Coleen Nolan Weight Loss: Did She Lose Weight?


Coleen Nolan does not appear to have had a weight loss.

Coleen Nolan does not appear to have had a noticeable weight loss recently. But the singer may have been losing weight since she started following a vegan diet. She did reveal in 2021 that she lost two stones after she started going vegan. However, if Coleen Nolan has undergone weight loss recently, she has not yet chosen to share that with her followers.

You might know Coleen Nolan as a regular panelist on the ITV talk show Loose Women (she has been on the panel since 2000, it’s been more than two decades) but did you also know that she is also a singer and that she used to be a member of the pop girl group The Nolans from 1980 to 1994? She has largely given up singing and shifted her career to television.

She co-presented the ITV daytime show This Morning from 2001 to 2002 and she later returned as a presenter of the interactive hub segments from 2010 to 2012. She also competed in the fourth series of the ITV show Dancing on Ice and she appeared in the tenth series of the Channel 5 reality series Celebrity Big Brother. Anyway, she’s been on our television screens for long so, people can mostly tell if she has changed in terms of her appearance in any way. And lately, people seem to think she has had a weight loss. Let’s discuss Coleen Nolan’s weight loss!

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Coleen Nolan’s Weight Loss: She Does Not Appear to Have Lost Weight Recently!

Coleen Nolan (@coleen_nolan) seems to have undergone a slight weight loss recently is what her followers have been saying for the past few days. The last time she lost weight was in 2021 when she got two stones lighter.

Coleen Nolan's fans think she has had a weight loss. houseandwhips.comColeen Nolan’s fans think she has had a weight loss.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

The television personality has sparked weight loss speculations with her recent appearance on television. Some of her followers have perceived that she looks a bit thinner than before. If she has indeed lost weight, the difference in her weight does not seem drastic. In fact, it’s hardly noticeable. A very small number of people think that she has gotten a little slim. It might just be routine fluctuations in weight that people are exaggerating.

It also could be her dressing and makeup. It’s very possible that Coleen Nolan appeared smaller because she wore slimming clothes. Either way, it does not look like she has had weight loss to many. However, she truly might have been on a journey of fitness and losing weight. It did look like that in 2021 when she revealed that she lost two stones after she changed her diet.

In 2021, the Loose Women star shared that she dropped two stone after she started following a vegan lifestyle. While sharing that, she also made sure to note that her going vegan was not specifically about weight loss and she went vegan just for the sake of it and the benefits she felt that veganism would bring. No matter why she did it, she lost weight as a result of it and it’s not very far-fetched to think that she might be slowly losing some pounds even now.

Coleen Nolan Following Vegan Diet Was Never About Weight Loss!

Coleen Nolan follows a vegan diet. houseandwhips.comColeen Nolan follows a vegan diet.
Image Source: OK! Magazine

Coleen Nolan said that she felt the best she had ever felt after she had a weight loss of two stones after turning vegan. After a long time of struggling with her weight, that was a much-needed fresh and healthy change. Because she was overweight before her vegan diet, she was worried that she was going to be hitting the mobility scooter before she turned 60. She couldn’t even get off of the sofa easily. She must have been thrilled at the loss of those two stones.

I feel much better than I’ve ever felt. I’ve changed my diet and had my teeth done, which I just love. I’ve always wanted them done, but I thought I couldn’t spend so much on my teeth. Now, I can’t stop smiling and showing off my expensive new teeth! I thought, if I’m not care, I’m going to be hitting the mobility scooter before I turn 60. My back and hips were bad and everything hurt. Getting off the sofa was hard work.

It was a lucky day for Coleen Nolan when her daughter Ciara from her second marriage to Ray Fensome showed her documentaries that detailed the health benefits of veganism because Coleen recognized the benefits of the diet instantly and she never looked back since then. The fact that she had a weight loss soon after that was just a bonus.

I think I’ve probably dropped a couple of stone. I was 16 on top, but now I can get into a 14. With trousers, I was an 18-20 before, and now it’s more 14-16. The weight loss was just a bonus. Me going vegan was never about losing weight.