with Kobe’s No. 8 on the front and No. 24 on the back. Though people were undoubtedly happy to watch Natalia put her pitching skills on display, it didn’t take long for them to like notice her and then note that she appeared to have had a weight loss.

If you are a casual observer, these recent discussions on social media might confuse you because you would definitely not see that Natalia Bryant has changed in any way. I mean, she is a new adult and most of the photos of her are of her as a child where she looks exactly the same as now except smaller than now. And you can’t really see that she has had a weight loss because she does not look much different than how she looked in the past few years.

How Did Natalia Bryant Have a Weight Loss?


Natalia Bryant has not addressed her weight loss speculations.
houseandwhips.comNatalia Bryant has not addressed her weight loss speculations.
Image Source: The Today Show

But as it turned out, the discussion of her figure and weight has been going on since she started her modeling career. She was always a very slender person and she never looked like she had much weight to lose but since she became a model in 2021, it seems like she became extra slender. If you retrospectively observe her, you will notice that Natalia Bryant began to carry herself differently since she became a model. It does not seem implausible that she might be more tuned into her fitness and might have had a slight weight loss since then.

Though she has never confirmed if it is true that she has lost weight, there are lots of sites reporting on her change. And allegedly, she lost weight by making a significant change to her diet. She was said to have opted for a moderative approach when it came to her eating habits rather than a restrictive approach. She supposedly incorporated more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains into her meals, and cut off processed food and excessive sugars which helped her in her weight loss.

Natalia Bryant also allegedly adopted a regular exercise routine that included combined cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Her workouts reportedly were about building a strong and healthy body which helped her in toning her body which ultimately resulted in her appearing as if she had a weight loss. If rumors are to be believed, that’s how she lost weight but if you are not sure of that, wait for Natalia to speak for herself. So far, she has maintained silence about this one.